10 Costco Items That Are Good Buys for Small Families

A two-liter bottle of extra virgin olive oil costs about $18.99 at Costco, whereas it costs more than $20 at other stores.

Olive oil

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For slightly more than $18.49, you can purchase a pack of 24 at the store, ensuring that you'll never be without sponges again.


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Costco is currently offering a case of 24 sparkling beverages for $13.79, which is sure to delight any fan of bubbly drinks like La Croix. 

Sparkling drinks

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The freezer department at Costco is absolutely something to look into. For $18.05., you can purchase a box of 20 Hot Pockets at Costco, if you're a fan.

Frozen foods

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For $15.99, Quaker Oats Instant Oatmeal is available in a large variety pack of 52 packets at Costco, if you're a lover of this breakfast classic.


For just over $13, you can get two 48-ounce jars of Skippy brand peanut butter at Costco, which is a few bucks less than what’s offered at some grocery stores.

Peanut butter

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A box of 72 K-Cups from Starbucks will cost you little over $36.


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The distributor offers a pack of five Old Spice sticks for just $10.99, which is roughly half the price other outlets charge for the same quantity. 


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The cost of a 200-count box of Flex-Tech tall kitchen garbage bags is approximately $20.49.

Garbage bags

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