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Best 11 Applications of Python in Various Industries Around The World

Every student wants to learn the python programming language. Python is a very popular and high demanded language in the world that was developed by Guido van Rossum. It is a general-purpose, object-oriented, interpreted, and high-level programming language. 

Here in this blog, You can read and understand applications of python. Python has a powerful programming language that can develop many applications.

Applications of Python

1. Web Development

Python Frameworks

Python can be used to create web applications. Python frameworks are used to create web applications. Python frameworks such as Django and Pyramid, Micro-frameworks such as Flask and Bottle, Advanced content management systems such as Plone and Django CMS.

Many Internet protocols are supported by Python’s standard library.

HTML and XML, JSON,Email processing ,Support for FTP,IMAP, and other Internet protocols.

Python’s Package Index 

Requests, BeautifulSoup, Paramiko, Feedparser, and Twisted Python

2. Desktop GUI

The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is a user interface that allows for easy interaction with any application. To create a user interface, Python includes the Tk GUI interface.Popular GUI libraries are:

  • Tkinter or Tk
  • wxWidgetM
  • Kivy 
  • PyQt or Pyside

3. Scientific and Numeric Applications

Python is a programming language that is widely used in scientific and numerical computing.It has a number of scientific and mathematical libraries that make solving difficult calculations.

 Python has many libraries for scientific and numeric are

  • SciPy
  • Scikit-learn
  • NumPy
  • Pandas

4. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are both very important in Python. It is the ideal tool for constructing AI and machine learning applications because of its simplicity, consistency, platform independence, large library of useful tools, and active community.

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Best Python packages for AI and ML are:

  • SciPy
  • Pandas for general-purpose data analysis
  • Seaborn for data-visualization
  • Keras, TensorFlow, and Scikit-learn for ML
  • NumPy for high-performance scientific computing and data analysis

5. Software Development

Python is a programming language that is useful in the software development process. It also supports language for software developers, for build control and management, testing, etc.

  • SCons is used to build control.
  • Buildbot and Apache Gumps are used for automated continuous compilation and testing.
  • Round or Trac for bug tracking and project management.

6. Business Applications

A business application is e-commerce and ERP.

Odoo is an all-in-one management software that includes a variety of business applications.

Tryton is also business application platform

7. Audio and Video Applications

Python is a powerful programming language that may be used to construct multimedia applications.Python libraries video and audio applications such as TimPlayer and Cplay.

8. Image processing Application

Use of Machine learning, AI, deep learning, image preprocessing use by machine learning, deep learning.Image processing Python libraries 

  • OpenCV,
  • Scikit-Image,
  • Python Imaging Library(PIL). 
  • Pillow
  • SimpleITK

9. CAD Applications

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) applications are commonly used for product build in  industries such as automotive, aerospace, architecture, and many others. The following Python functionalities can be used to develop a 3D CAD application.

  • Fandango (Popular )
  • HeeksCNC
  • AnyCAD
  • RCAM

10. Game Development

Python comes with a number of useful extensions (libraries) that can be used to create interactive games.

Python library used for game development:

  •  Battlefield 2
  •  Frets on Fire
  •  World of Tanks
  •  Disney’s Toontown Online
  • Vega Strike, and Civilization
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11. Operating System

It is also known as the brain part of the computer. Ubuntu’s Ubiquity Installer and Red Hat Enterprise’s or Anaconda Installer are the applications that are built using python.


Applications of python programming are used in many platforms like web development, scientific and numeric applications………and many more. These python applications are used in different operations and methods.

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