10 Best Uses Of Microsoft Excel In 2023- You Must Know

Are you searching for uses of microsoft excel? If yes, your search will end here, and you will get some useful information. 

Well, Microsoft Excel is an important application of microsoft office launched by microsoft corporation in 1935.

Microsoft Excel is an electronic spreadsheet component of microsoft office that is used for creating electronic worksheets.

Data can be entered in text or number values, and the formulas can be created to perform quick calculations on the number values. 

Before knowing the uses of Excel, you should know what microsoft excel is.

Apart from this, we will cover various other essential topics such as 

  • Steps to open microsoft excel
  • Uses of microsoft excel.
  • How to use microsoft excel

If you are curious to know the uses of microsoft excel. Keep an eye on this blog.

What Is Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel is an application where a person or business entity can record data in tables, charts, graphs, etcetera forms. 

Moreover, In microsoft excel, it is very convenient to store big databases and analyze them in a few minutes. 

Image of Microsoft Excel:

Steps To Open Microsoft Excel 

First Option(window 11): 
 1. Click on the start button.
 2. Choose the Microsoft Excel option under the productivity section. 
Second Option:
 1. Click on the start button. 
2. Type Microsoft excel in the search option.


Uses Of Microsoft Excel In Day-To-Day Life

Microsoft Excel is by far the most famous and well known spreadsheet computer application which is used for storing the data in different graphical forms. If you want to store a high amount of data then you can use the large sized worksheet.

We can also do the quick calculations with the help of the formulas and equations which are built in MS excel.

You can use microsoft excel in many situations and tasks, and some of the most important tasks are written below:

1. Uses Of Microsoft Excel in Business

 Nowadays, everyone wants to become an entrepreneur and start a business unit. So to record the information about inventory, investments, salaries of employees, the performance of employees, growth of the company, and many more things. Excel plays an indispensable role in business. 

2. Uses Of Microsoft Excel In Education

 There are numerous uses of Microsoft when you are a student. A student learns to excel more when they perform on their own rather than reading the theory portion. Moreover, students can make their schedules in excel. There are templates available, you can use them to make timetables for their study. 

Besides, many formulas are available in excel, and with the help of these, students can do big calculations quickly. 

3. Uses of Excel for Social Events/Parties/ Wedding 

Microsoft Excel is used in planning and assigning work for events/parties/ weddings. You can provide tasks to people and record their performance in excel. Moreover, due to organized information, you can do things properly. Hence your productivity will increase.

4. Uses Of Microsoft Excel In Career/Jobs

If a person is an expert in using Microsoft Excel, this skill will open the doors to many job opportunities, such as data entry operator, MIS executive, and many more. You can do freelancing also.

Moreover, important tasks like learning, time management, work, and life management, and goal-oriented habits can be practiced well on MS excel. You can maintain your data on your own.

5. Use of Excel for Monthly Records 

With the help of excel, you can record your monthly expenses. Based on the monthly expense data entered into the Excel sheet, the user can make a detailed monthly expenses report that shows the top spending areas and lets them study the spending pattern and how much they need to save to reach their goal.

6.Uses of Microsoft excel in storing data 

Excel is a good tool for both entering and storing data. In fact, your device’s computing ability and memory are the only things that can limit how big an Excel file can be. There can be no more than 1,048,576 vertical lines and 16,384 columns in a worksheet. So it’s clear that microsoft excel can hold a lot of information.

Features of Microsoft Excel like Data Structure make it easy to enter and view data, and users can make their own forms for entering data that fit their business needs. This can be utilized to make and keep up-to-date lists of customers to send mail to or employees’ work shifts.

7. Uses of Microsoft Excel In Analysis of Data

With the help of excel, we can manage data in an organized way. You can store various information in it. You can use this data in decision-making. One of the effective methods to do this is with Pivot Tables. Learning to use Pivot Tables is quick. They let viewers pull together and concentrate on specific sections of a large dataset, making short screenshots that can be used as an interactive report form.

8. Uses of Microsoft Excel in Management

A manager’s job is to come up with and explain business processes. This makes a process run more smoothly and is an effective way to keep record of steps and possible results. Excel must-have tools that can let people make flow charts with text, pictures, and animations.

9. Uses of Microsoft Excel in Reporting

Both organic data sets as well as Pivot tables can be used to make charts and graphs. Which can be used for audit reports, presentations, or to support someone evaluating their data. As they can give a different view of trends and performance. They Can use data maintained data according to their need. 

