10 Best Study Skills For Middle Schoolers — You Must Know

Pursuing your middle school? If yes, then you should check out these 10 best study skills for middle schoolers in the world. Explore them now

You should start your first high or middle school year at the beginning of a new school year. Everything is going outstanding, and your teacher notifies your first test date.

Now you’re in terror mode since you have no hint about — how to study for an examination in high or middle school or what are the best skills for middle schoolers! 

How can I use the various study methods? Are the tests harder? I’ve got good news for your girl squad! Studying for examinations. Also, inventing good study routines is something you’ll discover as you get older. 

Here are some helpful study tips to help you during the school year.

1. Create a Study Schedule

The best method for study skills for middle schoolers is to create a proper study schedule. Since we’ve only begun the new school year, taking out your planner and recording all your due dates and tests is an excellent time.

You can follow your study tasks and exam dates per month or week in case you don’t have specific dates. It is done using a calendar, a smartphone, or an app such as myHomework planner.

Keeping track of your impending responsibilities on a calendar might help you better organize your time for studying and other duties. Rather than studying the night before the test, spread your studying out over a few days.

2. Assign a Designated Study Space

It’s easy to want to study in the comfort of your bed. But make sure that wherever you study is clean, comfortable, devoid of distractions, and well-lit. Prepare a relaxing spot to sit, an accurate timepiece, and a well-lit workspace.

You may further motivate yourself to put in the time and effort required to succeed in your studies by adorning your workspace with precious items that lift your spirits.

Scented candles, encouraging phrases, and adorable stationery are good examples. If you’re more of a techie, try using a Pinterest screensaver or designing your own in Canva to keep your computer in order.

3. Identify Your Learning Style 

Learning how you best absorb and recall information requires first identifying your preferred learning style. When you know how you learn best, you can tailor your study sessions to fit your needs.

The primary learning styles are visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinaesthetic. Some students thrive while employing a particular learning style, while others benefit from a mix of approaches.

  • Reading/Writing learners: learn best by reading their textbooks or notes and rewriting them.
  • Visual learners: learn best by using colorful notes, diagrams, images, and illustrations.
  • Auditory learners: learn best by reading their notes out loud and using mnemonics or rhymes.
  • Kinaesthetic learners: learn best by walking around, standing up, or chewing gum while they study.

4. Make Your Study Notes 

The other best method for study skills for middle schoolers is to make your study notes. When generating your study notes, writing them in your own words is crucial so they are simpler to grasp and remember. Making a summary page or cheat sheet for each subject or chapter is an excellent method to keep your study materials in order.

5. Select Your Study Techniques 

When preparing for an exam, you may employ various techniques. Your preferred study might vary from one topic and learning type to the next. You will do practice problems and review your notes for a maths exam. It is common practice to utilize flashcards to prepare for a history exam since they are so easily portable and easy to learn from.

It doesn’t matter what kind of exam you have coming up; what’s crucial is that you pick a study approach that works for you. Some additional study strategies to use during your exam preparation are provided below.

6. Eat Healthy Snacks

The key to a productive study session is to keep yourself well-nourished and hydrated. How well you can concentrate and maintain your energy while studying is directly related to what you eat.

Nuts, dark chocolate, fruits, popcorn, and water are all excellent choices for study snacks. Staying alert requires avoiding sugary and caffeinated meals. So, it is also included in the best study skills for middle schoolers.

7. Take Timed Breaks

Taking timed breaks is also included in the best study skills for middle schoolers. You should take periodic breaks throughout your study sessions to prevent fatigue and maintain concentration. The Pomodoro method is helpful because it splits study time into 25-minute chunks separated by brief 5- to 10-minute breaks.

Your break time should be 25 minutes after the fourth session. The Pomodoro technique is widely used, and excellent apps and software programs implement it. Those of you who have a hard time staying focused will benefit significantly from this approach.

Never check your phone or go online during your breaks. Take a stroll, use the restroom, or bust out your newfound TikTok dancing moves.

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8. Create a Study Playlist

Music is an excellent study companion, keeping us motivated and engaged as we work. It’s best to stick to instrumentals rather than songs with lyrics when putting up a study playlist. You may find many study playlists on YouTube.

If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, you may pretend you’re a student at Hogwarts with the help of these relaxing playlists. The soothing sounds of a window in any city in the globe may be yours with Window Swap when you need a break from listening to music.

9.  Find a Study Buddy/Study Group.

Invite a buddy or group of friends to join your study session to test each other better and engage in fruitful discussion of the content. It also included the best study skills for middle schoolers.

Kahoot allows you to construct your quizzes so that you may break up the information as it works best for you. You might also apply this technique with your study group by taking turns explaining a topic to one another.

10. Stress Management 

It is also the primary method for the best study skills for middle schoolers. Having a hectic schedule or falling behind in our study routines may make studying for an exam a very stressful and anxious experience.

Reducing anxiety and getting back on track with your studies may be accomplished via stress management techniques and timed study blocks. If you’re feeling exhausted and need a nap during your study session, a short 15-minute snooze might do wonders for reviving your energy and getting you back to work.

You shouldn’t try to cram the night before an exam since the added tension and worry make it more challenging to pay attention and recall what you’ve studied.

Which is the best fun study skills activity?

These are the following fun study skills activities.

Activities Related to LearningStudy Skills Strategies
Retaining and recalling informationMnemonic strategies Note-taking
Processing informationGraphic organizers Comprehension strategies


These all are the best study skills for middle schoolers. All the given information is most helpful in improving your study skills.

Now that you’ve learned some fantastic study tips & tricks, you can add them to your study routine. If you want to know about the study skills for middle schoolers, just follow the above-given method.

All the ways to study skills are best and help you improve your skills. Skill management, making study notes, making a schedule, etc. These methods help improve the study skills of middle or high schoolers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the study skills games for middle school?

The best study skills games for middle school are question-answer cards, distracted thinking, ranking priorities, memorization challenge, etc.

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