Javascript vs HTML

JavaScript vs HTML: Essential Differences You Should Know

If you are interested in learning web development and confused about Javascript vs HTML, this blog will be very beneficial for you. For the past few years, we are seeing continuous growth in the number of online businesses. As a result, the demand for web developers is very high. More and More students want to learn web development. 

HTML, CSS, Javascript are the primary languages for front-end web development. But students often confuse about Javascript vs HTML. So, today we are here with another blog for the differences between two of the most important programming languages. Before discussing Javascript vs HTML, let us see some basic introduction to these languages.

Introduction to Javascript

Javascript is a text-based programming language that is mainly used for web development. It is one of the core technologies for WWW(World Wide Web). Javascript was developed by Brendan Eich in the year 1995 and is maintained and standardized by ECMA. 

By using Javascript, programmers can create interactive and responsive web elements and enhance the UI of websites. Javascript is so popular for client-side web development that over 97% of websites on the internet use it for client-side behavior. Pop-ups, Image sliders, site navigation menus, tabs, form validations are some examples of Javascript for web development.

Javascript Program for Addition of Two Numbers


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const x = 4;
const y = 6;
// adding two numbers
var add = x + y;
// display the addition
console.log(“The addition of ” + x + ” and ” + y + ” is: ” + add);


The addition of 4 and 6 is: 10

Introduction to HTML

HTML is an acronym for HyperText Markup Language. It is the standard markup language for creating web pages and web applications. HTML describes the structure of the webpage. Browsers receive HTML pages from the server, and then they render the documents onto the screen. 

HTML includes multiple elements that tell the browser about the appearance of content. For example, <p> tag defines a paragraph, <title> defines the title of the web document, <body> defines the visible page content, <table> defines a table, etc. HTML can embed scripting programs such as JS programs that can affect the content and behavior of web pages. Moreover, it can include CSS(Cascading Style Sheet) to improve the layout and look of the web page.

HTML Program to Display “Hello HTML” 

<title>Program to display hello HTML</title>  
<h1>Hello HTML</h1>  
<p>Hello HTML in paragraph</p>  


Javascript vs HTML: What Are The Main Differences?

The main differences between Javascript and HTML are as follows-


HTML is a markup language. It has multiple tags such as table tags, line break tags, image tags, header tags, etc. At the same time, Javascript has different functions to make a web page interactive and dynamic. HTML syntax is easier to learn and understand. Whereas Javascript is a complicated language in comparison to HTML.

Dynamic Programming

Javascript makes a website Dynamic. It can change the values and attributes of HTML tags on user actions. It is mainly included in the HTML code to make an interactive web page. 

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On the other hand, HTML alone cannot make a dynamic web page. Therefore, the code cannot be changed dynamically. Programmers can include Javascript in HTML code to make dynamic web pages.



Compatibility is one of the main matters of concern for Javascript vs HTML. Every browser supports HTML. Its tags can be rendered without any issue on every browser. But, Javascript is not always compatible with every browser. 

For example, some of the Javascript functions work well in Chrome or Firefox but not on Internet Explorer. That’s why some websites mention the list of compatible browsers to ensure the proper view of the website in the client’s browser.

Client-Side and Server-Side Web Development

HTML is used to code the client-side of a webpage. Programmers cannot use it to code server-side. In contrast, Javascript can be used both on the client-side and the server-side of a website. Server-side Javascript(SSJS) is an extended version of core javascript. 

For example, NodeJS is an open-source and cross-platform Javascript runtime environment that allows the programmers to code the server-side with javascript. Javascript code can run outside of the browser with the help of NodeJS.

Javascript vs HTML infographic

JavaScript vs HTML- Head to Head Comparison

DefinitionJavascript is a scripting language that is developed by Brendan Eich to make interactive web pages.HTML is a markup language developed by Tim Berners-Lee to create web pages.
Dynamic and Interactive web pagesJavascript can make web pages interactive and dynamic.Simple HTML pages are static. They are not dynamic and interactive.
Content ManipulationIt can change content on user actions.Content cannot be changed.
CompatibilityIt is not cross-browser compatible.It is cross-browser compatible.
IntegrationIt can be embedded within HTML.It cannot be embedded within Javascript
PlatformIt requires a Javascript engine to run the code.A web browser is required to display static content.
CommunityIt is maintained by ECMA.It is maintained by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and WHATWG.


We have discussed everything about Javascript vs HTML. HTML is for creating web pages. It is interpreted by the browser and displayed in the form of text and images on the screen. Whereas javascript is mainly used to make web pages interactive. 

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Javascript is a more advanced and complex language than HTML. Both these languages are used together to make excellent websites. Hopefully, now you have a clear understanding of Javascript vs HTML.

In case, you need any help with Javascript, you can discuss your requirements with our experts anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is HTML necessary for JavaScript?

Yes, one should be aware of HTML to learn Javascript. Javascript is embedded in an HTML document. It manipulates the HTML code to make the website dynamic and interactive. Therefore, prior knowledge of HTML is necessary for learning and using Javascript.

Is JavaScript better than CSS and HTML?

JavaScript, CSS, and HTML are used for different purposes. Javascript makes the web pages dynamic and interactive. CSS is for the styling of HTML elements. HTML is a markup language that gives the primary structure to the web page. Every one of these languages has its own importance. Therefore, you can’t decide which one is better.

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