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Top 4 Essential Tools for Assignment Writing

Assignments are an essential component of academia. Teachers assign different topics to students to write detailed articles on them to check their understanding and comprehension to assess their progress. Then, based on students’ submitted work, they grade them as per the quality of their assignments. 

Therefore, students must write unique, exceptional, exquisite, and remarkable material on their respective topics to get good grades.

Assignment writing was a challenging practice so long ago because it took time for students to generate new angles and ideas about a topic and avoid plagiarism and grammatical mistakes. 

However, with the advancements in technology, different writing tools have arrived in the market that have lessened the hassle of the writing process as they take off a healthy amount of load from the students’ shoulders. 

This article will discuss the four top-notch tools that help students produce exclusive and spectacular assignments.

Best Tools for Assignment Writing

The internet is flooded with countless online writing tools that make life easier for students and writers. Nevertheless, the following are the most beneficial tools for assignment writing.

  • MyAssignmentHelp
  • PlagiarismDetector
  • SmallSEOTools’ Paraphrasing Tool
  • Grammarly

1. MyAssignmentHelp – Essay Typer

Usually, the assignments that students have to complete are essays. They stay a constant from school life until you graduate. Despite practicing essay writing from homeschooling days to the graduate level, there always remains a gap to fulfil to become an expert essayist because essay writing never gets smoother. 

Therefore, you may run short of ideas to write an essay for assignment submission. Or you may have to submit an assignment on short notice, so you need more time to bring some unique thoughts to pen down on a topic. 

In such scenarios, you can take help from an essay typer. Different sites facilitate web users with an essay-typer service, but the best essay-typer is available at MyAssignmentHelp.

This paragraph generator automatically produces essay articles on any given topic or prompt within seconds. You first need to open this tool to get high-quality essays in a flash. Then, you can click the text box to enter your subject matter and press the “create a free essay” button. 

As a result, you will get your essay ready within no time. Using this utility, you can carve out fascinating and gripping pieces on various subjects such as English essays, Pathology essays, Philosophy essays, History essays and medicine essays, etc. 

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Moreover, this tool quickly understands the technical jargon of any field while scanning millions of published papers to adapt the tone and style per a subject’s demands. Therefore, the output you receive is gripping, fascinating, and full of dictating terms that impress your tutors and other readers.

Furthermore, this essay bot can generate almost all essays, including augmentative, proposal, descriptive, narrative, and many more. That’s why you don’t have to worry over any topic you receive to submit your assignments because it provides you with a way to deal with any subject matter emphatically.

Now, let’s look at this essay writer’s pros and cons.


  • You can generate as many essays as you want without paying anything. 
  • The more you use it, the better it gets. So, content quality improves over time.
  • It runs equally well on all kinds of devices and browsers. 
  • With this essay bot, you can also generate content for marketing purposes.


  • Sometimes, the text generated by this tool may contain different errors.
  • The essay writer may generate off-topic material about a difficult subject.
  • Being dependent on this tool may diminish your critical thinking.

2. PlagiarismDetector – Plagiarism Checker

Once you are done with the composition of your assignment, the next thing you have to ensure is its originality and uniqueness. 

It is mandatory to submit plagiarism-free and well-researched articles if you want to secure good grades. 

Otherwise, you may get penalised if your submitted work contains plagiarism. It could fail your subject, and you may even get expelled from your institute. 

So, it is recommended to scan your written material with the help of a plagiarism checker before submission despite writing everything on your own. 

It is so because sometimes unintentional plagiarism does exist in our articles, as most of us use the internet as a source of information. 

So checking your written text before submitting that to the teacher can save you from serious problems. Plenty of platforms on the web can facilitate you with a plagiarism checker.

However, one of the most efficient plagiarism checking tools is offered by

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This tool checks your material against billions of web pages to ensure the originality of content. Therefore, the chances of undetected plagiarism in your text remains none.

To scan a text with this tool, you don’t have to follow a complex procedure. Rather than that, all you have to do is to open this plagiarism checker, paste your text directly, or import a file from a device or cloud storage and press the “check plagiarism” button. 

As a result, it will provide a sentence wise scan of your text to inform you about the copied portions. 

Not just that, but it also describes details like average word and sentence length, percentage of easy and difficult words and average paragraph size which assist in improving the writing quality.

Following the results, you can replace the duplicated sentences with new and unique ones. Now, let’s describe the pros and cons of this tool without further ado.


  • It scans the text deeply so its results are reliable and trustworthy.
  • It facilitates detailed PDF reports of the plagiarism check.
  • It scans large quantities of text which increases in a reasonable time period.
  • It supports multiple file formats which makes data management effortless.


  • You have to buy premium subscriptions to increase the word limit.
  • You need an internet connection to use this tool.

3. SmallSEOTools – Paraphrasing Tool

If portions of your text get detected as plagiarism, then replacing copied sentences manually can take time and result in late assignment submission. 

Or there are possibilities that you will make mistakes because you may not have a firm grip over synonyms and sentence structure. That’s why it is advised to take help from a paraphrasing tool to finish your job in time with great accuracy. It is so because a paraphrasing tool has a vast database of synonyms and sentence formations to alter your text without changing its meaning.

To get the best paraphrasing services, you can use SmallSEOTools’ sentence rephraser to rephrase text in an assignment to avoid plagiarism and to ensure that the article is written in your own words.

Similarly, you may face writer’s block while writing your essay and fail to get out of it even after trying hard. 

In that situation, you can explore the web to find a chunk of information about your topic, paraphrase that with the paraphrasing tool to escape plagiarism, and add that to your article. As a result, the ideas will start flowing in your mind again.

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Thus, you can continue and complete your work.

Following are some of the pros and cons of this tool.


  • This tool is user-friendly and requires no technical skills to use.
  • This tool ensures that the paraphrased text retains its original meaning.
  • You can use this tool to paraphrase essays and academic papers.
  • You can paraphrase your text in different languages.


  • This tool is not available in the form of a mobile app.
  • You can paraphrase only a limited number of words with its free version.
  • Dependency on this tool may not develop your paraphrasing skills personally.

4. Grammarly – Proofreader

After ensuring the originality of your composed material, the last thing you have to do is to proofread your text to eradicate all mistakes to make it coherent, and no tool does that better than Grammarly. 

Using this tool, you can improve your writing by checking for grammar, punctuation, and style errors. 

It uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to analyse text and provide suggestions for corrections and improvements to improve readability. 

Moreover, it is adaptable to any form of writing; therefore, you can use it to polish assignments on any subject with great precision and accuracy. As a result, you can secure good scores in assignments of all subjects which may help you take top position in your class.

Now, let’s find out about this tool’s advantages and disadvantages.


  • You can learn why a particular change is suggested to improve your writing.
  • It makes your writing more efficient and effective by giving solid suggestions.
  • It allows users different plans to choose the plan that best fits their needs.
  • You can set the tone of your writing style as per your audience.


  • Grammarly collects users’ data which could be uncomfortable for you.
  • The cost of the paid plans may be too high for some users.
  • It may suggest changes that are not appropriate for a particular context.


Assignments decide the direction of progress of your academic career. That’s why, you must not compromise on submitting unique, original, and imperious works to get the best possible grades.

Therefore, try to do your work on your own with utter dedication and commitment. Afterward, you can seek help from these four writing tools to refine your work and make it free of all errors.

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