How to Start a YouTube Channel for Programming and Technology

How to Start a YouTube Channel for Programming and Technology

YouTube, in no time, became one of the most addictive sites for all age groups. Its huge success is that you can get videos related to anything and everything on YouTube, such as music, movies, technology, cooking, gaming, education, sports, tutorials and whatnot.

YouTube is overloaded with all kinds of information; therefore, if you are a programmer or have great knowledge of technology and updates, you should start with your own YouTube channel without a second thought. This way you will be able to help others by sharing your knowledge with them plus you can become famous and make a lot of money.

But, remember that before starting your channel, you should know the goals for your YouTube channel and ask yourself questions, such as-

·   Is it to help others learn?

·   Building a platform for yourself that will lead to various other career opportunities?

·   Is it majorly for earning money through more views, affiliate marketing, paid ads, etc.?

·   It will be a great way for you to increase your learning constantly

It is paramount for you to know the reason for starting your channel as it helps you work in that direction and make it easy to achieve your goals.

How to start a YouTube channel for Programming and Technology?

Once you are aware of your goals, the next thing you need to do is create a YouTube channel for programming and technology. Do not think of it as a challenging process; it just takes a couple of minutes; making videos has also become effortless with the advent of YouTube video editors free. They provide you with options to quickly create and edit the video within seconds.

Here are the steps for you to create the YouTube account-

Step 1- Open YouTube to create your account, but it is suggested to create a Brand account for your channel. This will enable you to keep your Google account and software YouTube channel different. For the brand account, you can use your Google login id; this means you will not have to keep a record of another id and password. The major benefit of a brand account is that it facilitates users to add additional people as managers.

Step 2- Once you have created your channel, the next thing you will have to do is decide on the channel name. You can use your name or anything related to programming as it becomes easy to connect. Although, it is advised to keep your name as it lets people recognize you as a person, plus it can help associate you with your content.

Step 3- Now comes the designing part; you need to decide on the channel icon and thumbnail style. If you are good at designing, go for it; hire a professional who can do this for you.

Step 4- While creating or uploading your first video, you need to ensure that it should be flawless, and its introduction should grab your viewer’s attention. It is recommended to use an intro as it helps in personal branding and building a connection with your viewers.

Step 5- While creating your programming and technology videos, you should always think of putting something different in your video that sets you apart from your competitors, such as using props or creating your tagline. These things help make your content entertaining along with being informative. You should use a YouTube video editor as it helps create a unique and professional-looking video within minutes.

Step 6- Last but not least, make a schedule or plan on when to post the videos. You can see the trend when you get more views, for example, at weekends, weekdays, daytime or at night, etc. As per your target audience, post your videos to get an amazing response.

This was about starting a YouTube channel for programming and technology; now, let us discuss the types of videos you can create for your YouTube channel.

Types of YouTube Programming and Technology videos

1)    Tutorial style Programming videos- You can opt for these videos if you want to create software tutorial videos. Tutorial style videos are perfect if you wish to get a job through your channel or if you plan to sell paid online courses. Although, these kinds of videos focus less on you and your personality and more on the core technical aspect.

2)    Informational style YouTube videos- These videos or channels discuss software development and other aspects related to it. You will need to talk about soft skills, and related information developers might want to get information here. For example, you must have seen videos like “7 YouTube Video editor free and paid to use,” “Is learning Python important?” etc. These are the kind of topics that you will have to provide insight on.

3)    Live-coding style YouTube videos- These channels focus on live coding; you will have to show your viewers the thought process you undergo while designing a coding program. People find this interesting as they see you solving problems in real-time; in fact, many people do it flawlessly; it seems like a tutorial channel.

It can be the perfect channel for you if you wish to create your community and want more and more people to know you. This is a great way to communicate with viewers and other experts while live streaming.

4)    Software entertainment style YouTube videos- It has been observed that these videos get the maximum views. You need to create videos that most people like so that you can get maximum views. In these videos, you need not focus on the actual code used but on the program’s outcome.

It was about the types of videos; once you decide on the type of channel, the next thing you should focus on is the content of the video/niche in which you will create your videos.

It is suggested to pen down all the good and bad ideas you can think of and then analyse their pros and cons per your target audience. Once you know the topic, it becomes easier and quicker to do the research. 

Bottom Line

These were some of the types of YouTube channels for programming and technology and how to create a channel. There are various benefits of creating a YouTube channel for a programmer. It helps increase your knowledge, offers social exposure, creates your online presence, helps in promoting business, a great side hustle, and enables you to get a good job.     

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