How do I improve thinking in programming logic?

What do you think about Programming Logic?

The word programming logic is rooted in improving computer Science. Programming logic began only with “rigid and fast logic” compiled into complex algorithms and expressed in programming languages such as Prolog.

Basic computers developed techniques for dealing with numbers and logical states, using specific operators that lead to accurate results.

Programming Logic

How do I improve thinking in programming logic
improve thinking in programming logic

Is a kind of programming paradigm that is largely based on formal logic. Any program written in the logic programming language. It is a collection of sentences in logical form, which shows facts and rules about certain problem domains.

If we manage to develop a valid logic, we will be able to move forward in a flexible way through different languages. It is not trying to depend on the language.

Experts break the following steps to become good at programming logic thinking:

1. Learn programming language very well

Programming is about solving problems, a good technique is to break the big problem in small ones to focus on each problem in a better way, you can use pseudocodes in a program.

  • You can choose one of these: C++, Java, Python.
  • You can also choose between other languages, but many people use one of the above languages to do competitive programming or implement many useful applications.
  • Learn to store data efficiently.
  • Know standard data structures. it is STL, they are collections in Java.
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2. Learn standard algorithms

  • Learning about structures will provide you a better strategy to focus on your problems and have suitable software.
  • Searching, Sorting, Hashing, Merging, etc.
  • Introduction to Algorithms
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3. Practice Practice Practice

The most important point is our experts suggest you is one and only one is practice. An algorithm is nothing more than an ordered and finite set of operations that learner does for the individual goal of finding a solution to a problem. So try to practice simpler problems to get better logic.

  • Practice competitive programming on online judges like:
  • Sphere Online Judge
  • Codeforces

4. Learn from experiences (Feedback)

In programming logic we have several ways to solve problems, possibly someone else has solved the problem that you have in an optimal and simple way. It is necessary to look at other people’s minds in order to move forward as a programmer. You have a lot of great projects to watch.

  • Learn from others
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Always optimize your code for good performance

To improve logic thinking, take a few questions. Next, think about the different ways to solve each problem to solve those problems. Then, take the problem one by one. And then convert your idea into coding. But remember not to be satisfied with just one program for a problem. Try in the best way. Then, finally, compare all the methods.

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