10 Best DIY Dollar Tree Decor Ideas

1. Mirror Mosaic Vases:  Transform dollar store vases with small mirror tiles for a chic and reflective decor piece.

2. Rustic Farmhouse Tray:  Create a rustic-chic tray by attaching wooden dollar store frames to a wooden base.

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3. Floral Candle Centerpiece:  Craft a charming centerpiece by gluing silk flowers around a dollar store candle holder.

4. Glam Jewelry Organizer:  Repurpose dollar store frames and mesh into a stylish jewelry organizer for your vanity.

5. Nautical Rope Mirror: Update a plain mirror by wrapping it with nautical rope for a coastal-inspired look.

6. Terrarium Display:  Assemble a mini terrarium using dollar store glass containers, succulents, and decorative stones.

7. Boho Wall Art:  Craft bohemian wall art by arranging dollar store bamboo placemats into a geometric pattern.

8. Dollar Tree Lanterns:  Design elegant lanterns using dollar store picture frames and battery-operated candles.

9. Faux Marble Coasters:  Make trendy marble coasters by adhering marble-print contact paper to ceramic tiles.

10. Beaded Chandelier:  Craft a dazzling chandelier by stringing dollar store beads onto a metal hoop and adding LED lights.

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