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Want To Know Which Is Preferable C vs Java Language In Detail?

As you all know both the languages C vs Java are different from each other and their working criteria, coding pattern, etc. Where C language is the oldest on the other side Java is also the most popular language at the industry level. You can not replace each other because they hold their position in different aspects. On one hand, the C language is the foundation for other languages in development like C#, C++, Python, etc. On the other hand, Java is the most diverse and popular language because of its robustness. 

Therefore students are keen to know about both the languages and their differences. So that you can choose which one is preferable because you are investing your valuable time and resources towards learning these superb languages. First of all, we have to discuss the history of both the languages and their differences. Afterward, you will be able to know which language is better under which circumstances. Let’s first discuss the C language and its features.

What Are The C Language And Its Features?

C language is a high-level and general-purpose programming language that is popular, simple, and flexible to use. C language is machine-independent and used to write various applications, operating systems like windows, and many more. Actually, C is the base of all programming languages because they use the concept of C. C was developed at Bell Labs by Dennis Ritchie for developing the UNIX operating system in the 1970s. 

Now, it’s time to focus on some of the key features of the C language which are –

  • C language is a structured programming language and is easy to learn.
  • It performs very fast and due to its good performance, it is an efficient programming language.
  • C is portable and extensible because the code which is written in C can be run on any machine which supports C. You need not change a single code.
  • It has a set of built-in operators and libraries with functions.
  • The plus point is that it has only 32 keywords which makes the coding easy in C language.
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Program in C contains various functions which are in a library. The point is that we can add features and functions to the library which helps in running the complex programs. There are some disadvantages which help you to compare both the programming languages c vs java.

Disadvantages of C programming language –

  • C doesn’t support the OOPS concept rather it is a vast language.
  • In C language, errors are not deleted from each line. It shows all the errors together after compilation of the program.
  • C also does not support the concept of the namespace. It means without this we can’t use variables of the same names.

What Are The Java Programming Language And Its Features?

As you all know Java is a very popular language and is developed by Sun Microsystems which is now acquired by Oracle. Most companies and developers are using Java for developing software applications to solve real-world problems. It serves as a computing platform for application development. Java is secure, and reliable. That’s why it is widely used for developing applications in laptops, for gaming, for scientific computers, etc.

Let’s now discuss some of its features – 

  • The important feature of java is that once compiled, it can be run on any computing platform. For example, Suppose java code is written on the windows operating system and wants to run on MAC operating system then you can easily do it, only if JVM (Java Virtual Machine) is installed.
  • Java is an object-oriented programming language i.e is always written in the form of classes and objects.
  • It is a multithreaded language with automatic memory management.
  • It also has a feature of garbage collection because of the centralized network.
  • Java is fast, secure, dynamic, and robust.
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I hope you all understand the meaning of the working of both c vs java programming languages. Now, it’s time to discuss the differences which make you clear your confusion regarding both languages.

Disadvantages of java programming languages – 

  • Java is very slow and has poor performance.
  • When we talk about looks then java has not an attractive look.
  • The main point is that java provides no backup facility.

Want To Know The Difference Between C vs Java Programming Languages

DevelopedC was developed by Dennis M. Richie in 1972.JAVA was developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystem and now it was acquired by Oracle.
ModelC is a procedural programming language.JAVA is an object-oriented programming language.
PlatformC language is platform-dependent because it is based on the concept of “write once compile anywhere”.JAVA is platform-independent and it is based on the concept of “write once run anywhere”.
Types of languageIt is a middle-level language that overcomes the gap between machine language and high-level languages.JAVA is a high-level language and it translates the code into machine language with the help of a compiler or interpreter.
Compilation or interpreterC language compiles its code not interpreted.JAVA can do both compilations as well as interpretation.
PointersC language supports pointersJAVA language doesn’t support pointers.
ThreadingIn C, there are libraries that can add threading functionality.JAVA supports threading functionality.
Garbage collectionIn C language, you have to do it manually.In the JAVA language, the Garbage collector automatically does garbage collection.
Call by value or call by referenceC supports both call by value and call by reference.Java only supports only call by value.
Application or systemC language works for both application or system programming.JAVA language only works for application programming.
KeywordsThere are 32 keywords in the C language.There are 50 keywords in the JAVA language.
SecurityComparatively, C is less secure.JAVA is more secure from the C language.
File extensionC stored with .C file extensionJAVA stored with .JAVA file extension.
Exception handlingC doesn’t support exception handling.Java fully supports exception handling.
Approach of programmingC follows a top-to-down approach.JAVA follows a bottom-up approach.
Portability and robustnessC is not portable and robust.JAVA is portable and also has the feature of robustness.

So, now you can judge which one is more preferable for your career c vs java. Both are not as difficult as you think. They both have their own working criteria and advantages through which you can choose one. Students give their valuable time and resources to make their future. So, read this blog which helps you to decide which one is better for your career. Students are always keen to know which one we should learn first C vs java?

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Which One Do You Learn First – C VS Java?

C language provides a foundation for many other programming languages, making them much easier to learn. C is used for scripting and other low-level operations in a variety of situations. However, there’s a strong chance you won’t use it to create the games (but with a lot of work, you could).

If you want to learn C then there is no further learning of any language before learning C. But if you want to learn java as a whole then firstly you have to learn C, C++, and then java. If you want to make java easier then you have to master C because it is the basic and the oldest programming language.

With application development and other real-world projects, Java programming is considerably more widely used. You’ll definitely see more job postings specifically looking for Java programmers, but even that number is decreasing. If you’re new to programming, you’ll undoubtedly want to start with one of the most basic programming languages. Neither C nor Java can be classified as simple, but they both provide a thorough introduction to key programming ideas.

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Both the languages c vs java are different programming languages. C language is the oldest as well as a very popular programming language. C is very fast, flexible, and versatile. On the other hand, java is the most popular at the industry level for developing web applications and mobile applications. They both have their own positions in the IT industry and you just compare both the languages but can’t replace them. 

Basically, these two programming languages give a way to look at coding in general and in the development area. C has served as a foundation of a lot of other programming languages like python, C++, C#, etc. Java is popular because of its robustness. So, go through both the languages and decide on which language you have to spend your valuable time in. If you are searching for Java programming assignment help and C programming assignment help. Then our experts are always there for you online in writing the assignment on your deadline.


How is C different than Java?

C is a procedural language and java is an object-oriented programming language. C is the basis of all the languages whereas java is popular at the industry level. As per the current scenario, Java is better than C.

Is Java easy after C?

To become a skilled JAVA programmer, you should start with C since it is the most fundamental language, and comprehend the ideas of JAVA. You should master C, then C++, and finally JAVA. As a result, if you want to make JAVA easier, you need to start from the beginning.

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