High Paying Programming Languages

Top 10 High Paying Programming Languages of 2023 – You Must Know

Are you from science background and looking for high paying programming languages? If yes, then your search will end here.

If you want to develop my skills as a software developer and know which are the high paying programming languages in 2023. After reading this blog, you will have an idea of which programing language is suitable for you. 

Generally, programming is an incredible and lucrative career domain. It provides an extremely high salary, extensive stability, an astonishing future, & global recognition. 

According to the latest reports, the demand for programming jobs is expected to grow by 21% by 2028.

Most developers know much about extensively used basic programming languages like Java, Python, etc. But knowing less popular programming languages, such as Ruby, Golang, etc., can also help you get paid more for a certain job. You’ve come to the right place if you need to know which programming language to learn to make a lot of money.

This blog will discuss the ten high-paying programming languages. Learning these programming languages can prepare you for jobs. So let’s discuss it in detail.

What is Programming Language?

A formal programming language enables humans to communicate with computers and instruct them to perform specific tasks. It is a set of rules and syntax that allows programmers to write algorithms and create software programs.

Programming languages serve as a medium for translating human-readable instructions into machine-readable code that computers can understand and execute. They provide a structured way to express logic, data manipulation, and control flow to solve problems and automate tasks.

High Paying Programming Languages

According to Stack Overflow Developer Survey, Clojure is the high paying programming language, and rust is the least paying.

These are the following high paying programming languages

High Paying Programming Languages: Explanation


Average salary:  $106,644/yr

We rank Clojure as the most compensated programming language. Clojure is an efficient and resilient general-purpose programming language ideal for multithreaded development while maintaining approachability and interactive development.

Career Options :

Image Source: Payscale

As a subset of the Lisp family of programming languages, Clojure is another option on our table. Similar to Lisp, it treats code as data. That’s right; Clojure’s data-first approach implies that the computer can process language instructions like any other kind of data.


Average salary: $103,000/yr

Erlang was created to meet the need for highly available, scalable, real-time systems and is a general-purpose functional programming language.

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Its primary historical use was in telephony. However, it has now expanded into banking and e-commerce.

Career Options :

Image Source: Payscale

Cisco, Ericsson, Klarna, Goldman Sachs, T-Mobile, WhatsApp, and Amazon are just a few firms that depend heavily on Erlang.


Average salary: $95,526/yr

The F# is the best high-paying programming language in the world. It has robust typing and support for many programming paradigms. F # is used for various applications.

Its status as a multi-paradigm language and functional programming is a key component of its design.

Many programmers classify it as a functional-first language. Yet, F# allows for using other programming styles, including imperative and object-oriented.

According to the Developer Survey, f # has been the high-paid programming language for many years.

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Average salary: $95,000/yr

The LISP (or just Lisp) computer language family has been around for quite some time. John McCarthy created Lisp in 1958, making it one of the oldest programming languages and the second-oldest high-level language still widely used by professional developers.

But Lisp has developed and matured throughout time, giving rise to several dialects, including Racket, Scheme, Common Lisp, and Clojure (some of which we’ve already covered).

Being fluent in LISP, the oldest language on our checklist may be rewarding for software engineers, particularly those interested in machine learning and artificial intelligence.


Average salary: $93,000/yr

The dynamic, high-level programming language Ruby is also widely used. Ruby was created to facilitate the use of a wide variety of programming paradigms and to increase programmer efficiency. Ruby is included in the high paying programming languages in the world. 

Career Options :

Image Source: Payscale

The software engineering community widely uses Ruby to create desktop programs, websites, online services, data processing applications, automation tools, and more.

Because of Ruby’s widespread use, programmers who specialize in it may demand competitive compensation and choose from various interesting and rewarding career paths.


Average salary:$92,959/yr

Erlang uses the BEAMvirtual machine, and Elixir is a functional, general-purpose programming language. Elixir is based on Erlang, and the two languages have many similarities in how they are used to create applications.

It is similar to the Erlang programming language but is far more widely used and well-liked. Compared to Erlang (54%), over three times as many Stack Overflow Survey respondents stated they liked the language and wanted to continue using it in the future because of how much they enjoyed it.


Average salary:$92,780/yr

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Scala is a powerful static type system and functional programming language in one.

