5 Best Artificial Intelligence Books for Beginners in 2023

Explore 5 best artificial intelligence books for beginners to read in 2023. These books will help you to clear artificial intelligence concepts with ease

With all the hype around artificial intelligence – robots, autonomous cars, etc — it can be easy to assume that AI is not having an impact on our daily lives. In fact, most of us encounter artificial intelligence in some form or another almost every day. As soon as you wake up to check your smartphone and watch another movie recommended by Netflix, AI has quickly slipped into our daily lives.

Some of its applications include process automation, predictive analysis, fraud detection, customer experience enhancement, and more.  You can enhance your  knowledge by starting to read the best artificial intelligence books to get to know the concepts of AI.  

A lot of learners are interested in learning the concepts of AI. I will discuss the best artificial intelligence books, so stay tuned to this blog. 

What Does Artificial Intelligence Mean?

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most trending buzzwords in today’s era. With technology which includes Siri and Alexa, we’re increasingly seeing how computer systems can simulate human questioning strategies or even carry out duties that had been as soon as taken into consideration too hard to be done via the means of machines.

Artificial Intelligence has spanned the creativeness of science-fiction writers, philosophers, and technologists for a while now. For many people, AI stays a piece of a black box — something that can’t clearly be understood or defined. To assist with that, we’ve created a list of books to help you to discover the charming world of Artificial Intelligence, however earlier than that, we must have a simple information of AI.

“Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machinery, including computer systems.Specific applications of artificial intelligence include expert systems, natural language processing, speech recognition and computer vision.”

Here are some examples of AI that we experience in our ordinary lives: 

  • Self -Driving cars
  • Digital Assistants like Google Assistant and Siri
  • Movie pointers systems
  • Smart farming
  • Face recognition

5 Best Artificial Intelligence Books

1. Machine Learning for Beginners

In this book, you may find out how ML grew from a choice to make computer systems capable of learning. Trace the improvement of Machine Learning from the early days of a pc gaining knowledge of the way to play checkers, to machines capable of beating global masters in chess and go.

Understand how big statistics is so essential to Machine Learning, and the way the gathering of huge quantities of statistics gives Machine Learning programmers with the statistics they want to grow gaining knowledge of algorithms. Simple examples will assist you in the complicated maths and chance facts underlining Machine Learning.

Author : Chris Sebastian

Price :   ₹1344.00 (Amazon price as of 2 November 2022)

2. Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

This is the best book for  artificial intelligence tells us the significance of AI in healthcare, transformation of all the segment of healthcare and provides the information regarding existing and upcoming AI applications in healthcare.

It also taken into  the account about legal, principles, how they work, AI’s critical position in all major medical specialties, and the part of launch- ups and commercial players in AI in healthcare.

Author: Dr. Parag Suresh Mahajan

Price: ₹499.00 (Amazon price as of 2 November 2022)

3. Artificial Intelligence- A Modern Approach (3rd edition)

This version captures the modifications which have taken regions withinside the discipline of artificial intelligence (AI) for the reason that final version in 2003. There have been crucial programs of AI technology, together with the sizable deployment of realistic speech recognition, device translation, independent automobiles and family robotics.

There had been algorithmic landmarks, together with the answer of the sport of checkers. There has additionally been a superb deal of theoretical progress, specially in regions including probabilistic reasoning, machine learning and pc vision.

Author : Peter Norvig and Stuart Russel

Price : ₹762.00 (Amazon price as of 2 November 2022)

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4. Artificial Intelligence Basics: A Non-Technical Introduction

Artificial Intelligence Basics has arrived to equip you with a fundamental, well timed grasp of AI and its effect. Author Tom Taulli provides an engaging, non-technical creation of crucial principles which includes device learning, deep learning, natural language processing (NLP), robotics, and more.

In addition to guiding you via real-global case research and realistic implementation steps, Taulli makes use of his information to make progress on the larger questions that surround AI. These consist of societal trends, ethics, and destiny effects AI may have on international governments, organisation structures, and each day life.

Author : Tom Taulli

Price : ₹2,379(Amazon price as of 2 November 2022)

5. Applied Artificial Intelligence: A handbook for business leaders

Applied Artificial Intelligence is a sensible manual for commercial enterprise leaders who’re obsessed with leveraging gadget intelligence to decorate the productiveness in their agencies and the best of lifestyles of their communities. If you need to pressure innovation with the aid of combining data, technology, design, and those to remedy actual troubles at a corporation scale, that is your playbook.

Author : Adelyn Zhou and Marlene Jia

Price : ₹9,755.14 (Amazon price as of 2 November 2022)


The field of artificial intelligence (AI), which has the potential to impact every aspect of our life, is constantly developing. These books are your starting point if you’re wanting to get a footing in the field of AI and learn what you need to know for a rapid start.

If you feel that you have other best artificial intelligence books for beginners who can help them, then please comment below.

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