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Java vs C: Find Out the Difference Between Java and C

Java is the official programming language of Android and Java is used not only on mobile but also on desktops and servers. C is a procedure-oriented language and Java is object-oriented. Both Java vs C are some of the important differences that affect the performance of programs written in Java and C.

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Overview of Java 

Java is a popular general programming and computing platform language. The number of java developers, running java, companies adapting, and secure java will come around to years to come. According to the oracle, the organization runs 3 billion owns java devices worldwide. 

Syntax of Java

public class MyClass {

  public static void main(String[] args) {

    System.out.println(“Hello World”);



List of OOP Concepts in Java

Four main OOP models in Java:


This is using an object for presenting difficulty. Abstraction is simple things like classes, variables, and objects that are more complex primary code and information. The main benefits of abstraction these not repeating the same work multiple times.


Java programmer is using a similar word to mean altered things in different contexts. 


Keeping fields inside class private, provide accessing by public methods. This is a defensive block and keeps information code secure in the class.       


Java language has a unique benefit that is an inheritance. Using this advantage programmer creates a new class that shares specific attributes of the current class. 

What are the significant features of Java programming?


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Everything in java is an object. This language can extend within the help of the object models.

Platform Independent

On the webserver shared byte code and interpreted by a virtual machine on a framework. 


Java help to quickly design concepts and easily central analysis concept of OPPs. 


Java programming is provide secure services like develop virus free, tamper free system. Java is using public essential encryption techniques. 


Java has an architecture-neutral objects file setup. This compiler helps to execute processes within the existence of the Java runtime scheme. 

High Performance

OOPs, language always provides high performance as compared to other languages.


OPPs language provides a specific internet sharing environment. 


OPPs’ language is more dynamic as compared to C and C ++. This helps to provide run time information. 


Java language is a portable language, and this compiler written in ANSI C within a clean portability boundary. 


Java also makes sure to eliminate errors by using emphasizing compile-time error runtime. 


Java has a multithreaded benefit that helps to write programs.

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Why is Java so popular?

One important reason that gives up the immense popularity gained by Java is the freedom of its platform or multiplayer support. As long as there is a JRE (Java Runtime Environment), Java programs are able to execute on different machines. Whether it mobile phones, PCs running Linux, macOS, or Windows, and even large mainframe computers, JRE is compatible with all of them.

Java is a developed language like real languages, and thus has the unique ability to connect innovation with stability. Any code that was written back during the short start of Java will still run faster and better on JVM today. Additionally, the code will benefit from:

  • Latest profiling
  • Memory management
  • Native code translating
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Since objects are free from reference to external data, Java code is strengthened. Although the programming language is simple, it is powerful enough to allow producing a wide array of libraries and classes.

Overview of C Language 

C language also called mother language, system programming, and structure programming language. It is advanced for making system application and directly interact within hardware devices like as Kernels and drivers, etc. C language is the successor of B programming language. This language is considered the mother of other languages and it is necessary to complete the c assignments for every computer science student.

Syntax of C


int main() // main function with integer return type


printf(“Welcome to DataFlair tutorials!\n”); // print statement to display output on the screen

return 0; // Indicates that the main function returns null value


Benefits of C Language

  • C language is available in both languages that are high level and low-level language. This language called middle-level language.
  • C language is a portable language and using windows, Unix Operating system. 
  • This language is accessing machine level hardware APIs.
  • C programming is including complex programs to be broken into a more straightforward program called purposes. This also allowed a programmer of data through tasks. 
  • This language is case sensitive language. 
  • C language has a rich library that given many built-in purpose and also provide dynamic memory allocation. 
  • It is considered the main reason for language and work on application, games, applications, and graphics, and calculations. 
  • C programming is helping to implement algorithms and faster computations and data structure programs. 

Why is C Programming Language so popular?

Solid purpose of why C language is accessible and used so widely have the flexibility of use for memory organization. Some key point explains below:

  • C language is not perfect for all programmers in all conditions. 
  • Memory assigned automatically, dynamically, and statically. 
  • Programmers have the chance to control how, where, and when to allocate memory. 
  • C is also support tools and libraries written c language. 
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Java vs C: Key Differences

The Key Difference between java and c (Java vs C) are explained in the below-mentioned points:

  • The main difference between C and Java is the programming model that tells us that C is procedure-oriented and Java is data-oriented.
  • C does not support the OOPs concept while it supports equivalent OOP. Thus Java is friendly when someone has to relate things according to the real world.
  • Memory management is also an important aspect to be considered because Java does not allow access to any memory that it manages internally and thus makes it easier to focus on developing business logic.
  • Exception handling is a powerful tool in Java that allows maintaining the normal flow of the program in case of any abnormalities that we cannot take directly into C.
  • Portability is also a factor when we compare languages. When Java’s income wins the competition in terms of portability.
  • C doesn’t even support the concept of threading which is also a big advantage in Java. The spread of the environment in the day to this day is a big plus point that allows us to do our job together and at the same time, we can save time as well.

Java vs C: Conclusion

So from the above discussion, we concluded that Java vs C are both two different programming languages. Java is the most popular language at the industry level for developing web applications as well as mobile applications.

But we cannot dismiss the fact that C is the oldest as well as a very popular language. Everything from a microcontroller to the operating system is written in C due to its flexibility and versatility, allowing maximum control with minimal command.

Both Java vs C programming language holds their position in different aspects so there are always points where we can compare but not replace each other.

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