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There is considerable confusion in the tech world about data and why it is important to learn SQL to handle such data. If the data is not managed correctly, then it will be of no use. That Raw, Unstructured, and unsupervised data is of no use for the tech world because we will not get anything out of it. Until we manage it and it makes sense to us, and only then can we get some use of it. SQL programmers do the coding of this software in a very efficient way so that you can use this and analyze data very easily.


In this blog, we will provide some of the relevant information regarding what is SQL and why it is essential to learn SQL.


What is SQL?

Structured Query Language is commonly known as short-form SQL. SQL is a query language invented to help to retrieve precise information from databases. 

In simple words, Structured Query Language is the language of databases. It’s utilized widely by technology startups for its free licensing model. 

That matters because most organizations collect their data in databases. And while there are several kinds of databases (MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL), most articulate Structured Query Language. 

Once you have an understanding of SQL basics, you’ll be able to work with any database. SQL is utilized to maintain the data to be returned. 

A structured query language processor and query optimizer change the SQL declaration into a query plan performed by the database engine.

Why is SQL Important?

Knowing about SQL, if are you searching for the best reasons to invest time to learn SQL to become a user, investor, or developer? Here are my ten reasons:

  • High Paying Jobs
  • Data Manipulation
  • Simple Troubleshooting
  • Client-Server Access
  • Combine Data From Multiple Sources
  • Perform Data Mining
  • Quick Access To Data
  • Manage Humongous Amounts Of Data
  • Standardization
  • Easy To Learn
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Why do you need to learn SQL?

SQL is everywhere

Almost all big names in the tech world are using SQL. Instagram, Uber, Pinterest, Netflix, Airbnb — the list goes on. 

Even companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon, which have developed their high-performance database systems, data teams use SQL to query data and do analysis.

Top Companies using SQL








SQL is in demand

If you are looking for a job in data, your focus should be on the employers’ skills. To show the value of SQL, especially in data-related positions, in early 2021, I examined more than 32,000 data jobs advertised on Indeed, looking at essential skills specified in job ads with ‘data’ in the title. As you can see in the graph also, there is no sign of SQL losing its value.

SQL is still the top language for data work

SQL is more prevalent among data engineers and data scientists than even R and Python. It’s one of the highly used query languages in the whole tech industry!

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Application of SQL

As discussed before, SQL is one of the most extensively used query languages over databases. I’m going to discuss some of the SQL application here:

  • Allows one to obtain data in the relational database management systems.
  • Will allow users to determine the database data and manage that data.
  • Will enable users to define the data.
  • Allows embedding within different languages using structured query language modules, libraries & pre-compilers.
  • Enables users to generate and drop databases and tables.
  • Will enable users to create the view, stored procedure, functions in a database.
  • Allows users to set permissions on tables, procedures, and views.
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Who should learn SQL and for what purpose?

  • Product managers must know what goods and services they have, and the data helps in understanding the health of the product. It’s more beneficial to have an understanding of SQL.
  • Also, Data Analysts and Data Scientists must have SQL understanding when they are the ones who produce the databases and keep them going.
  • The role of Backend developers is somewhat similar to Data Engineers in database management. It’s challenging to prepare a backend app without a database.
  • Data Scientists are something who understand the data better than anyone on this planet. How can they ignore SQL? Learning about SQL is crucial for them.
  • As a marketer, one has to be data-driven. Obviously, no one wants to depend on someone from the Dev team who is always busy with some other urgent tasks to get what you want to see. 

Knowledge of SQL will help you to self-serve and enable you to explore the business better. It will give you more detail and help you be more consistent.

  • Mobile App Developers can use SQL. It will be shocking if you have not heard of SQLite if you’re a mobile app developer, mainly Android. SQLite is an integrated database that most Android developers have been applying for the last two decades for projects that need data to be received on a computer rather than a server. SQL, of course, is at the heart of it.

How long will it take to learn SQL?

It is not something you will learn overnight. Just like other programming languages, SQL is something that requires daily practice. If you are ready to put in 3-4 hours every day, you can learn it in 2-3 weeks. 

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I am talking about an average learner here. Because every learner has their own pace of learning things. 

It should take an average learner about 2-3 weeks to understand the fundamental concepts of SQL and start working with SQL databases. But to start using them efficiently in real-world scenarios, you’ll need to become reasonably fluent; and that can take time.


In a world where businesses are mostly dependent on big data, SQL knowledge is crucial at that time. Companies are not dealing with a small amount of data. 

They are dealing with a huge amount of data and managing that SQL is needed. We have provided all the information above regarding why one should learn SQL and what benefit you will get after you learn SQL. If you any SQL query help, you can contact our experts.

Remember if you can extract the necessary data you need from the information you have, you’ll become more valuable to your team. 
If you need more information regarding SQL, you can take SQL Assignment Help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Difficult to Learn SQL?

It is not that difficult to learn, and it is not a programming language; it’s a query language. It is an English-like language which makes it easy to write SQL queries quickly. The great news is that most Database engines are suitable with all SQL code.

Is SQL worth learning?

SQL will remain one of the best standard data access languages utilized across many various job families. You can’t ignore this language if you are dealing with massive data and managing data.

What should I learn before learning SQL?

There is no need to learn anything or need any experience if you want to start learning SQL, but it will be better to have RDBMS and ER Model knowledge. As it is a query language for all the standardized relational databases.

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