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How Do I Improve My Java Programming Skills?

Java programming is the most famous and widely used programming language and platform. A platform is an environment that helps to develop and run programs written in any programming language.

Java is fast, reliable, and secure. From desktop to web applications, from scientific supercomputers to gaming consoles, cell phones to the Internet, Java is used in every nook and corner.

History of Java Programming

James Gosling originally developed Java into Sun Microsystems (acquired by Oracle Corporation) and was released in 1995 as a significant component of Sun Microsystems’ Java platform. The language receives its syntax much higher than C and C++, but it has fewer-level features than both.

Oracle Corporation is the present proprietor of the official usage of the Java SE platform, after obtaining acquisition of Sun Microsystems on January 27, 2010. This usage depends on the first execution of Java by Sun. The Oracle usage is accessible for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Solaris.

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Characteristics of Java programming language

Following are the characteristics of java programming language:


Java programming was structured with a small number of language creations on so programmers can learn it quickly. It is not C/C. C++ eliminates several language features that are associated with poor programming practices or are rarely used: GOTO statements, header files, structures, operator overloading, multiple inheritance, and points.


Java is an OPL that supports the creation of programs that include collections of supporting items. These objects have a unique identity, exemplify characteristics and functions, and are examples of sections related to inheritance and polymorphism.


Java network is designed to support different levels of connectivity. Java applications are network-aware: TCP/IP support is built into Java class libraries. They can open and access remote objects on the Internet.


Java programming is compiled for bytecodes, explained by the Java run-time environment.


Java is structured to eliminate certain types of programming errors It is strongly typed, which allows checking for comprehensive compilation-time errors. Java programming does not support memory points, which reduce the likelihood of overwriting memory and corrupting data. Also, its automatic memory management (garbage collection) is used to allocate memory and dynamic memory allocation/storage. Eliminates other problems related to deallocation.

Architecture neutral

Java applications that are compiled to bytecodes can be interpreted by any system that implements the Java virtual machine. Since the Java virtual machine is supported in most operating systems, it means that Java applications can run on most platforms.


Java programming also supporting architecture neutrality, Java ensures that other implementation-dependent aspects of the language specification are eliminated. For example, Java specifies the size of primitive data types and their arithmetic behavior.

High performance

Even though Java is an interpreted language, it is the language “Just-in-time” The compilers were designed to support, which dynamically compiles bytecode to machine code.


Java supports several strings (e.g., lightweight processes) of execution, including a set of synchronization primitives. This makes programming more comfortable with strings.

Dynamic language

Dynamic loading of Java classes (a.k.a. “Load-on-demand””), supported dynamic compilation and programmed memory management (garbage collection).

How do I improve my Java programming skills?

Most beginners in Java always ask this question – ‘How do I improve my Java programming skills?’ Theoretical concepts are easy to learn, but when it comes to solving real-world problems, most of them find it difficult. Even a person with a sound theoretical knowledge of object-oriented concepts finds it challenging to apply it while coding.

Sometimes senior programmers find it challenging to solve problems such as manufacturer-consumer, binary search tree, use of replication, etc. All of this could be because they didn’t understand the concepts by relating to real-life or they don’t do enough coding. In this post, we will study how to improve Java programming skills and become a better Java developer.

Have a solid understanding of Object-oriented Principles

To become a better Java programmer, you must be good at data structures, algorithms, object-oriented principles, and design patterns. A strong understanding of object-oriented principles is a must for every Java developer. You should understand the concepts related to a real-life situation. Ask yourself questions like

  • What is the objective of Java and how does it connect to the real world?
  • What is a legacy, and what does it do? “There is a relationship and a relationship.” Meaning?
  • What is an interface, and what is its use? How can I apply it in real life?

Like it for each concept, ask yourself – what is it? Why is it required? How to use it? By answering such questions, you can be good at object-oriented principles.

Read Books

Nothing can replace a good book. A good book will effortlessly teach you concepts and related to real-world objects. The author himself is a great programmer. You can also learn from other experiences by reading books. I suggest you read the effective counter-Joshua Baloch. This book brings the thumb rules of thirty-eight indispensable programmers: working for the programming challenges you face every day, this the best practice solution. This book offers the most practical, authoritative guidelines available for writing efficient, well-designed programs.

If you’re starting to learn Java with no previous programming experience, you can check out this book Your Sams teach yourself Java 2 in 24 hours.


You cannot become a good programmer just by remembering a book. It is easy to talk about theoretical concepts. But you’ll know the language boundaries, or you’ll design best practices when you code. So to become a good programmer, you need to write a lot of code. If you’re a beginner, start writing programs for simple problems like Fibonacci series, palindrome, pascal triangles, etc. and then you can proceed to significant issues like binary search tree, etc.

Try to participate in online coding competitions. I have technically participated in many competitions to improve my coding skills.

Master the core APIs

If you want to become the best Java programmer, you need java.lang. *, * Must master the core API in Java .util. * In the case of web application development etc., no matter which framework is. If you are using, you should have a solid knowledge of the servlets.

Spend more time analyzing the problem

Prior to beginning with your code, spend more time understanding and analyzing the problem and designing solutions. This will make the rest of the things more comfortable. Once you do this, even if there are any problems, you will need less time to fix it.

You learn more by helping others

Add to open-source projects and subscribe to online technology forums like StackOverFlow and start interacting with real programmers. Ask questions and also answer questions asked by other forum members. This way, you can learn more about the problems of others in their context by understanding, investigating it, and providing solutions. Good programmers visit these places more often to help others. Take a look at open-source Java projects in GitHub.

Keep it simple

Always write simple, understandable, but logical code. People prefer to write complex codes to prove their ability to write such code. Simple but logical codes still work well, resulting in fewer issues, and are more expandable.

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Follow good blogs

You are not alone in this world. Thousands of enthusiastic people are working on the same technologies across the globe and are blogging their insights on technology. Programmers themselves often write blogs and most of them share their perspectives and experiences. You can see different aspects of the same technique on the blog. You can see both the good and the bad of technology on the blog. Follow the right blog and give feedback on the post with your opinion on it/post. Comment.

Keep yourself updated about the latest Java technologies

In the Java world, open-source frameworks continue to evolve. As long as you start working on a structure, it can become obsolete, and come in the picture with some brand new framework super-set features. So keep an eye on what’s coming and what’s going by subscribing to newsletters.

Read documentation

One of the essential habits of a good programmer is that they read a lot of documents. It can contain specifications, JSR, API documentation, tutorials, etc. Reading a paper helps you build the essential foundations that you best program on.

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Java programming skills are difficult to learn, but if you follow the above points, you can improve your java programming skills. 

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