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Difference between C vs C++ Programming Languages

C vs C++, Before we start talking about both the computer programming languages. We should know about the different types of computer application development. What development really is and what are the different types of development. We should know what is the programming language. What is the programming language used for a programming language?

Which a computer understand to get to know what you say. What you want the machine to do so both of these languages is two from many of the programming languages.

Now you must be thinking about what these languages used for. So as we talked about earlier, these languages programming languages. Programming languages used to program some sort of software for your computer machine. You use both of these languages. The other one. Applications and software used in any field that may be a computer, mechanical, medical, or security.

First of all, you should know what development is not in basic terms but in computer science. Terminology and in the terminology of computer science the event of a software or web application or anything. Which can help you in any work-related situation with the computer? That software called development or website development.

Now there difference between software development and website development software, something. Which we run on the computer without the axis of the internet. We can do different things with the help of that software. Like we can edit videos, we can edit images we can use them for medical science or anything or everything.

But website development is a different thing. Website development related to the development of different websites like some of the most renowned websites Facebook, YouTube, etc.

So these websites like Facebook and YouTube made with the help of website development languages. That was the basic difference between the website and software development.

As you already know by reading the above description of the website. Software development now it’s time for you to know about the languages. Used in the development of those websites we going to talk about Software development. Because C vs C++ is a software or application development language and that is our topic for today that how to learn JavaScript. First of all, we talk about what are Software development languages.

These different kinds of languages that used in the development of computer software or websites and let us clear those doubts from your mind that there is a huge difference between C vs C++ but the syntax is almost the same. So, never ever create doubt about that in your mind. 

Let’s come back to our topic again, and that is what the Software development languages are? 

So there are many languages which everyone is using right now to develop a website. But in order to know about those 

You should know what our backend and frontend are because there are different languages for both.

So the front end what you saying as a customer on a website. As a user on a website is the frontend and backend. You see that goes in the background of the site or in managing things of that site like. Put some data in login failed. You are putting some data in that that is the front end of that website and that data is getting stored somewhere and where it is stored comes under the backend of that website.

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So now you know what actually C and C++ is and what it is really used for. And how you can use it in website development. Now it’s time for you to know and learn about C vs C++. So there are so many things which you can learn about this topic and what are the basic and main differences between these two programming languages. And we will be discussing some of the similarities between both of these languages too. So, let’s continue without wasting any time some differences and similarities between C vs C++. and those are as follows:- 

What is C?

C is a computer programming language and it is a procedural and structural oriented programming language. Which we can use in making various types of applications. C programming language is also a machine independent language which means that the C programming language does not depend on any particular machine.

So, C programming language is the most basic type of computer development programming language which can be used to develop from many types of different operating systems. Like oracle and Git and Python. And many more too. C programming language, as we have discussed above, is the most basic computer programming language and is called the god’s  programming language because it forms the base for almost most of the programming languages. By forming the base we mean that if you know about C programming languages and its syntax, that is how you should write this in order to make a programme to get your requirements fulfilled.

Programming languages were developed by one of the greatest computer scientists Dennis Ritchie at the Bell Laboratories. And the c programming languages contain some of the most unique additions;l features from the other programming languages present in the market at the moment. So, overall it is one of the most important and most basic of all the programming languages and you will need to learn these languages in order to continue your future in this computer programming field or stream. 

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What is C++?

C++  is a special purpose programming language developed in the same laboratories that are the Bell laboratories but by a different scientist and he was Bjarne Stroustrup and this programming language was developed in 1980. 

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And as we all know that the C++ programming language is very similar to the other programming language and that is the Programming language. It is different because most of the things or syntax for writing these programming languages are the same. So, most of the time it’s the same but somewhere there are a few changes in the C programming language and the C++ computer programming language.

But we can say that the C++ programming language is safer and more well designed and structured than the C computer programming language. 

C++ language is very similar to C language, and it is so compatible with C that it can run 99% of C programs without changing any source of code though C++ is an object-oriented programming language, so it is a safer and well-structured programming language than C.

The following are the differences between C and C++:


C programming language is a structural programming language, and it does not support classes and objects, while C++ is an object-oriented programming language that supports the concept of classes and objects.

Type of programming language

C supports the structural programming language where the code is checked line by line, while C++ is an object-oriented programming language that supports the concept of classes and objects.

The developer of the language

Dennis Ritchie developed the C programming language at Bell Laboratories; on the other hand Bjarne Stroustrup developed the C++ language at the same laboratories in 1980.

Type of approach

Follows the top-down approach, while C++ follows the bottom-up approach. The top-down approach breaks the main modules into tasks; these tasks are broken into sub-tasks, and so on. The bottom-down approach develops the lower level modules first and then the next level modules.

Subset or Superset 

We can say that the C++ programming language is a superset of Programming language. C++ can run 99% of C code but C language cannot run C++ code.

Function Overloading

Function overloading is a feature that allows you to have more than one function with the same name but varies in the parameters. C does not support the function overloading, while C++ supports the function overloading.

Function Overriding

Function overriding is a feature that provides the specific implementation to the function, which is already defined in the base class. C does not support the function overriding, while C++ supports the function overriding.

Reference variables

C does not support the reference variables, while C++ supports the reference variables which is a good thing for any kind of programming language. 

Number of Keywords Present

C programming language contains 32 keywords, and C++ programming language supports 52 keywords. Which are obviously more than the number of keywords in C programming language. 

Namespace feature

A namespace is a feature that groups the entities like classes, objects, and functions under some specific name. C does not contain the namespace feature, while C++ supports the namespace feature that avoids the name collisions.

Exception handling

C does not provide direct support to the exception handling; it needs to use functions that support exception handling. C++ provides direct support to exception handling by using a try-catch block.

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In C, the data can be easily manipulated by the outsiders as it does not support the encapsulation and information hiding while C++ is a very secure language, i.e., no outsiders can manipulate its data as it supports both encapsulation and data hiding. In the C language, functions and data are the free entities, and in C++ language. All the functions and data encapsulated in the form of objects.

Input/Output functions

In C, scanf and printf functions used for input and output operations, respectively, while in C++, con. Cout used for input and output operations, respectively.

Header file

C program uses <stdio.h> header file while C++ program uses <iostream.h> header file.

Memory allocation and deallocation

C supports calloc() and malloc() functions for the memory allocation, and free() function for the memory deallocation. C++ supports a new operator for the memory allocation and delete operator for the memory deallocation.


Inheritance is a feature that allows the child class to reuse the properties of the parent class. C language does not support the inheritance while C++ supports the inheritance.

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Similarities between C vs C++

  • Both languages have a similar syntax.
  • The code structure of both languages is the same. Which means that the way of writing both of the programming languages is almost the same. 
  • The compilation of both languages is similar. So, you wont need to learn two different ways of compiling the programmes written in these computer programming languages.
  • They share the same basic syntax. Nearly all of C’s operators and keywords are also present in C++ and do the same thing.
  • In C++ computer programming language has a slightly extended grammar than the C computer programming language, but in both of these programming languages the basic grammar is the same.
  • For both of these computer programming languages the basic memory model is very close to the hardware. And which is a great thing for any type of computer programming language. 
  • In both of these languages that is the C programming and C++ computer programming language there are the same notations for stack, file scope and static variables etc.


So, these were the small differences and the similarities between the c programming language and the C++ computer programming language. We hope that you have read all the differences carefully and have noted them down all well or you check out our blog anytime you feel like. So, this was all about C vs C++. Share this with your friends and classmates so that they can also get to know about the differences and similarities between the C computer programming languages and the C++ computer programming languages by reading our blog on C vs C++.

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