4 Top Benefits of Linux Managed Dedicated Server

Running mission-critical websites and applications is not easy; you require a reliable web hosting infrastructure and a top-grade Server to host volumes of web projects. Thus, Linux Managed Dedicated Server becomes the first option for website owners. We emphasize Linux dedicated servers because most domain users prefer Linux OS servers with top-notch hosting features, so take a look at Linux managed dedicated servers by MilesWeb

Also, managed server support is required to easily host websites and applications. Dedicated Server with cPanel WHM makes the server management task easier if you opt for unmanaged dedicated hosting services. However, this post is highlighting relevant information on managed Linux dedicated servers. To know what benefits such servers offer, you must read this post. Keep reading to know.

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Linux Managed Dedicated Servers: Explained in A Nutshell

Linux and Windows are two major operating systems that are installed on servers. Windows, however, has lower demand in the hosting industry because most of the servers are Linux based. Linux is an open-source and user-friendly operating system where users put specific commands and execute the operation.

The same user-friendly feature is available in the hosting servers also. As we are talking about the Linux GPU Dedicated Servers from MilesWeb , dedicated servers are compatible with different operating systems like Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, and Fedora. Hence, it emerges as the best distribution hosting infrastructure for your project development. 

The Linux OS gives the freedom to website users to select their workplace environment. Also, the Linux operating system is secured and composed of all server management tools. Therefore, website owners worldwide leverage Linux Managed dedicated servers for hosting volumes of business databases, emails, and other mission-critical web projects.

Many of you are puzzled by the term managed associated with Linux dedicated servers. The web hosting service provider will take the core responsibility of maintaining servers and monitoring your dedicated hosting resources. The reliable web hosting company is MilesWeb, which gives 24×7 customer support via email and live chat to all dedicated hosting account users.

However, this managed support is available at an additional cost that dedicated hosting account users must pay. But don’t worry, MilesWeb offers you affordable dedicated hosting plans starting at Rs. 6,999 per month. 

Hence, most companies outsource dedicated hosting service providers to meet their server needs. MilesWeb is the reliable name that saves your website resources and increases its uptime up to 99.95%.

What addons does MilesWeb offers?

Remote hands

You may safely configure, monitor, reboot, and upgrade your servers using Remote Hands software from any location in the world.

Server Security Suite

With their multi-layered security tool, including Anti-Malware, Web Application Firewall, DoS Detection, Real-time IP Reputation, and Log Analysis, you can protect your web servers and your customers’ websites from all types of online threats.

360 Monitoring

Utilize their simple monitoring platform to keep tabs on the functionality of your servers and the uptime of your website.

Load Balancer

You can handle more web traffic and prevent downtime with the aid of a load balancer. The traffic that a load balancer receives from the Internet is then forwarded to your web server. Once you’ve deployed several web servers, you’ll see the advantages of using a load balancer.

Why Fully Managed Linux Dedicated Servers?

Below we have mentioned key reasons to outsource managed Linux dedicated servers. Continue reading to know.

  1. Reliability

If you compare dedicated hosting servers with shared and the VPS ones, dedicated hosting servers are more reliable in terms of performance and security. In shared hosting, server resources are shared among different hosting account users. Also, in VPS, one Server has different virtual servers, and those virtual servers host mission-critical web files. But in the dedicated hosting, one Server is entirely allocated to one user. Thus, the dedicated hosting server has flawless performance and data security.

  1. Security

In the dedicated hosting plans, servers do not share their resources like CPU, RAM, and disk space with other hosting account users. So, the web hosting environment has a complete blockade of interactions with noisy neighbors. MilesWeb offers full root SSH access with every dedicated hosting plan. Also, their dedicated servers have SSL encryption for all hosted websites. Therefore, there are no security concerns and host your volumes of web projects with no data security lapses. Also, hackers cannot make a successful hacking attempt. 

  1. Flexibility

Reduce or increase the size of your website, and the Server will function with the same power. It is because dedicated servers from reliable web hosting companies provide complete flexibility. Unlike shared hosting or other hosting servers, you have limited storage space, and sharing server resources makes the scaling activity of your website more challenging. Hence, if you are running an enterprise site, hosting your site with dedicated hosting is better. As your business expands, your website also needs scalability.

  1. Cost-Effective

Although VPS, shared or other hosting servers seem the cost-effective option for you. But, remember that the Server demands high maintenance, which requires high capital. So, invest in managed Linux dedicated servers instead of investing more in server maintenance resources. MilesWeb offers affordable dedicated hosting plans with top-notch web hosting resources and the infrastructure. 

Closing Line

In a nutshell, Linux managed dedicated servers should be your top priority to host websites and applications with optimal hosting infrastructure. With MilesWeb’s dedicated web hosting plans, get up to 5TB disk space and a high level of bandwidth to host volumes of mission critical web projects. So, start your dedicated hosting journey with a reliable server and gain a positive outcome. Such servers are a good option to manage websites’ traffic and host web projects with complete efficiency. That was all about the Linux managed dedicated server.

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