Get Full Guide How To Learn Ruby Programming Language

Get Full Guide How To Learn Ruby Programming Language

If you have this question in mind, like “why should I learn Ruby programming language” then probably you are new to the programming world or never coded before. Developing a web application will be much simpler with ruby than picking any other language like Java and Python.

When it comes to improving web development, Ruby on rails makes your job straightforward. In short, you can do more by writing less code.

Moreover, It’s one of the most robust frameworks for web development, and several popular websites like Twitter, Shopify, Groupon, Github, Yellowpages, and LivingSocial are built using Ruby on Rails.

As you continue reading this blog, you will find many more reasons why it is important to learn the Ruby programming language. Firstly, let me explain what exactly the Ruby language is.

What is Ruby Programming Language?

Ruby is a general-purpose dynamic, object-oriented programming language. It is very straightforward to learn when compared to other programming languages. This language invents in the mid-1990s by Yukihiro Matsumoto in Japan. 

The first stable version of Ruby was released in 1995. The latest version, 1.9.3, was invents in 2011. It works across DOS, Macintosh, Windows, BeOS, and UNIX-based platforms. 

The main purpose of ruby was to make it work as a good barrier between computing machinery and human programmers. Ruby has a similar syntax to several other programming languages like Java and C, so it is simple for C and Java programmers to learn. It supports all the platforms like Mac, Windows, Linux essentially.

Features Of Ruby Programming Language

Here are some of the reasons why one should learn ruby programming language and these are the features which makes this language so unique.

  • It is an object-oriented language because it includes every value in the object. In Ruby programming language, every object has a class, and every class has a superclass. Every time you apply the rule to an object, then it applies to the entire ruby.
  • It has a free format because you can begin writing your program from any line and column.
  • Ruby is a flexible language. You can easily change, extract and add the existing parts to it. It enables the users to change its parts according to need.
  • It is a case-sensitive programming language. Case sensitive means the lowercase & uppercase letters used in this ruby language have a different meaning of the same word.
  • It is a dynamic programming language. The programs of Ruby language are not compiled because all the classes, modules, and method definitions are built by the code when it runs.
  • Ruby is a scalable language. We can easily manage the big programs written in the Ruby language.
  • Block is a powerful feature that is available in Ruby, which makes the programming structure simple. Blocks will help develop great libraries that will give functionality to the coding block. 
  • It is simple to extend classes and modules for users. Also, a few methods can be added to a few classes even after the runtime. 
  • It is simple to change the string variables that are in a place. In other languages, the same string will be utilize to point to the various objects. 

Reasons To Learn Ruby Programming Language

Now, let’s get to acknowledging the question, “why should I learn the Ruby language?” Here are seven reasons why you should learn Ruby programming language

It enables you to create web applicationsRuby is straightforward to understandRuby on Rails is full-stackRails skills are in demand.Rails have a powerful developer communityEasy to set upRails is forgiving for beginners

Is it easy to learn Ruby?

Yes, it is easy to learn Ruby programming language. But being more accessible than other programming languages this is not the only reason why Ruby is so great. There are many other advantages of this programming language.

  • It prepares you for tried-and-true coding habits that make errors less likely and hinders you from acquiring bad practices.
  • It saves you a lot of time because you don’t have to write many codes here. Not only does this allow you to get more done with just less code, but it also makes it more straightforward to troubleshoot difficulties and reduces the chance of making mistakes.
  • It’s open-source. Apart from being free, Ruby language also has an extensive user base that can assist you in getting a deeper knowledge of this language and helping you when you get stuck.

Where Can I Learn Ruby Programming Language?

To get a start, you need to set up the environment for the Ruby language. First, you should install Ruby on your local machine and then download an IDE. There are several IDEs available such as Interactive Ruby (IRB), RubyWin. 

Here I have introduced some of the best Ruby tutorials. With the help of these tutorials, you can learn and become good at the Ruby language. These tutorials help newcomers, intermediate and skilled programmers to learn Ruby programming language. 

  1. Tutorials Point
  2. JavaTpoint
  3. Codecademy
  4. Ruby in 20 minutes
  5. Pluralsight
  6. LaunchSchool
  8. Techotopia
  9. Man with Code
  10. Learn Chef


That’s all about why and from where one should learn Ruby programming language. Moreover, I have also listed some of its best features. Ruby is one of the easiest yet powerful programming languages for developing web applications. Many popular websites like Twitter, Github, Shopify, LivingSocial, Yellowpages, and Groupon, are develop by Ruby.
If you have an enthusiasm for web development, learning Ruby will help you a long way. In case you need more information regarding Ruby assignment help and Ruby on rails you can take our ruby experts help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Difficult to Learn Ruby Programming Language?

As compared to other programming languages like Java and Python, Ruby is easy to learn because of its flexibility, free format, scalability, and simplicity to extension.

Should I learn Ruby 2021?

If you use the full potential of Ruby on Rails, you can develop advanced applications in no time. And you should not forget that Ruby On Rails has huge gems which many modern technologies don’t have. So, in my opinion, it is still worth it to learn RUBY in 2021.

Can I learn Ruby on Rails without Ruby?

Ruby on Rails is a framework written in Ruby. The two are deeply connected, and knowing how both of them work can make you a far better coder overall.

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