Career Options :

Image Source: Payscale

Scala is an abbreviation for “scalable language,” which suggests that it was designed to adapt to a growing number of users and their changing requirements over time.

Scala stands out from the others due to its short form and place on our list. The main criticisms about Java are that addressed in the development of Scala.


Average salary:$90,073/yr

With over 30 years of development, Perl has become a robust, feature-rich general-purpose programming language. Larry Wall created Perl in 1987 and has expanded to work on various computing systems.

A group of related programming languages that share the name “Perl” is what the term refers to technically. The 2019 release of Perl 6 (aka “Raku”) is the most recent version of the Perl programming language.

However, it noted that Perl 6 (Raku) is a separate programming language maintained by a group of people. 

Given Perl’s age, there’s been a lot of talk about whether or not it’s a dead language and whether or not it’s still worthwhile to learn. Despite this, the 2022 Developer Salary Survey shows that Perl programmers still make among the top wages overall.


Average salary:$89,204/yr

An open-source programming language, Go, was created by Google in 2009. It’s a lot like C, except it has many more features like automatic memory management, garbage collection, and typed structures.

The goal of developing the Go programming language was to have a tool for making software easy to use, secure, and fast.

In 2022, 11.15 percent of developers reported substantial experience with Go, making it the most widely used language on our list of the best-paid programming languages.

Let’s say you want to learn a new programming language, and you want to do so to maximize your chances of finding a job. Go is the best option in such an instance.


Average salary:$87,047/yr

The last type of high paying programming language is rust. Rust, like Go, is a relatively recent computer language created at Mozilla between 2006 and 2009.

 It’s a multi-paradigm language optimized for low memory use and fast execution.

Career Options :

Image Source: Payscale

Big names in tech, including Google, Meta, Amazon, Dropbox, and more, have utilized Rust since it was created.

Rust has been the most popular language for seven years, and 87% of developers say they want to keep using it. Rust is tied with Python as the most wanted technology, and TypeScript is not far behind.

9.32% of Stack Overflow Survey participants in 2022 said they used it often, making it one of the most popular programming languages on our list.

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Benefits of Learning a Programming Language

Here are some advantages of learning a programming language:

  • Problem-Solving Skills: Programming requires breaking down complex problems into smaller, manageable tasks. Learning a programming language trains you to think logically and analytically, enhancing your problem-solving abilities.
  • Career Opportunities: Proficiency in programming languages opens up many career opportunities. Software development is a rapidly growing field, and there is a high demand for skilled programmers across industries. Learning a programming language can increase your job prospects and earning potential.
  • Automation and Efficiency: Programming allows you to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Writing code to perform these tasks increases efficiency and productivity, freeing up time for more meaningful work.
  • Creativity and Innovation: Programming languages provide tools to bring your creative ideas to life. You can build applications, websites, games, and various software solutions. Learning a programming language empowers you to create and innovate digitally.
  • Understanding Technology: Programming languages are the building blocks of software and technology. Learning a programming language provides insight into how technology works, deepening your understanding of computers, software systems, and the digital world.
  • Collaboration and Communication: Programming languages are widely used in collaborative projects. Learning a language allows you to communicate effectively with other programmers, work on team projects, and contribute to open-source communities.
  • Transferable Skills: Programming languages share common concepts and principles. Once you learn one language, it becomes easier to learn others.

Tips For Learning a Programming Language

  • Start with the Basics
  • Set Clear Goals
  • Practice Regularly
  • Code Along and Experiment
  • Build Projects
  • Seek Help and Collaborate
  • Read Documentation and Explore Resources
  • Break Down Problems
  • Embrace Debugging
  • Stay Curious and Keep Learning


In this blog, we discuss the high-paying programming languages of 2023. If you are considering learning a new technology this year, pick Clojure and Erlang, both are high paying technologies and have a tremendous future. Please tell us other high paying programming languages in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What factors determine the pay scale of a programming language?

Several factors influence the pay scale of a programming language, including demand in the job market, the complexity and specialized nature of the language, the industry or domain it is commonly used in, and the experience and skill level of the programmer.

Q2. Do programming languages alone determine the salary, or are other factors involved?

While the choice of programming language can influence salary levels, other factors such as a programmer’s experience, expertise, geographical location, company size, and demand for specific skills also play a significant role in determining salary.

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