Go Vs Python: 10 Major Differences That You Should Know

Go and Python both are very powerful languages.

Both languages provide many amazing features which help programmers to develop a program easily.

These features were added in these programming languages to help users, but in contrast, this starts a war between Go vs Python.

Both languages are so good that it is very challenging to choose any one of them.

And if you are a beginner, then you are done because you are going to get confused.

Even the internet does not have that good information by which you can make a decision of choosing a language between Go and Python.

That’s why I thought of writing a blog on this topic.

In this blog, I will tell you about the differences between Go and Python, which will help you to choose between Go and Python.

I will cover all the basic and major differences in this blog, so if you want to know them, then keep reading it to the end.

Basic Differences: Go vs Python

Go vs Python both are very popular languages; for understanding their differences, we should start from the basics.

These are basic differences between these languages, which will help you to understand what these languages really are.

What is Go?

Go, also known as the GoLang or Go language, is a procedural programming language that was created in 2007 at Google.

Three very talented developers, Mr. Robert Griesemer, Mr. Ken Thompson and Mr. Rob Pike, designed the GO language.

This language was developed in 2007, but it officially launched on 10 November 2009.

You can see this is quite a new programming language; 

Nowadays, because of its features, the popularity of the Go language is increasing day by day.

Go language provides many useful features. 

First of all its is an open-source language, so anyone can use it;

Moreover, it is a statically typed language, so developers do not have to face difficulties that they have to face in dynamically typed language.

The Go language has a little advantage in this Go vs Python battle.

Basic Program in Go

// Basic program in Go
// main Package
package main

// importing fmt
import "fmt"

// main Function
func main() {
	fmt.Printf("Hello, World!, \nThis is the basic program to print Hello, World! in Golang")

Basic Concepts of Go

Every language has its basic concepts; these basic concepts are like the building blocks of a program.

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Expert developers always give this advice to new developers that if they want to be good in a programming language, then their basic concepts should have to be strong.

These are the basic concepts of the Go programming language -:

  • Packages
  • Imports
  • Functions
  • Variables
  • Loops
  • Arrays
  • Slices

So, these were some of the basic concepts that you should learn when you are starting with the Go programming language.

After learning these all, you will be able to develop some basic programs in the Go programming language, and after that, you can learn the advanced concepts of this language.

What is Python?

Python is so much popular all around the world that most of you already know about “What is python?”.

But for those who do not know about it, here is a very simple definition about Python.

Python is an object-oriented, interpreted, high-level programming language; this is one of the most used programming languages.

The main reason for the popularity of Python is its good readability. 

Python provides very good readability that even a non-programmer can understand its code for some instances.

As we said, Go language has a little advantage in the GO vs Python war, but python is also a great competitor.

Basic Program in Python

# Basic program to print something in Python
print("Hello readers, \nthis one line code is enough to print anything in Python")

This is the basic program to print something in Python.

Yes, this one line code is enough to print something in Python. 

This is the speciality of Python and you can see that even a non-programmer can understand that this code will print the lines written in brackets and double quote.

You also can use a single quote and can write this code like this -:

print(‘Hello readers, \nyou also can use write above code like this’’)

Python provides this level of simplicity; this is the main reason why it is one of the most favourite languages of developers.

Basic Concepts of Python

These are some Python basic concepts -:

  • Operators
  • Arrays
  • Conditional Statements
  • Loops
  • Break, Continue statements

After learning these concepts, you should learn advanced concepts of Python like OOP concepts.

These basic concepts will help you to develop basic programs, but when you have to develop some real programs, then you have to use advanced concepts of Python.

Now, you know all the basic differences between Go vs Python; this will be very helpful when you are going to choose a language between them.

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Go Vs Python: Advantages of Go and Python

If someone compares two languages and does not talk about their advantages, then we can’t say that was a proper comparison.

There are so many programming languages, then what are the basis on which a developer should choose a programming language.

That is, what advantages that particular language is offering to its user. 

If a programming language offers us abilities which will help us to code in an easy way, then why should we use any other language?

So, here are the advantages round between Go vs Python which will help you to choose between one of them.

