C vs C sharp

C vs C sharp : Find Out The Most Important Differences

There are a number of “C” family programming languages in existence, it’s normal beginners confuse them with each other when they first start learning the program. When one is asked to compare C vs C sharp then it’s important for you to remember that each programming language has its own regard. Depending on the requirements of the programmer each programming language has strength over others. One language is not significantly better than the other programming language; programmers use both C and C sharp for several tasks to meet programming requirements. To know the difference and comparison of C vs C sharp programming languages  just go through this blog. In case you need C assignment help, we can also help you with that.


What is the C language?

The C programming language is a middle language. Firstly it was developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1972 at Bell research lab. C programming language combines the properties of high-level and low level. C may be a high-level programming language that allows you to generate moveable applications and computer code. For developing computer code systems C is the best programming language. The total keywords used in the C language are 32.

The key features of the C programming language are:

  • Simple style
  • an easy set of keywords
  • low-level memory access 

All the characteristics mentioned above make C programming language suitable for system codings such as a compiler development or operating system. Even later on languages that have featured as C language indirectly. Such as the syntax of JavaScript,  C, Java, and several other coding languages that essentially depend on C language.

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C sharp Application 

  • Windows services
  • Native Android and iOS mobile apps
  • Gaming systems and gaming consoles 
  • Video games
  • Windows client applications
  • Web API and Web services 
  • Windows components and libraries
  • Backend database using ML/Data tools

What is C sharp language?

C Sharp, also known as C#, is considered as a programming language that is broadly used to design a software program that works smoothly on .NET Framework. Because of its easy to understand C-based syntax, it is the most broadly used language. 

C sharp features with multi-platform support, generics and development tools, formulate C sharp an excellent option for various kinds of software development projects as below.

  • Projects that are implemented by individuals
  • Projects with strict dependability requirements
  • Rapid application development projects
  • Small or large teams, Internet applications

Features of C sharp programming language 

  • Lambda Expressions and LINQ 
  • Easy-to-use Generics
  • Indexers
  • Boolean Conditions
  • Automatic Garbage Collection
  • Standard Library
  • Integration with Windows
  • Events Management and Delegates 
  • Easy Multithreading
  • Conditional Compilation
  •  Events and Properties 

C programming applications

  • Network Drivers    
  • Operating Systems
  • Modern Programs    
  • Print Spoolers
  • Language Compiler
  • Text Editors
  • Assemblers  
  • Language Interpreters  
  • DataBases

Important Differences Between C vs C sharp

Both C and C sharp are recommend options in the market; below are some of the significant differences Between language C vs C sharp:

Object-oriented setup: Even though the syntax changes to a significant range, important concepts like classes, and polymorphism, and inheritance, don’t change.

Compiled languages: Different to Java an interpret coding language, both C vs C sharp are compiled coding languages. It means that before launching any of the applications on the server, the program must be changed from a high level to binaries and then it can be execute. An executed EXE file is one of the examples of a compiled file that is being programmed in C sharp and C++.

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Additional Difference between C and C sharp:

  • C sharp is maintaine by the .NET CLR on the other hand C is unmanage code.
  • Cross-platform environments are where C is executed. In order to execute C sharp needs the .NET Framework.
  • C is more on functions whereas C sharp is more on the designs.
  • The collection of garbage is done by CLR in C sharp, while C doesn’t hold the idea of garbage collection.
  • C sharp doesn’t support pointers but C does.
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Comparison Between C vs C sharp 

C language C sharp
The c program is suitable for system programming, Hardware applications, embedded devices, and chip designing.Mainly suitable for web application development.
Main data types included: float, int, char, and double.The main data types included: Boolean, float, int, char, and double that manages logical operations.
In C programming total number of usable  keywords are: 32In C sharp coding has the total number of usable keywords are: 87
There is the only single integral type available in CBut, in C sharp there are two integral types available
A structured coding language.An object-oriented coding language.
In C execution flow includes top-down mannerism.For execution C sharp follows a bottom-up program structure. 
By using C programming language we can perform a low level of abstraction.Whereas by using the C sharp we can perform a high level of abstraction.
C programming language gives a top-notch performance.
While C sharp gives a standard performance.
C programming language can be performed cross-platform.Whereas the .NET Framework is needed to perform C sharp language.
Syntax for C The syntax for C sharp
#include<stdio.h>#include<conio.h>void main(){ clrscr(); printf(“Hello Word”); getch();}

// hi you print in C#public class hi {public static void Main(){System.Console.WriteLine(“hi, you!”);}}Output:hi, you!


Finally, it’s a summary of the difference between C vs C sharp. I hope this article helped you with enough understanding of C vs C sharp programming language differences. When it comes to comparing C sharp to C, it’s necessary to remember that each language used in its regard, and have a plus point over the other depending on the demands of the programmer. Still, if you find any problem regarding C vs C sharp assignment then you can contact our specialists as they have complete knowledge of programming syntax by which they can solve your programming queries. They are available 24*7 to help you with your programming queries.

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