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Top 3 Gaming Programming Languages With Practice Game Codes

Gaming is one of the fastest-growing industries of the world at this time.

With the speed at which this industry is growing, there is no doubt that this industry is going to surpass many other sectors in the future.

We can say that there will be a huge demand for gaming developers in the future, so choosing your career as a gaming developer can be a good choice.

There are a lot of gaming programming languages that can be used for developing games.

That’s why for beginners, it can be a challenging task to choose a programming language by which they can develop games.

Are you also having difficulty deciding on a gaming programming language?

If yes, then I have a solution for you that will make this challenging task easy for you.

In this blog, I will share some best gaming programming languages that you can use for games development.

I also shared some basic game codes which will help you when you are going to make games.


Check These Best Gaming Programming Languages

As I said, there are a lot of good programming languages in the world which you can use for developing games.

I have selected the three best programming languages for you, which I will tell you later in this blog.

But before that, I want to share some best gaming programming languages so that you can have some options to select.

These are some of the best gaming programming languages that you can use for developing amazing games -:

  • C++ 
  • Python
  • Lua
  • Unreal Script
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Rust
  • HTML 5
  • SQL

I hope you are not confused after reading that many names.

But if you are, then don’t worry, I am here for you.

Keep reading and I am sure by the end of the blog you will be able to choose a gaming programming language for yourself.

Top 3 Gaming Programming Languages

Above, I have shared nine programming languages that you can use to develop games.

But it can be a case that you can get confused after reading these many names.

So for your help, after some research, I shortened down my list to the 3 best Gaming programming languages.

If you choose a language from these, then I assure you that you will not regret it later.

With the help of these languages, you can bring your games from your imagination to reality.

So, these are the best three gaming programming languages -:

top 3 gaming programming languages infographic


If you want to develop some good games, then C++ can be a good choice for you.

You can easily make large and complex programs in C++; this property of C++ will help you write your game code.

Some Popular Games which have developed with the help of C++ -: 

  • Witcher 3
  • Counter-Strike
  • GTA 5


Java is another good programming language that you can use as your gaming programming language.

It is very popular for developing games and apps; there are some frameworks like LibGDX that will help you a lot if you are developing games in Java.

You can use this language to develop any type of game, but if you are using it to create android games, then it is not less than a boon for you.

Some Popular Games which have developed with the help of Java -:

  • Minecraft
  • RuneScape
  • God of War: Betrayal


If you ask an experienced developer what are the best languages that can be used for game development.

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Then, I am sure that, in their list, one name will be Python.

Python has a straightforward and easy-to-read syntax; that’s why if you are a beginner, then Python can be a good choice for you.

There are many frameworks like Pygame, PyKyra which you can use for game development in Python.

These are some popular games that have been developed with the help of Python -:

  • Battlefield 2
  • Disney’s Toontown Online
  • Frets on Fire

How to Get Started in Game Development

You can follow the below steps to get your career started in game development:

Learn to Write Code

Programming exists behind every game you have played on your computer, mobile, or television. A game developer is responsible for writing robust and scalable code that runs a game. So, learning to write code is the first step toward becoming a game developer. You can follow online blogs or video tutorials to start learning game code.

Develop a Small Game

Making your first game is a great way to test your newly acquired game programming skills. You will learn much about game development as you go through the obstacles of developing and building a game from scratch. Start with a simple JavaScript game that you may showcase in your portfolio once you’ve completed it.

Create a Game Design Portfolio

Once you’ve started making your games, you should create an online portfolio of your best and most relevant work to show people when they ask for your skills. You should mention your interests in game design, such as level design, interface design, system design, etc.

Why Should You Choose C++ for Game Development?

As I said, C++ is a good choice for game development and you can select this as your gaming programming language.

But now a question can arise in your mind that why C++ is a good choice for development and why you should choose it.

So, these are some points on why C++ is a good choice for Game Development -:

  • C++ has a lot of libraries.
  • C++ gives high performance when it comes to game development.
  • The readability of C++ is excellent; that’s why it is easy to make large programs while developing games.
  • It is an object-oriented programming language; Object-oriented programming languages are very efficient for game development.

Why Should You Choose Java for Game Development?

These are some points on why you should choose Java for Game Development -:

  • Java gives the best performance when we develop 2D games.
  • It is very easy and efficient for developing android games.
  • It provides many libraries which help you to develop cross-platform games.
  • Many Video games companies use Java with other languages to make better games.

Why Should You Choose Python for Game Development?

These are some points on why you should choose Python as your gaming programming language  -:

  • It is an easy-to-read language.
  • It is easy to master Python.
  • Python has a lot of frameworks that make it easy to develop games.
  • You can write a whole game just by using PyGame in Python.

