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Top 20+ Interesting Java Project Topics For Beginners

Are you from the ’20s generations? If yes, you’ll surely play the most famous games of the ’20s like Super Mario & Minecraft. But did you know these two famous games are developed using Java? 

It is the reason that Java was so much boomed at that time. Also, students started to take an interest in Java and search about the Java project topics for beginners. 

Java is the most popular and in-demand programming language & platform( A platform is an environment that helps you develop and run a program written in any programming language.), with approximately 70 million Developers using it daily.

Java is the main programming language of the Softwares & IT sectors. So If you are a beginner and looking for some Java project topics to enhance your knowledge, then the best thing you can do is work on some real-time projects in Java. It is the best way to sharpen your skill & shape your theoretical knowledge into practical experience. Also, it helps you to analyze your weaknesses and strengths. Because of this, you can also get exposure to promote your career.

Why Java?

Java is a widely-used programming language & is fast and reliable. Java is used in every nook and corner from desktop to web application, scientific computers to gaming, cellphones to the internet, etc. 

Java is an easy-to-learn programming language. Also, its syntax is simple for beginners and easy to understand. Java is an object-oriented programming language that runs in the JVM environment.

Note:– If you are a beginner & don’t know about the term like object-oriented programming and JVM, Read this:
Object-Oriented Programming(OOPs) is a language that uses objects in programming. The main purpose of OOPs is to join together the data & the function that operates on them so that no other part of the code can reach this data except that function.
JVM:  JVM is a run time engine to run Java applications. JVM is responsible for executing the java application line by line, and that’s why it is known as an interpreter. JVM is a part of JDK ( Java Development Kit is a kit that provides an environment to develop & run Java programs.) and JRE ( Java Runtime Environment is an installation package that provides an environment to only run Java programs) because it is included or inbuilt in both.

The reasons to select Java by most developers for their Java projects:

Java offers various features that is why millions of developers select it for their projects. These features are:

=> Platform-independent
=> Robust
=> Interpreted
=> Multithreaded
=> Dynamic
=> Simple
=> Portable
=> Secured
=> Architecture neutral
=> High Performance
=> Distributed

20+ Java Project Topics For Beginners: You must know in 2021

The list of Java project topics is for beginners, intermediates, and experts. These Java project topics will help you get familiar with all the practicalities necessary for succeeding in the java developer’s career. Moreover, these Java Projects will help you to strengthen your base and enable you to climb up the success ladder.

Here are some Java project topics that can help you take a further step in the right direction.

What is Java Project Topics For Beginners?

Student Management System

As the name suggests, this is something that most people have already seen in their daily lives. You see your teacher maintaining your record, putting your attendance on a sheet, uploading assignments, etc. Combine everything, and this should be part of a project. A project as big as this should have its functionality divided into three main factors depending on the type of user. These users:-

  • Administrator

Administrators are designed to be the ordering elements that form the interconnecting bond between teachers and students. They manage the administrative functions like creating accounts for students and instructors, coding the subjects, managing the employees, payroll, etc. 

  • Teachers: 

Teachers are designed to be providers who can log in to their accounts. They provide details about students, check the projects submitted by the students, communicate with them, and offer guidance.

  • Students: 

Students are designed for the usage of students. They can log into their accounts to view their work, upload solutions and projects, respond to feedback provided, and so on.

Airline Reservation System

One of the best ideas to start an experiment on Java project topics is working on the airline reservation system. As we have seen usual systems where we make reservations or cancellations for flights, haven’t we? The Airline Reservation project in Java is a web-based project.  

This System includes reservation and cancellation of tickets, automation of airline function, transaction management & maintaining passengers records. It is a cool Java project topic for beginners that they’ll add to their resumes also.

Online Book Store

This project in Java is mainly developed for bookstores & for computerizing the book purchasing process. The purpose of this project is to build a reliable platform to help both buyers & sellers. 

This Java project is also a web-based project that records sold and stock books automatically in the database.

What is Java Project Topics For Intermediate?

  • ATM Interface System

 We all have seen ATMs in our cities also use them in our daily lives. But did you know that it is built in Java? This Java project is a console-based application. When the system starts, the user is introduced with a user id and user pin. On entering the details successfully, then ATM functionalities are unlocked. It includes transaction history, withdrawal, deposit, transfer & quit. 

  • Online Medical Management System

This Java Project is another web-based project that is developed to create communication between doctors and patients. The project is also known as “Virtual Medicine Home.”

