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Angular vs Vue: Which Is Best For Your Project

Planning to choose the best front-end framework for your next web development project? Stay here with us as today we will discuss Angular vs Vue and see which is the best for front-end development.

When we say the best front-end web development frameworks, Angular and Vue are two terms that come to light. So, it is important for developers to their differences. But, before looking at the differences between Angular and Vue, let’s see the basic overviews of both technologies.

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Overview Of Vue framework

Vue.js is a popular front-end web development framework. Evan You is the creator Vue.js framework. It was first released in 2014 and is widely used by Chinese companies. This framework’s key benefit is its step-by-step implementation. VueJS has a well-designed architecture that is simple to implement. Vue-based apps can also be used to construct new projects by combining them with other complicated solutions.

Overview Of Angular

Angular.js is also a popular front-end web development framework. Angular is a TypeScript-based JavaScript framework developed by Miško Hevery. It was first launched in 2010, and the most recent version, Angular 13, was released in November 2021. After version 2 and higher, Angular has become way better than it used to be. The update simplified the framework by removing any unneeded complications.

Angular vs Vue: What Are The Differences?

Here is the list of the essential differences between Vue and Angular


Integrating Angular with third-party elements and other JavaScript libraries is easier. Vue also makes it simpler to integrate different front end libraries.

Winner: Tie

Complexity Level

The complexity level is also important to consider in Angular vs Vue. In terms of API and design, Angular is more complicated than Vue. Angular takes a long time to build a complex app compared to Vue.js. Moreover, the documentation for Angular is also very complex. 

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Developers need to spend a significant amount of time reading the documentation to understand the core concepts. So, it’s difficult for someone unfamiliar with Angular to pick it up and begin developing an application.

On the other hand, Vue is easy, both in terms of API and design. Vue allows anyone who knows HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create a single-page application in under a day.

Winner: Vue

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Angular provides official support for several different systems without restrictions on the overall project structure. It is highly regarded among developers due to its flexibility. 

However, developers must stick to a project’s overall structure and follow specific design patterns in Angular. Vue is also flexible, though not as flexible as Angular.

Winner: Angular


Both Vue and Angular are extremely fast. However, each has its own set of limitations. Vue performs well in memory allocation. Angular is typically more bulky than Vue. Angular code must be fully rendered on the server before being downloaded and run in the app or browser. 

Therefore, Angular may be slightly slower when it first starts up. Although Vue is faster, Angular is good at DOM manipulation.

Winner: Vue


The typescript level is also important to consider in Angular vs Vue. Angular uses TypeScript, which is one of the primary reasons for its steep learning curve. To work with Angular, you must learn TypeScript because all of the instructional resources and documentation are written in TypeScript.

People who are familiar with JavaScript should have no trouble learning TypeScript, but newbies may struggle. TypeScript has the advantage of providing static type checking for large applications. This ensures type safety throughout the application, saving developers time and reducing the risk of mistakes at runtime.

Vue also offers TypeScript support, but it is rarely used. However, Vue could eventually become a TypeScript-only platform.

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Winner: Tie


Angular delivers scalability by design with its modular development structure. Although Vue is a lightweight framework, it can still offer scalability within an existing application. The only disadvantage is that scaling with Vue may necessitate a more wide strategy that includes separating repositories, forking, and using multiple plugins.

Winner: Angular


Vue and Angular both feature built-in security against harmful attacks. There is HTML content escaping and attribute binding for Vue. Angular does something equivalent to the sanitization process. Moreover, it prevents cross-site request forgery (XSRF), cross-site scripting, and cross-site script inclusion (XSSI). 

It is crucial to note that the code’s security is mainly in the hands of the developer. The best method to defend your product and its consumers from security threats is to follow best practices such as the use of only trustworthy templates, timely framework updates, sanitizing, plugins and APIs, and following security guidelines.

Winner: Angular

Popularity and talent pool 

According to the StackOverflow 2020 Developer Survey, Angular is one of the most popular front-end frameworks, ranking third (25.1%), with Vue.js coming in seventh (17.3%). This could be due to Vue’s newness, with Angular being the older, more established front-end framework. According to Angular’s use statistics, it powers around 240,000 websites. In comparison, Vue is used by 1.9 million websites.

Winner: Angular


The Angular and Vue frameworks have dedicated communities with expert front-end developers who can assist with difficult queries, write plugins, and give ready-to-use solutions.

Winner:: draw

Learning curve

Vue is regarded as one of the easiest front-end technologies to master. To get started, all you need is some HTML experience and basic JavaScript expertise. It has certain features in common with Angular. It gives Vue developers more customisation choices, especially when using third-party packages. However, with the addition of TypeScript to Vue.js 3, the learning curve increases.

In comparison to Vue.js, the learning curve for Angular is very steep. A web developer should get familiar with not only Angular’s functions and variables but also many other related concepts before working with it. However, the devotion and meticulousness pay off with the capacity to construct more powerful applications. 

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Winner: Vue

Speed of development

The surrounding community and inner structure of a framework help developers understand and work inside its ecosystem. Developers’ knowledge of a framework and their ability to use it professionally and quickly influence the overall development speed.

It’s worth noting that a corporate team maintains Angular, but Vue is supported by an open-source community and a dedicated staff, which means Angular offers more documentation and built-in solutions. It is also older, resulting in a larger professional community. Vue’s strong points include multiple types of plugins and third-party add-ons, light architecture, and compatibility with various technologies.

Winner: draw

Cost of development

The development cost is very important in Angular vs Vue. The cost of development can vary because of multiple factors, such as the hourly fee of the developer, whether you have your own or an outsourced team, and the work complexity. Many outsourced companies, web developers, and IT business consultants may assist in estimating the best pricing and explaining the risks and drawbacks of a particular project.

Winner: draw


So, we have discussed every crucial piece of information about Angular vs Vue. Both are excellent technologies for front-end web development. You can choose either of them based on your requirements. Hopefully, after reading this blog, you can easily decide which one of Angular and Vue will be the best fit for your project.

Frequently Asked QuestionsHire AngulaJS Developer

Is AngularJS a programming language?

Hire AngulaJS Developer is a front-end web application framework for single-page apps. It is an open-source framework. It is entirely based on JavaScript.

Is VueJS easy to learn?

Vue is an easy-to-learn and lightweight framework. Integrating or transferring existing projects to Vue is faster and easier. Vue uses templates, which makes the process faster and simpler.

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