10 Big Brands Behind Costco's Kirkland Signature Products

Costco’s Kirkland brand Cranberry Juice is a huge hit among customers who are able to snag name brand juice at a fraction of the cost. 

Cranberry Juice – Ocean Spray

Image Source: Costco Wholesale

To provide their devoted consumers with the best-tasting bottled water, Costco actually partnered with Niagara Purified.

Bottled Water – Niagara Purified

Image Source: Costco Business Center

For one purpose solely, a lot of recentlyweds have bought Costco memberships: Kirkland diapers.

Diapers – Huggies

Image Source: Costco Wholesale

When it comes to the well-known brand that produces its best-selling coffee, Starbucks, Costco keeps no secrets!

Coffee – Starbucks

Image Source: Costco Wholesale

Actually, Diamond Pet Foods produces the Kirkland Signature pet food at five US plants that are owned by the company.

Dog Food – Diamond Naturals

Image Source: Costco Wholesale

Because of its rich, creamy texture and 100% cage-free egg content, Costco consumers love to stock up on this kitchen favorite.

Mayonnaise – Hellman’s

Image Source: Costco Wholesale

Because of its sturdy construction and incredibly soft, fluffy texture, Costco's toilet paper is legendary.

Toilet Paper – Charmin

Image Source: Costco Wholesale

At about 28 cents per AA battery, Kirkland Signature Batteries are significantly less expensive than name-brand batteries.

Batteries – Duracell

Image Source: Costco Wholesale

Costco's own brand is of superior quality because of their partnership with Reynolds, a reputable manufacturer of aluminum foil.

Aluminum Foil – Reynolds Aluminum Foil

Image Source: Costco Wholesale

Costco and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters have collaborated since 2012 on their Kirkland brand Breakfast Blend and Pacific Bold Keurig cups.

Keurig Cups – Green Mountain

Image Source: Costco Wholesale

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