This project includes booking online appointments with doctors, healthcare suggestions, e-prescription, and viewing the patient’s medical records, lab reports, etc. The project also lets users look for and connect with blood and eye donors. 

  • List Management System

A critical project can also be introduced as a minor project to test the intermediate Java skills.

This system will manage all the stocks available in a store or any business organization. We can make purchases, sell, and display current stock. Keeping a database, the user keeps track of the goods’ manufacture, selling, buy, order, and distribution. You can check for the product, showing the product status and information on the screen.

What is Java Project Topics For Experts?

  • Library management system

This Java project is developed for managing and maintaining libraries in the educational institution & for handling the regular daily tasks of a library. This project includes library operations and records, including the number of books, genres of books, names of books, records of the students who’ve issued/returned books, etc.

  •  Stock management system

It is a trending Java project & also a web-based application. This project was created to manage stocks for companies and businesses and handle the sale and purchase of their products. The stock management Java project includes different modules and features for adding, editing, viewing, and deleting items in the system database.

  • Virtual private network

VPN(Virtual private network) is also a trending Java project. The purpose of creating this virtual private network (VPN) is to spread a private network across a public domain (for example, the Internet). A VPN is produced by setting up a point-to-point virtual connection via traffic encryption, dedicated links, or virtual tunneling protocols.

Some additional Java Project Topics For beginners:

Besides the topics mentioned above, there are more topics on which beginners can develop their projects. We have listed all possible topics; check all of them below:

  1. Google Search Engine Filter Project
  2. Text Editor Projects
  3. Distance Calculator using Google API
  4. Authentication Projects
  5. Time Conversion by Country
  6.  IP address Changer Projects
  7. Currency Converter Project
  8. Advanced Calculator Project
  9.  Folder Locker Projects
  10. Password Manager Project

List of some additional Java Project topics for intermediates:

=>Intelligent Hospital System
=> Word Count Tools
=> Online Book Reading Platform
=> Exam Seating Arrangement System
=> Medical Store
=> Billing Management System
=> Grade Processing System
=> Project Information Management System
=> Sports Event Management System
=> Recipe Event Management System
=> Social Networking Site
=> Smart city project

List of advanced Java project topics to explore for experts:

=> Library Book issue and return system
=> Placement and Assistance System in a College
=> College Voting System
=> Gym Management System
=> Online Doctor Appointment
=> Train Information System
=> Online House Renting System
=> Time Conversion by Country
=> Student-Faculty interaction system
=> Logic Gates Java project
=> Student attendance management system in institutions
=> Digital Watermarking System 
=> Leave Management System
=> Boutique Management System
=> Railway Reservation System
Note: What are some of the super exciting Java-based project topics to explore? 
-Create Your Version of the classical videogame
-Create Hungry Snake Game
-Super Mario Bros Clone Game
-Create Flappy-Bird Game
-Create Chess Game
-Create a Phone Emulator Game
-Create Text-Based Adventure Game

Bonus Point:

What are the best Java IDEs to start creating projects?

There are various Java IDEs & online platform editors which are useful and simple to begin Java projects for scientific applications. The below-mentioned list has popular IDEs and editors.

IDEsOnline Editors
IntelliJ IDEAJDoodle
Dr. JavaOnline GDB
JDeveloperIDE One
                          Blue JBrowxy
Note:- If you are a beginner and don’t know about the IDEs, Read this. 
IDEs: IDEs refer to Integrated Development Environment that provides extensive help in the application development process. By using them, you can save time and effort and build a standard development process in your team or company.


These are a few Java project topics for beginners and also suited for intermediates and experts. In this blog, we have covered all the top projects in Java. Start with the basic level & work on some Java project topics for beginners that enhance your knowledge and move gradually on advanced level projects. 

If you are willing to improve your Java skills, you need to practice these Java projects. Or, if you are curious to learn more about Java & full-stack developers, check out our Javaassignmenthelp & full-stack software development or get personal assistance from our experts. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Java good for?

You can find the application of Java everywhere as it is a primary programming language for Android development. You can easily find it in governmental websites, web applications, and big data technologies like Apache Storm and Hadoop. Moreover, it is one of the classic options for scientific projects, particularly natural language processing.

What is a Java project?

A Java project includes source code and also its related files to create a Java program. The project has an incorporated Java builder, which incrementally compiles Java source files when all files are changed. A Java project additionally keeps a model of its contents. It is the suggested method for simple projects.

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