Best Things to Consider When Designing an Ecommerce Website

Best Things to Consider When Designing an Ecommerce Website

So much goes into mind when designing a website. You must consider user engagement and site performance, among a host of other things. And that is just for a simple site. An eCommerce website calls for more. 

An eCommerce site usually needs more features to make it easier for visitors to buy products and services. A designer must keep in mind factors that will encourage sales, which is the chief purpose of an eCommerce site. 

Important Factors for Designing an Ecommerce Website

Here are some of the best things every designer should consider when designing an eCommerce site:


An eCommerce is an online shop. Any shop needs to be appealing to encourage potential customers to make sales. Branding is an essential aspect of driving sales. The eCommerce site needs to match the brand perfectly. 

Everything from the colour scheme, font and graphics should coordinate with the brand. Choose a colour scheme that complements the products on sale. The theme of the online shop will determine if a visitor lurks around long enough to make a purchase or bounce off to another more appealing site. 

Try and pay attention to the visuals since they are the first thing your potential customers will use to create an impression about your business. It helps inform the decision of whether to buy or not. 

User interface

The user experience on your eCommerce site needs to be top-notch to achieve the bottom line. If a customer can navigate the site effortlessly, they will be encouraged to buy your offerings. If a user’s journey on your online shop is less than ideal, they will hesitate to purchase your products. 

A user-friendly interface should be at the top of your priority list. Navigation through the site needs to be seamless and uncomplicated. A potential customer will be quick to disengage if manoeuvring the website is too much of a hassle. 

The chief goal for an eCommerce site is usually selling products. Having a user-friendly interface makes it easier to get the products in front of the customers’ eyes. 


Customers want to engage with high-quality products. The pages on your site should communicate quality and relevance to pique customers’ interest. Everything from the elevator pitch to the product descriptions should work towards encouraging customers to buy your offerings.

 Give as many relevant details as possible to encourage your customers to purchase, boosting your financial bottom line. The images on the site should be nothing short of high quality. Clean and clear images that give as many details as possible about the product will offer you an edge against the competition.

 A bad picture gives the impression that quality is not a top priority with your products or services. And that can be off-putting to potential customers. 


If your site is unresponsive, you will be saying adieu to many potential buyers. Everyone accessing your site needs to have a fantastic experience. The website should work equally well whether one uses their mobile phone or computer. 

And with more than online purchases happening on mobile phones, you would be locking out a significant percentage of the target audience if your site was not responsive. 

If the users can transition smoothly between all their devices, they will enjoy the journey on your online shop and will not be wary of purchasing goods.  


People are wary of giving out their hard-earned money to an online site they cannot trust. A buyer will need reassurance that their money is in safe hands. Trust is necessary for boosting sales, especially with the exponential rise in cybercriminal cases. Your customers want to know that their confidential details will not land in the wrong hands. 

There are several ways to build trust for an eCommerce site. Using an SSL certificate can do a great job. In case of a wildcard SSL certificate or multi domain types, it would be a cost-effective deal. 

Your users will have confidence that the confidential information they share on your sites such as emails, credit card details, phone numbers and addresses is protected.

Another way to build trust is by having reviews on your site. New customers can see the testimonials of people who have successfully purchased from the site and feel safe giving you, their money. 

You could employ services like Reviews or Trustpilot to encourage customers to leave feedback after interacting with your products or services. 

Cart design

A fundamental mistake that some designers make when coming up with an eCommerce site is putting the shopping cart design on the back burner. The design and placement of the shopping cart can make or ruin purchasing decisions. 

You have to ensure that adding items, revising orders and removing products from the shopping cart is seamless. The shopping cart should incorporate all the necessary features such as product recommendations, order summary, etc.  

Payment options

Your eCommerce site should be inclusive. One way to cater to all your customers is by having various payment options. There needs to be a payment solution for all your target audiences. Customers will be motivated to shop if their preferred payment method is available on your site. 

You will cater to a more significant range of potential customers if you have many payment options. Also, you do not want your customers to bail out on you because their preferred payment option is not available on your site. 

Search functionality

People want it to be easy to find the products they want on your site. The search functionality is nice to have in websites. However, in an eCommerce site, it is essential. You ought to have advanced search functionality. Go the extra mile and set yourself apart from the competition by having a visual search feature. 

A simple search will help a user find what they want. That increases the chances they will convert. Tag your products with keywords and synonyms to make it easier for visitors to identify what they need.   

Customer support

These days, patrons need personalization. They want to feel seen and appreciated when their patronage has a value attached to it. Customer support is crucial for any business, whether online or in a traditional brick and mortar store. 

Customers need to know where to go when they have any issues or concerns. You could have a contacts section on the site to make it easier for customers to reach you when they need to. 

Moreover, providing your phone number, physical address, and other contact details on your site boosts your credibility. Customers are free to buy products when they know that it is possible to raise concerns or seek clarification whenever they need it. 


Ecommerce is the new rave. The convenience of online shopping has more people buying products from the comfort of their homes. Gone are the days when one had to visit a physical shop to purchase products. Sellers recognize that. More of them are occupying the online space. An impeccable website design is a sure-fire way for any consumer to stand above the competition. 

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