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BASIC Programming is a kind of computer language which has challenged to teach simple computer programming on the Atari 2600. It was released for the Atari 2600 console in 1979 and it was one of only a few non-gaming cartridges released by the company. This program allowed consumers to create some simple programs using its own unique programming language, which was superficially similar to dialects of BASIC, but differed in many important aspects. The extremely small RAM size of the Atari 2600, 128 bytes, severely restricted the possibilities of this cartridge for writing any programs.

The BASIC Programming display was divided into six areas:

  1. Program where instructions are written (maximum of nine lines of code).
  2. Stack shows temporary results of what your program does.
  3. Variables displays the values of any variables your program is using.
  4. Output displays any output values your program is creating.
  5. Status displays the amount of available memory remaining.
  6. Graphics contains two colored squares that can be manipulated by your program.

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Basic example of BASIC programming is as follows :

BASIC EXAMPLE -------------

10 CLS *
20 PRINT "Hello, world!"
30 PRINT "I'm learning about commands in BASIC."
40 PRINT "This text is being printed via the PRINT command."
50 PRINT "On the next line, I'll use CLS."
60 CLS "Now the next word would be PRINT."
70 PRINT "Finally, on line 80, I'll use END."
80 END "And return to PRINT"ns
90 PRINT "Now my program is over."


Finally, on line 80, I'll use END.


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