Java vs Scala: Which Is More Better?

Nowadays, there are several choices for learning a programming language. That is why learners get confused about which programming language they should go with. Java and Scala are two top 20 programming languages that a learner must learn in 2021. 

Therefore, to help you out, we have listed the common and useful differences between Java vs Scala. Check all the necessary details and know what the better choice is for you to learn. 

Before proceeding to the details, let’s get an overview of both programming languages.

An Overview of Java and Scala Programming Language

Java is an object-oriented, general-purpose, network-centric programming language. It acts as both a programming language and computational platform for web development.

Scala is a high-level, general-purpose, statically-typed programming language. It combines functional and object-oriented programming. Scala also uses for writing software for another platform.


Work on writing once and run anywhere.It is a functional language.
Design to make object-oriented applications.Enable users to execute Java codes.
Secure and Robust.Statically typed.
Multithreaded language.Concise and grow quickly.


Desktop GUIsDistributed and Concurrency data processing
Cloud-basedParallel processing
Embedded systemsWeb pages and Web applications
MobileBatch data processing
Enterprise appsData analytics
GamingReal-time data streaming

List of companies using Java and Scala

GoogleThe Guardian

Which is more popular: Java or Scala?

Popularity is one of the major factors on which you should check the difference between Java vs Scala. From the below graph, you can notice that there is a huge popularity difference among both languages.

Red- Java

Blue- Scala

Although Scala is the new generation JVM programming language, it is gaining popularity slowly. But if we compare it with last year’s popularity, Scala has dropped with some value. The reason for it could be the lack of facility to learn offline (due to lockdown in Covid-19).

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Head to Head comparison: Java vs Scala

Concurrency modelIt utilizes the standard thread-based model for concurrency.It utilizes the actor model to help modern concurrency.
Lazy evaluation supportJava does not support lazy evaluation.It supports lazy evaluation.
Operator overloadingJava does not help in operator overloading.Scala helps in operator overloading.
InterfacesTraits of Scala act as Java 8 interfaces.Java 8 interfaces could be the best to bridge the gap between interfaces and classes.
URL rewritingThere is no need for URL rewriting.There is a need for URL rewriting.
CompactnessRelatively Java has larger chunks of code.More concise and compact.
Supported frameworksJava supports Grails, Spring, much more.Scala supports frameworks, such as Lift and Play.
Static membersIt contains various static members.There are no static members.
Compilation processThe compilation of source codes is quite faster than Scala.The compilation of source codes is relatively slow.
Bug-free codesJava offers complete support of lesser defects.There is no assurance regarding the bug-free codes.
Support for Multiple inheritancesJava supports any type of multiple inheritances using interfaces but not by classes.Scala promotes multiple inheritances only by using classes, but it does not support them by abstract classes.
Support for backward compatibilityIt maintains backward compatibility.It does not maintain backward compatibility.
Static keywordJava has the static keyword.It does not include the static keyword.
Code styleJava codes are always in long form.Scala codes are written in much compact form.
Type of variablesThe variables of Java are mutable types by default.The variables of Scala are immutable types by default.
TreatsJava manages functions as an object.Any function or method of Scala is treated as a variable.
ReadabilityJava programs are more readable.It has fewer readable programs as it has nested code.
Compiling processThe compiling process of Java source code is quite faster.The compiling process of Scala source code is very slow.
Object orientationIt does not support any kind of operator overloading.Scala takes each code as an example of the class and is more object-oriented than Java.

What are the job opportunities offered by Java and Scala?

Once you get familiar with the difference between Java vs Scala, you might be thinking about career opportunities. Well, both programming languages offer an excellent job with a high salary package.

Go with Java: If you want to make your career in Java, then the following professions would be better for you:

Job Opportunities
Back-end development
Android development
Embedded devices development
Junior Programmer
Systems Architect
Big data development
IT Manager
Senior Programmer
Salary Package

Go with Scala: If you want to make your career in Scala, then the following professions would be better for you:

Job Opportunities
Big Data Engineer
IT Consultant
Software Engineer (or Senior Software Engineer)
Application Developer
Data Scientist
Software Developer
Spark Engineer
Salary Package

Which could be the better option: Java or Scala?

Though Java has more popularity than Scala, it overpowers the Java programming language in the upcoming years. Why?

Java could be a great option because of the strength, versatility, and capacity to manage difficult tasks. But it has been seen that Scala is a better option than Java as it easily solves several issues. Scala offers various alternate solutions to a single problem.

Moreover, Scala is robust as of Java with superior capacities. Therefore, we can say that in the upcoming year, Scala can overpower the Java programming language. 

Where can I learn Java and Scala?
If you really want to learn Java, you can learn it from its official website: or learn it from any online or offline resource. 
If you want to learn Scala, you can check various online resources like Youtube and other websites. Moreover, you can learn it from its official website:


We have seen that there is an up and down with the comparison of Java vs Scala. But Scala can beat Java programming in the upcoming years. That is why I can say that Scala would be the best to learn. You can also go with Java if you think Java could be the better option for you. You can judge on your own what would be best for you.  Moreover, if you need any help in java programming- you can take our Java Assignment Help service from experts anytime.

If you have any query then you can connect us by commenting in the below section. So, keep learning and keep practicing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Scala so hard?

Scala is quite hard, might be because it practices various concepts of the software engineering spectrum and works far ahead of lambda functions.

Why is Scala preferred over Java?

Scala needs less code for similar programs that are written in Java. Moreover, it is both a functional language and an object-oriented language. That is why it is preferred over the Java programming language.

Is Java front end or backend?

Java is the backend programming language as it is used for “server-side.” The most common front-end languages are CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

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