Software Engineer Salary

Software Engineer Salary

A software engineer’s life is ever-changing. The truth is a software engineer can work almost everywhere. From design corporations to finance to production, software engineers are required almost in every field, and that is exactly why this career path is so demanding. It does not matter in which company you are working; there are always few tasks that are always given to software engineers. And one of their tasks could be code designing. Another is examining projects and checking code for your particular industry. 

According to research, 24% of software engineering growth is expected by 2026. The software engineering area possesses exciting job prospects. If you are looking forward to getting involved in coding, software engineering is the industry you should start with. But what do software engineers really do? Before moving on to what software engineers usually do let us know who is a software engineer first.

What is a Software Engineer?

Software engineering is a subset of computer science that involves designing and managing software for computer systems and applications. 

Computer systems software is made up of applications that provide computing services and operating systems. Database systems, Web browsers, and other user-focused programs are examples of application apps.

Software engineers have a vast understanding of different programming languages, computer operating systems, software development, and applying engineering principles to software production. Using these engineering systems to every phase of the development process, from necessities analysis to the software process, can create customized systems for different clients. Just like a civil engineer will guarantee that a bridge has a substantial foundation, a software engineer will start with a careful study of fundamentals and orderly work through the development process.

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What Do Software Engineers Do?

A software engineer is an important part of the software design and development process. The software engineer is usually the person who assists in the development of software functions developed by a software design team. The software developer will work with programmers to bring diverse program tasks together into a cohesive whole. Also, the developer collaborates with coders and programmers to plan out different engineering activities and smaller functions, which are then merged into bigger, working applications or new functionality for current applications.

In most cases, the programmer will serve in both the design and implementation phases of software development. Dedicated programmers or a team of designers will work with the engineer during the design process to help work out the specific functions that the software or upgrade will be able to do. The engineer will normally support the planning of the different sides of the automated jobs that will be required, using design documentation and flowcharts to assist in the process.

If you want to work as a software engineer, you must usually have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, or a relevant field. Several organizations prefer to take applicants for this job who can practically show their programming and coding experience.

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What are the career Paths?

The careers in software engineering are huge and the salary will be depending on the experience and knowledge you have. Below we have given a diagram that will help you know the career paths as a software engineer.

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What Salary Software Engineers Can Expect by Experience Level?

If you are an entry-level Software Engineer with less than 1-year experience, you can expect an average total salary of $76,444(including your tips, bonus, and overtime compensation) based on 6,711 salaries. If you are an early career Software Engineer having experience of 1-4 years can earn a normal total salary of $84,044 based on 36,048 salaries. But if you are a mid-career software engineer, having 5-9 years of experience can earn a normal total salary of $95,302 based on 12,008 salaries. But if you are highly experienced with 10-19 years of experience, you can get a total salary of $105,322 based on 4,627 salaries. If you are a late-career (20 years and higher), employees with over 20 years of experience, then you can earn an average total salary of $114,238. 

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Popular Employers

Different tech companies are there which are giving high compensation on the basis of your experience and position. It matters where you live: software engineers in New York, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and Seattle are likely to earn more than those working in other parts of the United States. Below we have listed some of the top Tech Companies that are giving high average salary.

CompanyAverage SalaryLogo
Microsoft CorpAvg Salary: $117,164
Northrop Grumman Corporation Avg Salary: $82,242
Lockheed Martin CorpAvg Salary: $79,819
Google, Inc.Avg Salary: $121, 102
Cisco Systems IncAvg Salary: $110,316
Raytheon Co.Avg Salary: $75,997

Microsoft Corp, Lockheed Martin Corp, and Northrop Grumman Corporation are among the top companies with the most Software Engineers. Google, Inc. and Microsoft Corp have the highest reported salary, with an annual salary of $121,202. Microsoft Corp and Cisco Systems Inc are two other corporations that give well for this role, with salaries of about $117,164 and $110,316, respectively. Raytheon Co. is the least salary-giving company that gives around $75,997. Lockheed Martin Corporation and Northrop Grumman Corporation rate $79,819 and $82,342, respectively, on the lower end of the spectrum.


The demand for software engineers is increasing day by day. These software engineers are required almost in every field. A software engineer can work almost everywhere. If you are looking forward to getting involved in coding then above we have provided all the required information that will help you know what are the roles of software engineers and what are the career scopes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to become a Professional Software Engineer?

There is no exact time in which you can become a software engineer. But still, According to professionals, to become a professional engineer takes around eight years. A 4 or 5 years Bachelor’s Degree program is needed to enter the engineering field. After getting their Bachelor’s, applicants may sit for the Fundamentals of Engineering exam. After that, with five years of experience in the industry, you can sit for the other part of the exam to become a Professional Engineer.

What are Software Engineers like?

According to professionals, software engineers tend to be predominately investigative individuals. This decision is contemplative of all of the work that these engineers do. Whether they are learning technologies or debugging problems, the ability to examine – to carry out a well-organized inquiry to find the facts – is necessary.

What is the career option after Software engineering?

Here’s a quick look at the best jobs you can do after software engineering:

  1. Senior Software Engineer.
  2. Senior Java Developer.
  3. Systems Engineer.
  4. Software Developer.
  5. Programmer Analyst.
  6. principal software engineer
  7. Lead Technician.
  8. software engineer manager

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