For example, the marketing department uses charts and graphs to predict sales.

10. Uses of Microsoft Excel in Forecasting

Reporting as well as interpreting results is an essential component of any business, but it’s also essential to plan and be ready for various situations and changes.

With the help of third-party software, Excel can be used to simulate cash flow based on data from the past. Excel can also make a formula from the information in a chart that can be utilized to predict what the results will be in the long term.

Know How To Use Microsoft Excel Efficiently?


In this section of Microsoft excel,

  • You can open a new excel(Ctrl+O)
  • You can import a file from the drive.
  • You can share or publish your excel file with others by clicking on the share option.
  • You can download your excel file.


In this edit feature,

  • You can undo, redo, cut, copy, and paste the information by clicking on the given option or pressing Ctrl+Z for undo, Ctrl+Y for a redo, Ctrl+X for cut, Ctrl+C for copy, Ctrl+V for paste.
  • Furthermore, there is a special paste option available for paste value only, format only, formula only, conditional formatting, data validation, etcetera.
  • In addition, there is an option available to find and replace data. You can also open this by Ctrl+H.


In the insert option,

  • You can insert cells, rows, columns, and sheets.
  • You can store your data in charts, pivot tables, images, and drawing forms according to your requirements. These options are available in the insert option.
  • You can use various functions in excel to maintain records, such as SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, MAX, MIN, etcetera, which are mentioned in the image.
  • You can insert a link by clicking on the link option or pressing Ctrl+K.
  • You can add checkboxes, drop-downs, comments, and notes in your excel file.


In the format option,

  • You can change the theme.
  • You can format numbers in percent, scientific, accounting, financial, etcetera forms.
  • You can change the text in bold, italic, underline, and strikethrough form.
  • You can change the alignment in the top, middle, bottom, left, right, or center. 
  • You can wrap the text in an overflow wrap clip.
  • You can rotate the text.
  • You can change the font size. 
  • You can merge two or more cells by clicking on merge all, vertically or horizontally. You can also unmerge.
  • You can do conditional formatting or colors.


In the data option,

  • You can sort the sheet or range.
  • You can create a filter.
  • You can add a slicer. Slicer means to refine large data and make it easy to understand.
  • You can protect sheets or ranges.
  • You can named ranges.
  • You can named functions. Named functions allow you to create custom functions using built-in sheets formulas that can be reused across sheets.
  • You can do data validation. Data validation means the restriction of data in certain cells. You can enter only relevant data.
  • You can clean up data, remove duplicates and trim data.
  • You can split the text into columns.

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In this tools option, 

  • You can create forms and maintain the records of forms in Excel.
  • You can check the spelling. 
  • You can enable the formula suggestions and corrections. 
  • You can edit notifications and comment. 
  • You can do accessibility settings. 


In the option of this extension,

  • You can add-ons and macros(record, import, and manage macros)


In this help option, 

  • You can take help and training.
  • You can read updates, privacy policies, terms of service, and keyboard shortcuts.
  • You can report abuse.

Shortcut Keys For Excel

Closing a workbook.Ctrl+W
Open a workbook.Ctrl+O
Go to the tab for “Home.”Alt+H
Save an Excel workbook.Ctrl+S
Copy the selection.Ctrl+C
Go to the tab for FormulaAlt+M
Hide the highlighted rowsCtrl+9
Delete columnAlt+H, D, C
Add bordersAlt+H, B

There are more shortcut keys for optimizing Excel’s efficiency.


In this blog, we discussed the uses of microsoft excel. These uses will help you in the future when you implement them in real life. Excel will enhance your efficiency and open the doors to many job opportunities. Please mention other uses of microsoft excel in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1 . How long does it take to get a certificate in Microsoft Excel?

A person gets microsoft excel certification in 150 hours of training plus practical experience. They have also shown that they are an expert in their field and are ready to get a job.

Q 2. How do I get the Mac version of Excel for Students?

  • Sign in to your student email account on the device you want to install Microsoft Office.
  • Go to the Office 365 home page and click “Office 365 Apps” under “Install Office.”
  • It will open a new window to choose and install the operating system you need for your device(s).

Q 3. How can I get Microsoft Excel to work for free?

You can use the free online version of Microsoft Office to use Microsoft Excel for free. The trial version of Microsoft 365 only lets you use the desktop app for 30 days. If you want to keep using all of Microsoft Excel’s features after the trial period is over, you will need to activate it.

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