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Top 50+ Javascript Libraries That Programmers Use In 2023

“Your Library is your portrait” 

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Are you looking for javascript libraries? If yes, then your search will end here. 

Most of the IT industry uses the framework to do work on time and 

In today’s scenario, JavaScript is used by almost every computing device, such as Android phones, iPhones, Microsoft Windows, smart TVs, Apple Mac OS, and many others. Around the world, there are more than 1.6 billion websites, and 95% of them use JavaScript.

Moreover , modern front-end website development is not complete without JavaScript frameworks, which give programmers tried-and-true tools for creating scalable, dynamic web applications. 

Since framework knowledge is now a requirement for many front-end development professions, framework usage is a common practise among contemporary businesses. 

We hope that this collection of articles will provide you with a welcoming place to start while you learn about frameworks.

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What Is Javascript?

Javascript is a scripting language developers use to add interactivity to a website.

Javascript s the combination of HTML and CSS.

Brendan Eich invented Javascript. 

In testing, it works with backend development and front-end development.

HTML is the language we use to organize and make sense of our webpage. For example, we use HTML to define paragraphs, titles, and data tables and add images and videos to a page.

CSS is a language of style rules that we utilize to style our HTML content, like setting the background color and fonts and laying out our content in various columns.

JavaScript is a programming language that lets you make content that changes: control graphics, animate images, and do just about anything else you can think of.

What Is Javascript Framework?

A JavaScript library is a collection of JavaScript code that has already been written. This makes it easier to create JavaScript-based applications, especially for AJAX and other web-based technologies.

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The Javascript libraries are written in the Java programming language. They are called “Javascript Libraries” because most programs are written using the Netscape Programming Guide. You can use Javascript Libraries to add things like dynamic forms.

Information About Popularity of Framework 

Image Source : StackOverflow

According to the StackOverflow survey, javascript is the most popular programing language.

65.36% of professional developers love to use javascript.In 2022, JavaScript will be used more than any other programming language for the tenth year in a row. But those who are learning to code see a different picture. People who want to learn to code use HTML/CSS, Javascript, and Python almost as much as any other language.

Image Source : StackOverflow

These are the popular libraries of javascript which the developers use to work efficiently and effectively.Node.js and React.js are the two different technologies that developers and people learning to code use most often. Professional Developers use Angular more than people who are learning to programme (23% vs. 10%). The same is true for ASP.NET (16% vs. 10%) and .net Core (21% vs. 10%).

50+ Javascript Libraries That Programmers Use 

A JavaScript framework is a group of JavaScript code libraries that a web developer can use to do programming tasks.Frameworks are structures that have a certain purpose and help you make web apps. You can make javascript project also.

The best JavaScript libraries are listed here.

Highcharts JSCube.jsSama.js
Ample SDKGoogle Web ToolkitRippl.js
Sails.jsDHTMLXDojo Toolkit
Nuclear UIPureMVCHandlebars.js
Amplify JSSharepointPLUSRiot

Javascript Libraries: Explanation

1. jQuery

jQuery is a JavaScript library that allows  you to change the Document Object Model (DOM). It is small, works in all browsers, and has many features.

It gives a lot of different ways to change HTML and CSS. It also works with many common ways to handle events, like key, mouse, focus, and blur functions, as well as Ajax calls.

Key points

  • jQuery is a fast, light, and full-featured tool. JavaScript Library
  • Built-in 2006 at BarCamp NYC by John Resig
  • It is light and supports an AMD module.
  • It is easy for beginners because it has the same syntax as CSS.
  • It uses CSS3 selectors to change the style properties of elements and find them.
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2. React.js

React is a library for JavaScript that makes it easy to make user interfaces. React uses a declarative method to build parts that can update and move independently, just like a game engine. 

A JavaScript script builds a component, which is then shown on the page. A component is also reusable because it can be put into another component (like a panel button) and accessed from anywhere on the page (like a button).

Key Ideas

  • It uses methods like render and component DidMount that are part of the lifecycle. It lets code run at certain times during the life of an entity.
  • It works with JSX, a combination of JS and HTML.
  • It uses a virtual DOM by storing a cache in a data structure in memory.

3. D3.js

D3 stands for Data-driven documents. Developers use it to make changes to documents based on the data. It came out in 2011 under a license called the BSD license.

Key Ideas

  • HTML, CSS, and SVG are all okay.
  • It has a data-driven method and works with the DOM
  • You can have more complex graphics at high frame rates by reducing overheads.
  • Supports many dynamic behaviors and data sets for animations and interactions.

4. Underscore.js

Underscore is a JavaScript library that allows you to do common programming tasks with various functions. 

It was made by Jeremy Askenas in 2009 and released under the MIT license. 

Underscore is a library of JavaScript functions that can be used as a tool belt. 

It is a lot like the native JavaScript library, but there is one big difference: it is optimized for JavaScript on the server, not in the browser. It is not a full library like jQuery. Instead, it is a set of useful, standard functions that can be found in the jQuery repository or plain javascript. It has Array, Object, String, Math, Date, RegExp, and a few more functions.

Key points

  • Design for functional programming instead of object prototype extensions
  • It has more than 100 different kinds of functions. Objects, arrays, objects and arrays, and other functions can be changed.

5. Lodash 

Lodash is a library of useful tools for JavaScript. It’s often used for functional programming, but it’s also a useful general-purpose utility library. 

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It’s like Underscore.js but with a lot more features. It is a complete utility library for modern JavaScript developers, with over 100 different functions, a few utility functions, and data structure helpers. All of it is built on Underscore so that it can be used in place of Underscore with more parts.

Key points

  • It helps you write concise JavaScript codes.
  • Common tasks like debouncing, binding, throttling, math operations, etc., are easier to do with this.
  • It makes it easy to trim, use camel case, and write in uppercase.

6. Anime.js

Anime.js is one of the best JavaScript libraries you can find if you want to add animations to your website or app. It came out in 2019, and its API is powerful and easy to use.

Key Points: 

  • DOM attributes, CSS properties, SVG, CSS transforms, and JS objects are all used to make Anime.js work.
  • Works with many browsers, like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, etc.
  • It’s easy to figure out and use its source code.
  • It gets easier to do complicated animation techniques like overlapping and staggered follow-through.


Chart.js is a library that lets designers and developers add beautiful charts and graphs to their projects quickly and easily. It has an MIT license and is free to use.

Key Points: 

  • Simple charts and graphs are easy to add and look great.
  • This makes responsive web pages.
  • Easy to learn and use, and light on the load.
  • There are 8 kinds of charts.
  • Great for beginners.
  • Pages with animation make them more fun to use.


JavaScript is the most popular programming language to learn and important for  web development. If you want to be a coder who can quickly make websites , you need to have deep knowledge about JavaScript and the most popular frameworks for building websites with JavaScript.In this blog we discussed various topics related to javascript libraries. We had talked about 50 + javascript libraries.I hope this blog will be beneficial for you to choose right framework.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Describe the 4 parts of the structure.

A framework gives this kind of long-term planning structure by concentrating on four key parts: the vision, the mission, the time frame, and the goals.

Q2.Is it faster to use Angular than JavaScript?

JavaScript code can be written quickly. On the contrary hand, Angular JS apps tend to slow down over time. JavaScript has used the same method for a long time. On the other hand, AngularJS has already been improved with typescript, making applications lightweight and more interactive.

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