10 Dollar Tree Items That Everyone Need in 2023

Dad uses clothespins for a variety of tasks, such as holding the money for his cleaning woman and grouping invites that require more review or bills that need to be paid.


Dad puts notepads on the table next to his chair so he may take notes from visitors. The pad has a useful list of phone numbers as well.

Note Pads

I learned this trick from Dad and use it around the home whenever I have access to rubber bands. Instead of using chip clamps, enclose your opened bag of chips with a big rubber band.

Rubber Bands

Scissors are a need for those potato chip packets that are hard to open. I keep a pair of scissors in my kitchen's silverware drawer since I can't open some of those bags either.


Dad has a lot of pictures of his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren hanging on the wall and spread out on tables since not everyone like digital images.

Photo Frames

These big dishes are great for carrying snack packs of cookies, PB&C crackers, and honey buns if you're a snacker. The bowl should remain on the kitchen counter.

Large Bowls

Every house requires one or more nightlights. Dad keeps them in the bedroom, bathroom, and hallway.

Night Lights

At Dad's place, we always use notebooks to make notes about what has to be done that day or that week as well as to write down grocery lists. 


Because they are simpler for him to hold, according to dad, the thicker the ink pen, the better!


Dad said that these pudding snacks taste nice when you need a fast snack and your sweet craving starts to nag you. They won't compare to a homemade dessert, but they'll do.

Pudding Packs

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