What Are The Best Programming Language For Web Development

What Are The Best Programming Language For Web Development in 2023

So you have decided to become a web developer? That’s great because there is a high demand for developers now and in the upcoming year also. Today, web development is one of the most promising and highly demanding jobs. But which programming language should you go for? 

If you are a newcomer in this field, in that case, chances are high you will face a lot of difficulties in choosing the best programming language for web development.

There are a number of different programming languages supporting multiple programming techniques and having their own complexities. Moreover, the list is getting bigger because every year new programming languages are being introduced.

If you have decided to try your hands to create a website, you must check this blog, where we have listed the top best programming language for web development.

Best Programming Languages for Web Development

Here is a list of the best programming languages for web development that you can choose. I have also mentioned the reasons why you should choose that particular language. 

Though you don’t have to learn all of these programming languages, choose the one that meets your requirement. If you are stuck or get confused, choose JavaScript, as you can never get wrong with that.


There is no doubt that JavaScript is one of the highly demanding and the most popular languages among web developers. Moreover,  it is the only programming language that enables you to build web applications, both front-end and back-end and mobile applications (React Native). 

Client-side JavaScript is very secure and fast as it can be run quickly in the client-side browser. Moreover, JavaScript is comparatively easy to learn.

Here are the reasons which makes it best programming language for web development:

  • Dynamic Typing
  • Client-Side Validation
  • Functional Style
  • Interpreted Language
  • Prototype-based
  • Object-oriented programming support
  • More control in the browser
  • Platform Independent
  • Async Processing
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Python is another the best programming language for web development. This programming language is used by around 44% of software engineers. This figure took 2nd place just after JavaScript. 

In various subfields of IT, Python language has high applications (e.g., Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, or Video games), particularly in the scientific domain. 

Python is a high-level, still beginner-friendly programming language due to its easy syntax and support of different libraries or tools. Additionally, it can work well as an object-oriented or scripting language and has powerful typing, so debugging is quicker.

Here are it’s some of the best features which makes it best programming language for web development:

  • Easy to learn
  • Wide range of libraries
  • Good readability
  • High popularity among web development
  • Good Frameworks
  • Complex tasks on the back-end


This is another best programming language for web developers. PHP is a scripting language largely utilized for the web apps, server-side of easy, dynamic sites, WordPress, Facebook, or Flickr. PHP web development has sustained several free and open-source extensions, including .NET, Bzip2, or Apache. Moreover, it provided access to different databases like Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Server, and others.

Some of the functions of PHP are related to the functions of the C language. Developers of PHP can add functionality to PHP by writing more plug-ins in C. Moreover, PHP still maintains necessary Perl-like variables of the first version and can be efficiently combined into HTML.  

Here is the reason why PHP over others:

  • It is plain-sailing to use
  • Upgradation in PHP software is a lot easier
  • It’s an Open-source Language
  • Web Development is Cost-efficient
  • PHP resources are obtainable easily
  • PHP language supports to reduce the time of web development
  • Development Time is Less with PHP
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How can we forget the Java programming language, which is another popular option in large companies. Java is extensively used for making enterprise-scale web applications. This programming language is known to be remarkably stable, and several big companies have used it. 

If you are looking for the best programming language for web development, Java is another option that you can learn. Java is also extensively used in Android App Development. Almost every business today requires an Android Application because there are billions of Android users today. 

This opens up a tremendous opportunity for Java developers because Google has produced an exceptional Java-based Android development framework – Android Studio.

There reasons are the reason why this is another best option for web development:

  • An excess of open-source libraries
  • Automatic Garbage collection and memory allocation
  • Ideal for distributed computing
  • Supports the Object-oriented programming paradigm
  • Has the stack allocation system
  • Best platform independence thanks to the Java virtual machine feature
  • Highly secure
  • Supports multithreading


Ruby is another great programming language that is excellent for web development. Like Python and PHP, Ruby is also straightforward to learn, and beginners can choose it for learning.

Ruby is special for web development because of the Ruby on Rails framework, which powers websites.

Rails is a model–view–controller (MVC) framework, giving default structures for a database, web pages, and web services. It promotes and helps the use of web standards such as XML or JSON for data transfer and CSS, HTML, and JavaScript for user interfacing.

Here are it’s some of the best features which makes it best programming language for web development:

  • Open-source, general-purpose, interpreted programming language.
  • Pure object-oriented language.
  • Ruby has a simple and clear syntax.
  • Server-side scripting language similar to PERL and Python.
  • Ruby has a related syntax to such as PERL and C++.
  • Big programs written in Ruby are easily manageable.
  • It has a strong set of built-in functions, which is applied right into Ruby scripts.
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There are so many things you need to consider before you choose the best programming language for web development. You cannot go for the random programming language if you have no idea what you really want to make in the future. 

You must check their features. Because of the features you will come to know why that particular language is perfect for web development. Moreover, it also depends on your requirements.

Therefore, for your convenience I have listed above top 5  best programming languages that you can choose for web development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Python the best programming language for Web development?

Yes, Python is one of the best programming languages that has been used for many years. It’s easy and straightforward syntax makes it the perfect choice for beginners, yet it is robust enough to be behind some of the worlds’ most popular sites.

What language do web developers use?

Web developers use various programming languages like Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, Ruby, and recently Javascript, introducing itself to handle the back-end part. As a web developer, you must know at least one language to build your web application.

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