How to become a good programmer

How to become a good programmer in java Language

Most Java beginners ask this question – ‘How to become a good programmer in java Language?’. Learning theoretical concepts is easy, but most find it difficult when it comes to solving real-world problems. Even a person with good academic knowledge of java concepts finds that applying it while coding is challenging. 

Also, senior programmers often find it challenging to solve problems like producer-consumer, binary search tree, recursion use, etc.

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In this Article, we will discuss how to become a good programmer?

What Does A Java Programmer Do?

I need to make sure you have a complete understanding. What a java programmer does before we start looking at how to become a good programmer. A programmer writes code telling you what to do to a machine or another tool.

They take a concept or design in the case of a software developer. And write the code that tells the machine how to implement this concept. They make a proposed website design in the case of someone like a web developer. Build it by writing the necessary code. In most situations, a java programmer constructs or creates something based on the design parameters of someone else.

However, some programmers design their programs, so if you’re an entrepreneurial type of person, this is always an option!

Now that we responded to the query, ‘What does a programmer do? ‘Let ‘s move on to learning how to program and be a good programmer.

Useful tips How to Become a good programmer

These are the following:

Learn Spring system

Nowadays, learning about Spring is almost imperative for a Java programmer. As most businesses prefer developing using Spring systems. Such as Spring MVC, Spring Boot, and Spring Cloud for creating a web application, REST APIs, and microservices.

It also promotes best practices such as injection of dependency. Makes your application more testable, which is a key requirement of modern software.

Learn Java 8

For a Java programmer, this is the most important thing right now. It’s an excellent four-year-old, and even six months ago, Java 9 was released. People are now talking about ten features of Java. I know many programmers, though, who haven’t written a single line of code using Java 8 features like lambdas and the Stream API.

Unfortunately, most of them are experienced Java developers under their belt, with good 7 to 10 years of experience. I realize that learning is sluggish at some stage in your career. if you don’t move now, you’ll be left behind.

Learn APIs and Libraries

If you have been working with a great Java programmer, you may have noticed their overall knowledge of the Java ecosystem, and APIs are an essential part.

Java is the most popular and mature programming language globally, and there are plenty of libraries and APIs available to do just about anything.

You’re not supposed to know all of them, of course, but you should know some of the main APIs, e.g., JSON processing APIs such as Jackson and Gson, XML processing APIs such as JAXB and Xerces, and Mockito and JUnit unit testing libraries.

Learn Unit Testing

If there is one common thing separating a good Java developer from an average Java developer, it is the unit testing capabilities.

A good Java programmer almost always writes unit tests for their code, and you can see that from their code and checks if they’re a rockstar developer.

The examination has also come a long way, with various tools available to Java developers for unit testing, integration testing, and automation testing.

You can consume a good amount of 2018 upgrading your testing skills in Java, but JUnit is the best library to start with for those new to the Java world and unit testing. The latest version (JUnit 5) is both strong and versatile, and that is something every Java developer should learn.

Learn Design Patterns

If you’re writing a Java application from scratch, then most of the time, you ‘re writing object-oriented code, and design patterns are being tried and common problem solutions tested.

You make your application more flexible and more comfortable to change in the future by knowing and incorporating them into your code.

It improves overall code quality because the design patterns are familiar to other Java developers as well. They will, therefore, understand your solution fairly quickly.

But don’t just concentrate on the part of the code, grasp the meaning, and be imaginative. Use the Java 8 features to rewrite patterns like lambdas and streams.

Learn DevOps Tools

Knowledge of DevOps is essential for a modern Java developer. At least you should be familiar with ongoing integration and ongoing deployment, and how Jenkins helps achieve that.

It becomes even more important for senior Java programmers, who are often in charge of setting best practice coding and creating environments, building scripts, and guidance.

I also suggest that you, along with Maven and Jenkins, spend time and learn more about DevOps in general and tools like Docker, Chef, Kubernetes, etc.

Learn Microservices

Architecture is continuously evolving, and many companies are switching from monolithic systems to microservices.

It is high time for Java developers to learn about the architecture of microservices and how to build microservices in Java to take advantage of this recent surge.

Luckily, Spring Framework provides Spring Cloud and Spring Boot which significantly simplifies the development of microservice in Java.

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Every Java programmer wants to be the best programmer, but nobody can succeed. Besides your natural programming ability, it takes a lot of hard work, continuous learning, and dedication to become the best programmer to improve your programming skills. The more coding, unit testing, code reviewing, and designing your practice, the better you will become. We have listed all the guidance in this article to help you find the answer to how to become a good programmer.

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