Advantages of Go

These are some of the advantages of the Go programming language -:

  • Go programming language syntax is very neat and clean that makes it easier to read.
  • The popularity of this language is increasing day by day, so it can be very beneficial if you learn this language.
  • Since Go was developed at Google, that’s why Go programming development gets very much support from it.
  • This programming language does not require an interpreter; it can compile machine code directly, which in result helps in faster execution of programs.

Advantages of Python

I have already told you that Python offers great readability to its users.

But this is not the only advantage that we get from Python; there are a lot of other advantages which this language offers to us.

Some of those Python advantages are written following which will help you to choose between Go vs Python -:

  • It is an interpreted language, so it compiles code line by line; that’s why Python shows only one error at a time; this property makes it easy to remove errors from the programs.
  • Python is very helpful in the development of complex programs; it provides many features which gives developers a free hand when they start developing large and complex programs.
  • It provides very large and rich standard libraries, so for using a function in your program, you don’t have to depend on any external library.
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Go vs Python: Disadvantages of Go and Python

So, you have read the advantages of Go vs Python.

But there are some chances that you are still confused about what language you should choose between Go vs Python.

Because both languages have their own benefits, so anyone can be confused if they have to choose a language only on the basis of their benefits.

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That’s why I am also sharing some disadvantages of Go and Python so that you can make a clear decision of choosing a language between them.

Disadvantages of Go

These are the disadvantages of Go -:

  • If a developer has to implement complex functionality in the Go programming language, then developers need to code more.
  • There is a famous technique in the programming language known as “dry”, which stands for don’t repeat yourself; It is very hard to implement this technique in Go because it is harder to reuse code in Go in comparison to other languages.
  • The biggest disadvantage Go has is that it doesn’t provide GUI libraries; you have to face many difficulties when you want to use a GUI library in GO.

Disadvantages of Python

These are the disadvantages of Python -:

  • Python is an interpreted language, which is a good thing since it provides line to line execution, but it also makes it slow.
  • Python uses a large amount of memory which is one of the biggest disadvantages of Python, it should be more memory efficient. 
  • It is too hard to interact with databases with Python.
  • Python can change the datatype of a variable anytime because it is a dynamically typed language which can lead to runtime errors.

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Go vs Python: Major Differences

Now it is time for the Grand Finale of the Go vs Python war.

These are some of the major differences between Go and Python, which actually make a difference in your programming journey.

go vs python: head to head comparison
ParametersPython Go
Programming Language TypeIt is a high-level programming language.Level of Go Programming languages is still debatable.
Objects and ClassesPython is an object-oriented programming language; it has objects and classes.Go is not an object-oriented programming  language, so it does not have objects and classes.
InheritancePython supports inheritance, so in this, one class can inherit the methods of any other class.This programming language does not support inheritance.
Programming Language TypeIt is a dynamically typed language.It is a statically typed language.
ExceptionsPython supports exceptions.Go programming language does not support exceptions.
InterfacesPython does not support interfaces.It supports interfaces.
Good ForIt is good for computing and data analysis.It is good for carrying out programming for scalable servers.
LIbrariesPython has very large and rich libraries which help developers to code easily.Go programming languages have fewer libraries than Python. 
SpeedPython is slow in speed in comparison to Go.It provides very good speed.
ConcurrencyPython does not have an in-built concurrency mechanism.It supports concurrency.


And now, let’s end this Go vs Python war.

In this blog, I have told you about the differences between the Go and Python language.

In the end, I want to say that both Go and Python are good programming languages, both are easy to learn, and both are widely popular.

So, you should not think a lot about this, just select a language and start learning it.

If you are choosing Python, then we have a service, “Python programming help“, which can help you with your Python assignments, so don’t forget to check it.


Is Go language better than Python?

It totally depends on you; what type of programs you want to develop with these languages; On most points, the Go language is better than Python, but still, there are some places where Python can be a better choice.

Is Go easier than Python?

Go lang is also an easy language, but if we talk about Go and Python at the same time, then I will say Python is more easy-to-learn in comparison to the Go programming language.

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