Top Data Science Jobs and Average Salary Trends in 2022

These days, data science is a very hot subject! As a result, data science-related occupations are becoming increasingly popular. Moreover, data science is also termed as the most popular career opportunity of the 21st century. Glassdoor has ranked the data scientist job as the number one position in the United States for the past four years.

Furthermore, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for data science skills will drive a 27.9% increase in jobs in the sector from 2016 to 2026. There is not only a high demand for data scientists but also a shortage of trained data scientists. That is the reason, more and more students want to build their careers as Data scientists.

They often confuse what are the data science jobs entry-level and the data science jobs’ salaries. Therefore, to guide them, this blog will describe top data science career opportunities in 2022 and their salary trends.

What is Data Science?

Data science is the field of study that deals with massive amounts of data using advanced tools and techniques to discover unseen patterns, derive useful information, and improve business processes. It requires multiple machine learning algorithms to build a predictive model.

Data for analysis can come from a variety of sources and be in a variety of formats. Basically, the analysis of data is known as data science. It involves determining methods for efficiently capturing, storing, and evaluating data in order to obtain valuable information. Data science aims to extract information and insights from any form of data, both structured and unstructured.

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What are the top Data Science Jobs?

The majority of businesses are using data analysis to increase their Growth. Data scientists are in high demand in the technology industry and other big industries such as FMCG, logistics, and more. The top data science job profiles are as follows-

Data Scientist

A Data Scientist analyses different data trends in order to assess the effect on a business. A Data Scientist has the ability to describe the importance of data in a way that others will understand it easily. Data Scientists must have a statistical understanding of various programming languages in order to solve complex problems.


The average salary of a data scientist in the US is around $139,840.

Data Analyst

The role of a Data Analyst is to analyze data in order to understand a market trend. He is the one who helps in providing a picture of the company’s position in the market. He manipulate and transforms massive data sets to find the desired analysis. Once a company set its goals, data analyst provide datasets for achieving the required goals.

Many times, data analysts has to analyze A/B testing and track web analytics. Data analyst role may change with the requirements of the company. For example, a marketing department requires the services of a data analyst for a short period to understand their customer’s behavior for making marketing strategies.


The average salary of a data Analyst in the US is around $62,453.

Business Intelligence Analyst

A business intelligence analyst is the one who analyzes the collected information to increase the efficiency of a company. Basically he is responsible for increasing the company’s profit. A Business Intelligence Analyst requires technical knowledge of popular machines. Business Intelligence Analysts design business strategies so that a company can make better business decisions.

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Moreover, They develop BI tools so that end-users can easily understand their systems. A Business Intelligence Analyst should have the knowledge of an industry and industry trends.


The average salary of a business intelligence analyst in the US is around  $81,514.

Marketing Analyst

Marketing Analyst helps companies to take their marketing decisions. They analyze market trends and suggest production quantity of a product. Moreover, they also decide which product’s production should be stopped. They analyze customer satisfaction reports, which helps the company to improve its products and services. They also decide the price of a product and their targeted customers.


The average salary of a Marketing analyst in the US is around  $79,995.

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning Engineers are responsible for creating data funnels, programs, algorithms so that machines can take action by themselves. A Machine Learning Engineer should have strong programming and statistical skills. They are also responsible for testing machine learning systems by various running tests to measure the functionality and performance of these systems.


The average salary of a Machine learning engineer in the US is around  $114,826.

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Machine Learning Scientist

A machine learning scientist searches for the latest data algorithms and approaches to be utilized in adaptive systems, which includes supervised, unsupervised, and deep learning techniques. They also work with the title of Research Engineer and Research Scientist.


The average salary of a Machine learning scientist in the US is around  $114,121.

Applications Architect

An application architect is responsible for designing and analyzing software architecture. They also create applications or update existing applications, test softwares and develop prototypes of products. Moreover, they create manuals and technical documents for application development. 

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The average salary of an Application Architect in the US is around  $113,757.

Enterprise Architect

An enterprise architect is in charge of coordinating an organization’s strategy with the technologies required to achieve its goals. They must have a full understanding of the organization and its technology requirements in order to develop the system’s architecture needed to achieve those needs.


The average salary of an Enterprise Architect in the US is around  $110,663.


This blog has provided information about Data science jobs and data science jobs salary. Data science is one of the top jobs all over the world. The number of job vacancies for data science experts is increasing day by day. As a result, more and more students want to build their careers in data science.

These students want to know the job profiles they can choose with data science knowledge. This blog helps them to understand job opportunities in data science and how much salary they can expect with it. Moreover, if you need Data Science Assignment Help, you can take the service of our experts anytime.

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