Top Tips For Identifying Plagiarism And Removing It With Ease

Stressed about your work getting accused of plagiarism and facing all the consequences related to it? We would suggest you try the tips discussed in this post. In this post, you will explore information about plagiarism identification and know how you can remove it with ease.

First, you should know that plagiarism refers to stealing content and passing it off as your own without providing credits and attributions to the original author. Plagiarism doesn’t only occur when you deliberately steal content from another person. Rather, you should know that your content can also be accused of plagiarism if it accidentally matches another writer’s work. If you want to check plagiarism in your content and remove it with ease, we suggest you follow the top tips mentioned in this post.

How to identify plagiarism in your content?

First of all, if you need to identify plagiarism, then you need to try the following:

Plagiarism Checkers

Plagiarism checkers are cloud-based programs capable of scanning your content for all kinds of duplications. There was no such way of finding plagiarism in content in the past. Still, today all thanks to modern AI-powered plagiarism checker software, you can easily find traces of both intentional and unintentional duplications.

To check for plagiarism with an online plagiarism detector, you must enter suspicious text in the input box of the tool. You can enter text, files, and website URLs as input in the input box of a free plagiarism checker. The plagiarism tool will compare your input texts with hundreds of millions of pages indexed on the web and find out all kinds of similar data from other sites.

A plagiarism scanner presents your results in a percentage format. It would also provide you links to the matched sources. The content highlighted in red color by the plagiarism tool is the one that is duplicate and needs to be removed.

Google alerts

Google alerts is a very famous tool powered by the search engine itself. Google alerts are usually used by web admins who want to get updates/information about a particular topic or post. When you active Google alerts, it will keep an eye on the relevant material or on those materials you have entered to get alerts. As someone shares/posts new information or content, it will send an alert email to your registered email address. You can quickly check all the updates, and if you find something confusing most relevant to your content, you can check for plagiarism of that content. 

How to remove plagiarism with ease?

Removing plagiarism was nearly impossible in the past, but it has become easy today. Here we have listed some tips that can help you remove plagiarism and avoid all the negative consequences. 

Rephrase/Rewrite content

Rewriting duplicate content is one of the easiest ways to remove plagiarism from your content. Once the plagiarism checker highlights the duplicate content in red, rephrasing that particular sentence or part of your content can become easy. Indeed, paraphrasing is not an easy job, but today you can take digital help to rephrase online. You have access to online paraphraser to help you remove duplication from your content within less than seconds.

Cite your reference sources

Rewriting content is not always the best solution. Sometimes you have to present facts, figures, and ideas shown in your reference sources. If a plagiarism checker points out duplication in the information you cannot rephrase, the best way to fight it off would be by using citations, citing credits the original author for their research, and hard work. Content that is cited doesn’t get accused of plagiarism.

Add quotation marks 

When you use words that don’t belong to you, the simplest way to avoid plagiarism is by using quotation marks. Quotation marks around the text can quickly tell the readers that those specific words or sentences don’t belong to you. Here you must know that when you add quotes to content, you have to make sure that you cite a reference to the author so that the readers can know who the quote is coming from.

Remove duplicate content and present your ideas

Suppose the plagiarism tool has highlighted a large chunk of content as duplicates. In that case, removing all the highlighted content is easy to make your content free of plagiarism. You can remove all the duplicate data and present information in your unique style. You can also present your ideas, thoughts, and opinions to avoid accidental traces of duplication in your content. If you have good research and writing skills, you should undoubtedly go for this tip!

These are some of the authentic ways using which you can identify and remove plagiarism!

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