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How to write an informative blog for developers?

In this article, we are going to discuss How to write an informative blog for developers.

What else to do in the workplace developers of mobile application development itself? Especially if the sensitive soul of graphomania lurks inside the developer? Of course, write your own blog. Unlike Instagram, blogging takes significantly more time, but we are concerned that many companies are doing this task. Someone tells their achievements, and someone, without stinting, shares his experience. Which blog might you find helpful?

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Helpful Articles and Tutorials For Blog For Developers

What will you find in the Blog For Developers? Permanent section, “Digest of useful materials for iOS developers,” where many necessary tools, scripts, videos, and much more are apparent. Designers will explain to your fingers as a designer to prepare the transmission of an Android application to the developer and how to prepare graphics for iOS applications. You will probably be interested in online schools as they can get new information, and your blog will be promoted. 

Points To Consider For Having Better Blog For Developers 

Blogging is hard – you need to spend a lot of time and effort to produce quality content for subscribers regularly;

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The prospects for this undertaking are not clear – is it worth counting on any kind of professional growth and pluses for a career;

It is not easy to write as it is, and it is even more difficult to find topics that you will be interested in talking about not only today but for many years of public activity;

It is not clear how to promote your blog – writing “on the table” without receiving any feedback is even more difficult.

Subscriber Survey Results

Quite experienced software developers are subscribed to my channel – although it needs to be clarified what this means. Maybe programmers, on average, should be more active in their community because this is common in our industry (there are a bunch of conferences, hackathons, and courses, and only lazy people don’t write, at least on Twitter).

On the other hand, developers may be less socially active due to their preferences – many people are more interested in technology than in building relationships with people.

How Can a Professional Blog Help in Their Career?

I am aware that for many people, publicity in any form – whether it be speeches or even writing articles on JSTOR – is like unnecessary stress with unclear prospects and a colossal waste of time and effort.

However, there are plenty of reasons to start blogging, including for your own growth and satisfaction.

Upgrade your skills to Write Blog For Developers 

The world is changing and requires new solutions for new problems; therefore, you need to upgrade your knowledge and skills to live interestingly and remain in demand.

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I am not a fan of constant “self-development” because this may hide procrastination and the desire to “buy” the result, but I am sure that constant adaptation to a changing environment is necessary for any person.

Another significant part of the blog for developers is your visuals. You should have appropriate visuals so your blog will be more promoted and followed. Add some visual appeal with Freepik’s extensive selection of free photos that will help you find the best photos and use them in your blog. Ensure you download photos that match your visuals and are most relevant to your content. 

Be Recognized by The Community

After closing the most basic needs, we strive for recognition, that is, to be useful to others and receive satisfaction from this. How can you benefit someone if you are not an active member of the professional community and do not share your observations and knowledge to help others?

Reputation only happens on its own. At the heart of your professionalism, decisions, and actions, the more they are visible to others, the better.

Increase income

I’m not sure that publicity correlates with high salaries for professionals with a typical specialization (for example, ordinary web developers) who work for a salary. If you need more time to develop your blog, you can hire Virtual Assistant UK to manage your tasks more efficiently. Your virtual assistant will help you with all the logistic tasks, and you can handle more tasks. This way, you will earn more money and have a better income. 

Most important in such circumstances are the realities of the labor market. But as you level up and become more and more of a unique professional with a niche area, the publicity will surely work for you.

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Learn to Convince and Be Interesting For Developers

If you once talked about something, at least for your friends or parents, you know that the apparent harmony of thoughts and ideas often falls apart as soon as we start talking.

Speech, written and oral, helps to find gaps in knowledge and more consistently and reasonably build reasoning. This works even when we talk to ourselves or write “to the table.” But even better to share them with others.

By publishing your thoughts somewhere, you get access to communication and discussion of ideas. In the comments on the article or in the bar after the conference – you can learn to hear and perceive someone else’s point of view, see flaws in your reasoning, and also convince and defend your position.


We have been able to draw your attention to the importance of public activity for your career and reputation and your own pleasure, satisfaction, and development. Remember that writing a blog for developers takes work, but if you read and do enough research, you can have the best content and get many followers and subscribers. 

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