Cheap Universities in USA

Top 7 Cheap Universities in USA to Get Admission in 2023

In this blog, you will find cheap universities in USA that are also offering scholarships . If you want to study in the United States of America then I am sure this blog will help you a lot. Stay connected with upcoming information if you are curious to know about cheap universities in USA.

Nowadays students from outside the United states of America desire to study in the best universities and colleges of the United States of America for their undergraduate and postgraduate courses, as many universities in the United States of America are included in the World University Ranking 2023.

Why study in the United States of America?

  • Better education facilities 
  • Better opportunities for jobs after study 
  • Better standard of living 
  • Multi-cultural environment 

But there are numerous hindrances that demotivate the learners and put a full stop on their dreams such as:

  • High tuition fees 
  • High Cost-of-Living 
  • High accommodation expenses  and many more .

So if you want to study in the United States of America  ,you do not need to worry more regarding expenses. I will discuss the not only cheap universities in the US but also provide scholarships  , so stay tuned to this blog .

Top 7 Scholarship Accepted Cheap Universities in USA 2023

The United States of America has long been considered one of the most expensive countries for international students to study for  higher education. Here are some affordable universities : 

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1. Southeast Missouri State University

  • Southeast Missouri State University was set-up in 1873. 
  • Public university 
  • Offers more than 200 + programs

 (100 minors

145 undergraduate majors, 

75 graduate programs)

  1. Residence Life Leadership Award.
  2. Redhawks Achievement Award.
  3. Visual and Performing Arts Award.
  4. Academic Support Center Awards.
  5. Endowed and Sponsored Scholarships.
  6. State Grants and Scholarships.
  7. Pell Grant and Other Need-based Scholarships.
Undergraduate courses BAS(Bachelor of Applied Science)
BA(Bachelor of Arts)
BFA(Bachelor of Fine Arts)
BSED(Bachelor of Education)
Post-graduate courses Business & Management (14 courses available)
Social Sciences (7  courses available)
Education & Training (6  courses available)
Law (6  courses available)
Medicine & Health (5  courses available)
Natural Sciences & Mathematics (4  courses available)
Engineering & Technology (3  courses available)
Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences (2  courses available)
Humanities (2  courses available)
Computer Science & IT (1  course available)

2. Northwest Missouri State University

  1. Admission-Based Freshman Scholarships.
  2. President’s Scholarship.
  3. Bearcat and Green & White scholarship  (for non-Missouri residents)
  4. Northwest A+ Scholarship (for freshmen entering fall 2023 and later)
Undergraduate coursesAccounting: Managerial Accounting: Public Accounting
School of Health Science and Wellness
Agricultural Business
School of Agricultural Sciences
Agricultural Communications
School of Agricultural Sciences
Agricultural Data and Information Systems
School of Agricultural Sciences
Agricultural Dealership Management
Post graduate Data Analytics Online
Msc. in Recreation with an emphasis in Recreation Management Online
Msc. in Recreation with an emphasis in Therapeutic Recreation Online
Msc. in Recreation with an emphasis in Sports Management
Msc. in Geographic Information Science Online
Msc. in Mathematics Online

3. University of Louisiana–Monroe 

  • Founded in 1931 
  • Public private university 
  • Offers 96+ programs including bachelors, masters and doctoral programs
  • Official website:
  • Scholarships accepted : 
  1. President’s Distinguished 
  2. Academic Merit 
  3. Ace’s Award
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Undergraduate coursesAccounting
Atmospheric Science
Computer Information Systems
Computer Science
Construction Management
Criminal Justice
Dental Hygiene
Education: Elementary
Post graduate coursesPharmacy Studies
Public Administration
Audiology and Speech-Language
Occupational Therapy

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4. Brooklyn College

  1. Stavros Niarchos Foundation Fellowships
  2. Floyd L. Moreland Scholarships
  3. Hardy Hansen Prize
Undergraduate coursesBS
Post graduate coursesM.A. T.M.A.
M.F.A. Business Administration,
M.S.M.S. Ed. Cinema Arts,
M.F.A. Community Health,
M.A. Computer Science,
M.S. Creative Writing,
M.F.A Earth and Environmental Sciences,
M.A Earth and Environmental Sciences,
M.S. Earth Science Teacher,

5. Southwest Minnesota State University

  • Founded in 1963
  • Public private university 
  • Offers 60+ undergraduate majors, fine arts and much more programmes.
  • Official website:
  • Scholarships accepted : 
  1. Minnesota Indian Scholarship Program
  2. Oscar and Cora Sather Endowed Scholarship
Undergraduate coursesB.E. / B.Tech 
Post graduate coursesMBA

6. Dakota State University

  • Founded in 1881
  • Public university 
  • Offers 45 major  programmes.
  • Official website:
  • Scholarships accepted : 
  1. DSU general scholarship
  2. DSU Champion Annual Scholarship
  3. DSU Rising Annual Scholarship
Undergraduate coursesAccounting
Advertising and Design Certificate
Aerospace Studies
Ageing Studies Agri
Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Agricultural Communication
Agricultural Economics
Post graduate coursesAccountancy
Agribusiness and Applied Economics
Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Agricultural Education
Animal Sciences
Applied Economics

7. University of Wisconsin

  • Founded in 1848
  • Public private university 
  • Offers 600 graduate and undergraduate programmes.
  • Official website:
  • Scholarships accepted : 
  1. Distinguished Scholarship
  2. University Scholarship.
  3. Ranger Scholarships. 
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Postgraduate coursesAccounting  (Certificate)
African Cultural Studies (BA)
African Cultural Studies (BS)
African Studies (Certificate)
Afro-American Studies (BA)
Afro-American Studies (BS)

Wrap Up

These are some of the best and cheap universities in USA. These universities are not just cheap but also offering scholarships to the students. If you are an international student and looking for the cheap universities in USA then these universities can be your game changer. If you think that we have missed any of the cheap universities in the USA then please comment down below.

Frequently Asked Questions

5 best public universities in the USA for MS in mechanical engineering ?

According to my research these 5 public universities are the best for mechanical engineering : 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Stanford University.
University of California, Berkeley.
California Institute of Technology.
Georgia Institute of Technology.

5 Inexpensive universities in the USA for Indian origin students?

These most inexpensive universities withinside the USA for Indian college students additionally provide monetary useful resources to college students primarily based totally on advantage or need.

Pennsylvania State University
University of South Florida. 
University at Buffalo.
Arizona State University.
Purdue University.

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