How to Write a Basic Game Code in C++, Java, Python?

Below, I shared C++, Java and Python game codes for rock, paper and scissor game.

You can analyze this code and can learn how you can write games code in these languages.

These are very basic codes, so you can understand these, even if you are a beginner in programming.

If you have some basic knowledge about any of these languages, then you can use these codes as your practice projects also.

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C++ Rock Paper Scissors Game Code

#include <iostream>
// Initializing Constant variables.
const char select_rock = 'a';
const char select_paper= 'b';
const char select_scissors = 'c';
using namespace std;
char getComputerOption() {
    // Using rand function for generating a random number
   // which program can use as computer output
    int num = rand() % 3 + 1;
    if(num==1) return 'a';
    if(num==2) return 'b';
    if(num==3) return 'c';
char getUserOption() {
    char d;
    cout << "Rules of Rock, Paper and Scissors Game!" << endl;
    cout << "Rock vs Paper, Paper Wins" << endl << "Paper vs Scissors, Scissors Wins" << endl << "Scissors vs Rock, Rock Wins"<< endl;
    cout << "-----------------------------------" << endl;
    cout << "Type a, if you want to choose Rock " << endl << "Type b, if you want to choose Paper" << endl << "Type c, if you want to choose Scissors " << endl;
    cin >> d;
    while (d!='a' && d!='b' && d!='c' )
        cout << "\nSorry, This is an Invaild Input " << endl;
       cout << "Type a, if you want to choose Rock " << endl << "Type b, if you want to choose Paper" << endl << "Type c, if you want to choose Scissors " << endl;
        cin >> d;
    return d;
void showSelectedOption(char option) {
    if (option == 'a') cout << "Rock" << endl;
    if (option == 'b') cout << "Paper" << endl;
    if (option == 'c') cout << "Scissors" << endl;
void chooseWinner(char uChoice, char cChoice) {
    if (uChoice == select_rock && cChoice == select_paper) {
        cout << "Computer Wins! Paper wraps Rock."<< endl;
    else if (uChoice == select_paper && cChoice == select_scissors) {
        cout << "Computer Wins! Scissors cut Paper."<< endl;
    else if (uChoice == select_scissors && cChoice == select_rock) {
        cout << "Computer Wins! Rock smashes Scissors."<< endl;
    else if (uChoice == select_rock && cChoice == select_scissors) {
        cout << "You Win! Paper wraps Rock."<< endl;
    else if (uChoice == select_paper && cChoice == select_rock) {
        cout << "You Win! Paper wraps Rock."<< endl;
    else if (uChoice == select_scissors && cChoice == select_paper) {
        cout << "You Win! Scissors cut Paper."<< endl;
        cout << "Tie. Play again and win the Game." << endl;
int main() {
    //User's choice
    char uChoice; 
    //Compter's choice
    char cChoice;
    uChoice = getUserOption();
    cout << "Your choice is: "<< endl;
    cout << "Computer's choice is: "<< endl;
    cChoice = getComputerOption();
    chooseWinner(uChoice, cChoice);
    return 0;


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Java Rock Paper Scissors Game Code

import java.util.Scanner;
import java.util.Random;

public class Main {

    public static void main(String[] args) {

        // Rock,Scissors, Paper Game
       System.out.println("Enter You Name : ");
        Scanner name= new Scanner(;
        String c =;

        for (int i = 1; i<=3; i++) {
            System.out.println(" Enter Value 0 If You Want To Choose Rock\n Enter Value 1 If You Want To Choose Paper \n Enter Value 2 If You Want To Choose Scissors\n");
            Scanner scanner = new Scanner(;
            int your_input = scanner.nextInt();

// For Generating Random Number, So that you can show computer input.
            Random random = new Random();
            int random_number = random.nextInt(3);

            System.out.println(c + " Chosen");

            switch (your_input) {
                case 0:
                case 1:
                case 2: System.out.println("Scissors");
                 System.out.println("Invalid Input");

            System.out.println("\nComputer Chosen");

            switch (random_number) {
                case 0: System.out.println("Rock\n");
                case 1: System.out.println("Paper\n");
                case 2: System.out.println("Scissors\n");

            System.out.println("Match Result -: ");

            if (your_input == 0 && random_number == 0) {
                System.out.println("Match Tied\n");
else if (your_input == 0 && random_number == 1) {
                System.out.println("Computer Wins\n");
else if (your_input == 0 && random_number == 2) {
                System.out.println(c + " Wins\n");
 else if (your_input == 1 && random_number == 0) {
                System.out.println(c + " Wins\n");
else if (your_input == 1 && random_number == 1) {
                System.out.println("Match Tied\n");

else if (your_input == 1 && random_number == 2) {
                System.out.println("Computer Wins\n");

else if (your_input == 2 && random_number == 0) {
                System.out.println("Computer Wins\n");

else if (your_input == 2 && random_number == 1) {
                System.out.println(c + " Wins\n");

else if (your_input == 2 && random_number == 2) {
                System.out.println("Match Tied\n");




