Web Design vs Web Development: Know The Difference?

Most people found themselves confused many times about the difference between Web design and web development. Even some people think that “web design” and “web development” are the same. If you come to this page, you are undoubtedly one of those who are confused about web design vs web development. 

You may have so many questions in your mind. Such as, are web development and web design the same? What are the roles of a web designer and web developer, what is the difference between web design and web development etc.? Don’t worry. In this blog, we are going to discuss everything in detail about web design vs web development. 

What is web design?

Generally, web design controls everything that elaborates with visual aesthetics and usability of a specific website- information flow, color scheme, layout, and all things related to the visual aspects of user interface and user experience(UX/UI). There are so many tools and skills that differentiate the web designer from any web developer. Some are mentioned below:-

  • Typography
  • Wireframes, mock-ups, and storyboards
  • Placing call-to-action buttons
  • Logo design
  • Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator) or other design software
  • Graphic design
  • Layout/format
  • Branding
  • Color palettes

In other words, we can say that web design is entirely related to anything the user sees on their mobile screen or computer device. So with the use of images, layout, typography, and color, web designs bring a compelling digital experience to users. 

Web designers should be familiar with Javascript, HTML, and CSS- since it helps them create mock-ups of any web application when they are trying to pitch an idea to the team or fine-tune the user interface and user experience. At the same time, the majority of the web designers also used to work with CMS services such as WordPress.

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Roles of a web designer

If you want to clear all your doubts regarding web design vs web development, you should know web designer and developer roles. Here we have mentioned some significant roles of a web designer:-

  1. Usually, a web designer has an excellent command of logo design and graphic design.
  2. The web designer mainly uses many software tools like Framer,Adobe Photoshop can help you colorize graphics and remove backgrounds easily.  , or Sketch to build the final layout design along with code-free site builders like Elementor.
  3. A web designer also has a better feel for the user or client experience to identify the easy or simple approach achievable to attain the required function. It may include buttons, layout, general format, and images of the website.
  4. It is also required for a web designer to keep in mind the branding of their website, layout, color palettes to be used, and the reality of the entire website. The stylish way to cover yourself from others stealing your stuff is to have your business become a recognizable brand. If you do not have experience or need professional help to achieve the best possible recognition of your application, try outsourcing some digital branding services. as well as create a nice background of workflow.

What is web development?

Usually, web development controls all the codes that make the website tick. We can split web development into two types of categories-Front-end and Back-end. The client-side or front-end of any app is the code responsible for determining how the web designer will display the different designs mocked up.

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On the other hand, any app’s server-side and back-end side is responsible for controlling data inward the database and then serving that particular data to the client-end or front-end to be displayed. There are many tools and skills uses by front-end developers that differentiates the web developer from any web designer are listed below:-

  • CSS preprocessors (i.e., LESS or Sass)
  • Libraries (i.e., jQuery)
  • Git and GitHub
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • Frameworks (i.e., AngularJS, ReactJS, Ember)

It is noteworthy that a front-end web developer never creates mock-ups, doesn’t select typography, or doesn’t pick color palettes- all these are commonly provided by the designer only. After getting these things from the designer, the web developer brings those mock-ups to life. 

Roles of a web developer

As we already discussed, to know web design vs web development, you should know both web designer and developer roles first. Here we have mentioned some significant roles of a web designer:-

  1. Generally, a web developer builds the natural interface through which any user interacts with a particular website. Usually, this type of interface is built by front-end developers using CSS, Javascript language, And HTML.
  2. The front-end developers mainly provide the markup design to the back-end developers; they can quickly implement an effective site and submit all the necessary data on the database and server.
  3. The back-end developer is usually responsible for creating the backbone of the website with the use of different languages such as MySQL and PHP.
  4. Many software application tools using them Web developers can code and build the structure of their website. 
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Web Design vs Web Development: What is difference between web design and web development

Undoubtedly the web designer and web developer both share some skills. Along with this, they must master some particular capability in their relevant field. It is required for a web designer that he must have better knowledge of everything, which makes a website logical to users and visually appealing as the web designs accentuate aesthetics. A web designer also must master various design applications like Javascript, Adobe Dreamweaver, and Scripting frameworks. At the same time, web developers have to make sure that the product they make will easily fit a business’s brand, from the logos to the color schemes. 

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On the other hand, the web developer mainly builds all the functional aspects of the web pages and website according to the aesthetic parameters set forth by a web designer. With the use of their modern or advanced programming skills, web developers ensure that the product created by the web designer will surely come to fruition. It is required for a web developer that they must master numerous extensive software languages and programming skills like Java server development, SQL(Structured Query Language), machine learning, Python, database tools, the development of APIs for interacting with different objects, and agile systems analysis.

Career Comparison Chart: Web Design vs Web Development

Web DesignWeb Development
Job Duties
  • Forms web content like text, video, and audio.
  • From layout to color to graphics, designs the entire visual look of the website.
  • Assist with the usability and navigation of the website.
  • Helps in maintaining and updating the content of the site.
  • Writes the code for implementing the design of a specific page or the overall site.
  • Maintains different tools and databases required to operate the website.
  • Manages the site’s servers, software, or hardware or assist with website security.
  • Can supervise other web developers of their team.
  • EducationTo become a web designer, one requires a relevant degree or certificate in web design.To become a web developer, you require an associate degree or bachelor’s degree in web programming or development.
    Sample Job TitlesContent Developer, Web Graphic Designer, Webmaster, and User Interface Designer.Project Manager, Web Programmer,  Information Architect, Web Developer, or System Administrator.
    Skills Needed
    A web designer requires fundamental knowledge of different web programming langue like CSS and HTML. A web developer requires basic knowledge of different programming languages like Perl, Java, ASP, and PHP. 


    In this blog, we have discussed everything about Web Design vs Web Development in detail. Thus we hope that our blog will become very helpful for you, and it will also clear all your doubts regarding “Web Design vs Web Development: What is difference between web design and web development.” If you are a student who is troubled with their assignment, then don’t worry about it. We are here offering the best Web Designing Assignment Help to students worldwide at a very affordable price.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is web design harder than web development?

    Generally, it is considered that learning to be a front-end or back-end web developer is more complicated than learning the skills to be a web designer.

    Can you be both a web designer and developer?

    Undoubtedly you can become a web developer and web designer. But it would be best if you kept in mind that it will take time for you to become a professional in both fields. 

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