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Introduction To Java Programming Language

Java is one of the main object-oriented programming languages and was developed by Sun Microsystem. It first appeared on May 23, 1995. Java is a simple and general-purpose language. Developers use mostly to develop mobile applications, desktop applications, and games, etc. Java works on various platforms such as Mac, Linux, Windows, Raspberry Pi, etc.

Java Program For Displaying “Hello Java”

/* This is a simple Java program.
FileName : "". */
class HelloJava
// Your program begins with a call to main().
// Prints "Hello Java" to the terminal window.
public static void main(String args[])
System.out.println("Hello Java");

Applications Of Java Programming Language

Technology is changing day by day or we can say technology is constantly going through an evolution, so many types of programming language are invented and have their several uses. Java is one of the popular programming languages and has many applications. Some of the best applications of Java are listed below.

  • Desktop GUI Applications
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Big Data technologies
  • Distributed Applications
  • Business Applications
  • Cloud-based Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Gaming Applications
  • Web-based Applications
  • Scientific Applications

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Reasons, why students need online Java programming assignment help services, are as follows.

  • Difficulty in understanding the subject
  • Concepts about Java require a high amount of relevant skills. Understanding conditional statements, branches, loops, arrays, methods are not easy for everyone.

  • Improper management of time
  • Improper management of time can lead to poor grades or incomplete Java homework. In addition, understanding the object-oriented model requires time. Lack of time leads students to online java homework help.

  • Afraid to score low grades
  • There is no certainty that the program you will come with will not have errors. In trying to craft Java homework, you may do something wrong and get low grades too. Therefore, students need help with java homework, to get the best grades.

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Therefore, students get java homework help from online service providers. But, before choosing any help with Java homework, students should try to answer these questions:

  • Is that Java homework helper online able to finish your Java homework before the specified deadline?
  • Is the tutor able to submit high-quality work that meets all the requirements and standards?
  • Is the tutor available to address any query you might have at any given time and offer support?

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Topics Covered in Our Java Homework Help

Some of the popular Java topics in Which Students seek our Java Expert Help are as follows-

  • Control Statements: For Loop, Switch, If-Else, While Loop, Do-While Loop
  • Exception Handling
  • Database Connectivity
  • Networking
  • JavaFX
  • Data Structures: Strings, Arrays
  • Java Servlets
  • AWT & Swing
  • Fundamentals: Virtual Machine, Operators, Keywords, I/O, Variables, Data Types
  • Flowcharts
  • J2EEE
  • OOP: Inheritance, Classes and Objects, Abstraction, Polymorphism, and Encapsulation
  • Java Threads
  • Java Applets

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Several students are worried about the quality of their Java Homework Help provided by our service. They are not sure whether the quality of their Java programming assignment is going to be best or worse. In that case, you can check our Java homework sample.


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