Python Rock Paper Scissors Game Code

# import random module
import random

# Printing the rules so that the Player Can Understand The Game.
print("Hi There \n\tThanks For Coming Here \n I Hope You Will Be Like This Rock Paper Scissor Game: \n"

while True:
	print("Press 1 From KeyBoard to Select Rock \n Press 2 From KeyBoard to Select Paper \n Press 3 From KeyBoard to Select Scissor \n")
	# Taking Input From The User For Making Game Interactive
	user_input = int(input("User turn: "))

	# Taking User Input and There is a Loop Which Will Work Until User Does Not Enter a Valid Value.
	while user_input > 3 or user_input < 1:
		user_input = int(input("Select a Value Between 0,1 and 2 to Select Rock, Paper And Scissors respectively: "))

	# Using if-else for Initializing a Value to the User According to his input. 
	if user_input == 1:
		user_selected = 'Rock'
	elif user_input == 2:
		user_selected = 'paper'
		user_selected = 'scissor'
	# Printing the User Choice
	print("You Chosen: " + user_selected)

	# Using randint function for generating a random number 
	# Which will work as computer input
	comp_input = random.randint(1, 3)

	while comp_input == user_input:
		comp_input = random.randint(1, 3)

	# Initializing value to comp_input according to generator number.

	if comp_input == 1:
		comp_selected = 'Rock'
	elif comp_input == 2:
		comp_selected = 'paper'
		comp_selected = 'scissor'
	print("Computer Chosen: " + comp_selected)

	print(user_selected + " V/s " + comp_selected)

	# condition for winning
	if((user_input == 1 and comp_input == 2) or
	(user_input == 2 and comp_input ==1 )):
		print("paper wins\n", end = "")
		result = "paper"
	elif((user_input == 1 and comp_input == 3) or
		(user_input == 3 and comp_input == 1)):
		print("Rock wins\n", end = "")
		result = "Rock"
		print("scissor wins\n", end = "")
		result = "scissor"

	# Now Printing the Result Whether User Won Or Computer.
	if result == user_selected:
		print("User wins")
		print("Computer wins")
	print("End of The Round\n Press Any Key (Except N and n) If You Want to Play Again\n Type N or n If You Want to Exit")
	another_round = input()

	# If the user typed n or N then the loop will exit.
	if another_round == 'n' or another_round == 'N':

print("\nThanks for Playing Our Game\n Please Come Back Again")


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Game Development Process – A Perfect Strategy

Game development isn’t easy. As a game developer, you must consider several different elements such as the interest of gamers, technology uses, market trends, etc. 

You must also follow the correct procedure for developing an excellent and exciting game. Here is the four-step process for developing an ideal game:

The Concept

It is the first stage of development, during which a team of experts conduct extensive study and analysis to create a game concept. Everyone must concentrate on determining the game’s features, category, technical integrations, characteristics, and so on.


A prototype is basically a light version of the main game. Prototypes are the simplest execution of the concept of the game. In this stage, game developers create an example of their final product to test the gameplay and understand the concepts.


Testing is a crucial step in developing a game. It works with the prototype stage in conjunction. In this stage, companies test their games by using different testing methods. Some of the popular techniques for game testing are: 

  • Functionality Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Ad Hoc Testing
  • Combinatorial Testing
  • Cleanroom Testing
  • Regression Testing


If everything is fine with the game, it’s time to release it. Gamers may experience some difficulties at first. So, the developers must provide regular support in the game’s early stages. It would be best to take rapid actions to resolve the issue and give the audience a better game experience.


So, this was the blog about the best gaming programming languages.

In the end, I want to say that you will get a lot of options when you have to select a language for game development.

So, don’t get confused and choose wisely.

Moreover, which language you will select does not matter that much; the thing that matters is that you should master that language.

So, don’t waste much time thinking about this; select a language and start learning it.

I hope you liked this blog; if you want to read more blogs like this, then stay connected to our website.

Moreover, if you need Python programming help, C++ assignment help, or Java programming help, you can discuss your requirements with our expert and get an instant solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which programming language is used for gaming?

There are many programming languages that can be used for gaming. Some of the most popular languages for gaming are C++, Java, Python, HTML 5 and JavaScript.

Why is C++ so popular in game programming?

C++ is a very fast programming language. It provides very good readability. It also provides features like memory allocation, which makes it easy to develop games in it.

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