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Ruby On Rails Vs JavaScript: Top Differences To Remember

Ruby and Javascript both are widely used languages for web development. If you are a web developer or interested in web development, you may confuse Ruby on rails vs Javascript– which one will be better to use. Therefore, today we are here with a detailed comparison between Ruby on Rails and Javascript. 

We will look at different comparison metrics and understand which language is better. Before comparing Ruby on Rails and Javascript, let’s see a brief overview of both these languages.

Overview Of Ruby On Rails

Ruby on Rails, or simply Rails, is an MIT-licensed open-source server-side web application framework. It is created using the Ruby programming language. Rails can be used to create all types of applications, from simple to complicated, and there are no boundaries to what you can do with it! David Heinemeier Hansson created Ruby on Rails in 2003. 

Ruby is used with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to create web applications that run on a web server. It is most commonly known as a platform for developing server-side web applications. Rails can help you to speed up the construction of large projects.

Overview Of JavaScript

JavaScript, also abbreviated as JS, is a programming/scripting language that is often used altogether with HTML and CSS and is one of the essential technologies of the WWW(World Wide Web). JavaScript was developed by Brendan Eich at Netscape in 1995. It is an interpreted language, which means that, unlike C or C++, it does not require a compiler. Javascript runs directly on web browsers. HTML and CSS are used to construct the general design and structure of a website. 

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At the same time, Javascript is used primarily in websites to create dynamic content such as picture gallery slideshows, fillable forms, and animated graphics. Javascript is a great language to learn if you are interested in website programming. It’s useful for both front-end and back-end programming, as well as game and mobile app development, making it an ideal coding language to learn.

Ruby On Rails VS Javascript- What Are The Main Differences?

Now it’s time to move to Ruby on Rails vs Javascript. Following is the list of metrics on which we will compare Ruby and Javascript-


Performance is an important aspect to consider in Ruby On Rails vs JavaScript because a framework’s or programming language’s performance is essential for the project’s success. JavaScript is an event-driven language employed on both the server-side and client-side of websites. JavaScript is excellent for producing low-latency apps because you don’t have to wait for functions to finish.

Ruby on Rails has a lazy CPU processing time and does not fully support asynchronous programming. To achieve concurrency, the developer should have a lot of expertise. Because the framework is entirely interpreted at runtime, Ruby on Rails is a less powerful tool than JS.


Both Ruby on Rails and Javascript have massive communities. However, JavaScript has a broader community than Ruby On Rails, and several measures rank it as the most popular language. It is used in about 95% of all websites. It also has a large number of modules and packages. At the same time, Rails have a few thousand modules. 

NPM(written in JS) has over 800,000 modules, and the majority of the modules are open-source, and many of them are free for commercial usage.

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However, Ruby is a considerably more user-friendly language than JavaScript, and its community is also more user-friendly. It is often called helpful and welcoming newcomers. 

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Security is an important aspect to consider in Ruby on Rails vs Javascript. Ruby on Rails is more secure than JavaScript. It’s an open-source framework with built-in functions against several different threats. 

In contrast, JavaScript has many security flaws, particularly on the client-side. But keep in mind that no matter what technology you’re using, you should always be prepared for security threats, so always take precautions.

Cost of Development

When we examine the cost-effectiveness in Ruby on rails vs JavaScript, we can see that they are both are costly. Ruby on rails requires technical resources and experienced professionals, whereas you also need skilled professionals to implement JavaScript effectively. 

However, when your web project is built by top experts who are good at what they do, the development cost doesn’t matter.


To get an idea about the popularity of both these technologies, we have added a google search trends graph below. It shows the comparison between the worldwide searches of Ruby on Rails and Javascript of the past five years. It demonstrates the superiority of JavaScript over Ruby on Rails. So, Javascript is the clear winner of the battle of Ruby on Rails vs JavaScript popularity.

Ruby On Rails VS Javascript: Head To Head Comparison

Ruby on Rails vs javascript head to head comparison
ParametersRuby On RailsJavaScript
Developed ByDavid Heinemeier HanssonBrendan Eich
Year Of Development20031995
Popularity LessHigh
Talent PoolSmallerLarger
ProgrammingBack-endFront-end and Back-end

Does Ruby on Rails use JavaScript?

Many people are also confused about whether Ruby on Rails utilises JavaScript or not. The crucial thing to remember is that these two technologies are widely used in building web applications. When developing a web project with Ruby on Rails, you’ll also need to use different scripting languages. For example, you’ll utilise JavaScript on the front end of your website to enable interactivity and HTML and CSS for the structure design and backend. 

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Therefore, Using Ruby on Rails in a web project doesn’t mean that you’ll never need to use Javascript. You can use both languages simultaneously for different purposes.


We have just finished our discussion on Ruby on Rails vs JavaScript. We have compared Ruby vs Javascript on different metrics and found that both languages perform better than others on various metrics. To conclude, both Javascript and Ruby on Rails are excellent choices for web development. So, which language is better is totally depends on the project’s requirements. 

If your project requires high speed, scalability, and rapid development, JavaScript will be better for you. In contrast, you can go with Ruby if you need to create CPU-intensive apps and rapid application development with minimal lines of code. Hopefully, all your doubts are cleared, and now you know the differences between Ruby on Rails and Javascript.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ruby on Rails harder than JavaScript?

No, Ruby is not harder than JavaScript. It is easier to type and learn. Both Ruby and JavaScript comes with good documentation and has many online tutorials, forums, and community members. So, you can easily get a solution to problems if you choose either of them.

Why is JavaScript faster than Ruby?

JavaScript is faster than Ruby in many cases because of its highly optimized engine. Ruby is very slow in performance which is a great disadvantage to it. Ruby’s performance is quite sluggish, and debugging Ruby applications is a time-consuming and challenging process.

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