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Top 4 Types Of Communication That You Should Know.

Good communication is the key to a healthy work environment. In our day-to-day lives, we use different types of communications. For example, talking to a person, singing a song, handshake, and letter writing all come under various types of communication. 

We can’t even imagine the world without communication. Today, in this blog, we will discuss the different types of communications. But, before that, let’s look at the overview of communication.

What Is Communication?

Communication is a process of sharing or exchanging information and ideas with another person or group of people. In other words, it is a meaningful interaction with single or multiple people. 

We all communicate most of the time through different gestures, expressions, and channels. In an organization, the flow of information is vital for decision-making and managerial effectiveness. 

Moreover, communication is very crucial for understanding. It is difficult for us to understand something without communication. For example, if we watch a movie with static pictures and no sound, we will not understand it.

Different Components of Communication

Before understanding the types of communication, it is essential to know the basic components of communication. We have the following different components of communication-


The source is the creator and sender of the message. The source creates a message and sends it to another person.


The message is the information that is conveyed to the receiver by the sender.


The channel is the medium through which the information is conveyed to the receiver. 


The receiver is the one who gets the message. The receiver can analyze the message and understand its meaning.


After understanding the message, the receiver tries to send feedback to the sender. At this moment, the receiver becomes the sender, and the sender becomes the receiver.


The environment is the atmosphere in which the message is sent and received. It can be physical and psychological. For example, people, surroundings, technology, animals can affect communication.


The context is the setting, expectations, and scene of communication. For instance, a professional discussion such as business communication may include business suits, and communication with friends is casual. 


Interference is an obstacle in communication, and it can also be called noise. Due to interference, the message sometimes does not reach the receiver properly. For example, if you talk to someone on the road, loud horn sounds can affect your conversation and divert your mind from the topic.

What Are The Different Types Of Communications?

We can categorize communications into several different types. But, the primary 4 types of communications are as follows-

4 Types of Communication Infographic

Verbal Communication

Any communication that occurs orally is called verbal communication or oral communication. The main goal of this communication is to ensure that the receiver understands the information correctly. This type of communication is faster and effective than other communications. 

Verbal communication can be face-to-face, via Skype or Zoom, telephonic, etc. Verbal communication can be informal such as, communication with family members on dinner, and it can also be informal, such as a face-to-face business meeting. 

Good Verbal communication skills are very important for a working environment. A manager needs good verbal communication skills to handle a team of workers effectively. He has to convince his team to obey the company rules and work according to the company’s expectations.

If a person is good at verbal communication, he can easily convince the interviewers to hire him. Therefore, he has a better chance to get the job than someone with poor verbal communication skills.

Non-Verbal Communication

A communication with facial expressions, eye contact, posture, hand movements, and touch is non-verbal communication. It can be intentional or unintentional. Sometimes we lose our control and make unintentional facial expressions.

For example, when we see something unexpected, most of the time, our eyebrows raise up. 

A manager who is poor at verbal communication and shows panic with his movement and expressions cannot handle a team properly. In contrast, a manager with a good personality and good command over his movements can motivate the employees better. 

A customer will rarely revisit a shop whose seller seems rude to the customer by his facial expressions. Whereas if the seller looks happy with a smile on his face, that will leave a positive image of the shop, and the customer will love to revisit that shop.

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Written Communication

Communication that includes writing or printing messages to convey information is called written communication. An email, a Facebook post, a Reddit post, a Tweet, a Blog, a contract are all come under written communication. The main goal of written communication is to distribute information more concisely and clearly.

Written communication is very crucial for companies. A poorly written message with grammatical errors can make them look unprofessional. So, companies hire someone with good written communication skills.

Visual Communication

Visual communication is another one of the most popular types of communication. It is a process to convey information through charts, drawings, pictures, sketches, videos, and graphs. 

Visual communication becomes more effective when used along with verbal, non-verbal, and written communication. Visual elements can bring life to data, and it becomes much easier to understand data using visual elements. 


In this blog, we have discussed the important 4 types of communication. Communication is a very effective and powerful activity that comes naturally within human beings. Communication can be verbal, non-verbal, written, and visual. Verbal communication is rapid and is best for storytelling, immediate feedback, conveying emotions, etc. 

Non-verbal communication can be very effective if used properly. Written communication is best for storing messages for a long time, and it can reach a vast number of readers. Visual communication is a very effective type of communication because visuals create interest among viewers, which helps them to comprehend information easily.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the modern methods of communication?

Video calling, Voice Calling, SMS, Emails, Blogging, Vlogging, Online Games, Chatting, and Social Media are some of the main modern methods of communication.

What are the traditional methods of communication?

Newspapers, Radio, Letters, TVs, Magazines, the Telegraph are some traditional methods of communication. Apart from these, Smoke Signals, Carrier Pigeons, and Cave Paintings are older communication methods.

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