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All Java segments require names. Names utilized for classes, factors, and techniques are called identifiers.

In Java, there are a few focuses to recollect about identifiers. They are as per the following −

• All identifiers ought to start with a letter (a to z or a to z), coin character ($) or an underscore (_).

• After the main character, identifiers can have any blend of characters.

• A watchword can't be utilized as an identifier.

• Most significantly, identifiers are case touchy.

• Examples of lawful identifiers: age, $salary, _value, __1_value.

• Examples of illicit identifiers: 123abc, - pay.

Java Modifiers

Like different dialects, it is conceivable to alter classes, strategies, and so forth., by utilizing modifiers. There are two classes of modifiers −

• Access Modifiers − default, open , secured, private

• Non-get to Modifiers − last, theoretical, strictfp

Taking after are the sorts of factors in Java −

• Local Variables

• Class Variables (Static Variables)

• Instance Variables (Non-static Variables)

Java Arrays

Exhibits are articles that store different factors of a similar sort. Nonetheless, an exhibit itself is a question on the pile. We will investigate how to proclaim, build, and instate in the forthcoming parts.

Java Enums

Enums were presented in Java 5.0. Enums limit a variable to have one of just a couple predefined values. The qualities in this counted rundown are called enums.

With the utilization of enums it is conceivable to diminish the quantity of bugs in your code.

For instance, on the off chance that we consider an application for a new squeeze shop, it is conceivable to confine the glass size to little, medium, and huge. This would ensure that it would not permit anybody to arrange any size other than little, medium, or vast.

Java bolsters single-line and multi-line remarks fundamentally the same as C and C++. All characters accessible inside any remark are overlooked by Java compiler.

Utilizing Blank Lines

A line containing just white space, conceivably with a remark, is known as a clear line, and Java thoroughly disregards it.


In Java, classes can be gotten from classes. Essentially, in the event that you have to make another class and here is as of now a class that has a portion of the code you require, then it is conceivable to get your new class from the effectively existing code.

This idea permits you to reuse the fields and techniques for the current class without rewriting the code in another class. In this situation, the current class is known as the superclass and the determined class is known as the subclass.


In Java dialect, an interface can be characterized as an agreement between articles on the most proficient method to speak with each other. Interfaces assume a crucial part with regards to the idea of legacy.

An interface characterizes the strategies, a determining class (subclass) ought to utilize. In any case, the usage of the strategies is thoroughly up to the subclass.

Java is an Object-Oriented Language. As a dialect that has the Object-Oriented element, Java bolsters the accompanying central ideas −

• Polymorphism

• Inheritance

• Encapsulation

• Abstraction

• Classes

• Objects

• Instance

• Method

• Message Parsing

In this section, we will investigate the ideas - Classes and Objects.

• Object − Objects have states and practices. Case: A pooch has states - shading, name, breed and in addition practices – swaying the tail, woofing, eating. A question is an occurrence of a class.

• Class − A class can be characterized as a format/outline that portrays the conduct/express that the protest of its sort bolster.

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