10 Fast Food Chains You Should Avoid

From 77 to 76, Panera Bread's satisfaction score decreased little.

Panera Bread – “A Dip in Customer Contentment”

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Chipotle's ACSI score decreased somewhat, from 77 to 75, indicating a need to better meet customer expectations.

Chipotle – “A Slight Decline in Satisfaction

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Starbucks consistently scored 78 on customer satisfaction, which isn't bad but still doesn't put them in the top ranks.

Starbucks – “Steady, Yet Not Top-Rated”

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Wendy's receives a poor ACSI score of 74 for customer satisfaction. 

Wendy’s – “Falling Short on Satisfaction”

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The ACSI score for Jack in the Box increased slightly, from 72 to 73.

Jack in the Box – “Slight Improvement, Still Lacking”

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Sonic's ACSI scores showed a reduction in consumer satisfaction, from 74 to 72, suggesting difficulties in meeting client preferences.

Sonic – “A Dip in Customer Approval”

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Taco Bell's satisfaction rating dropped from 72 to 71, possibly due to difficulties satisfying customers' expectations

Taco Bell – “Customer Satisfaction Slides”

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With the lowest satisfaction score of all the major chains surveyed (69).

McDonald’s – “At the Bottom of the Satisfaction Scale”

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With a score of 75, Dairy Queen is not at the bottom but still has a lot of space for growth when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Dairy Queen – “Room for Improvement”

Image Source: Franchising.com

Dunkin's ACSI score increased somewhat from 74 to 77.

Dunkin’ (Inspire Brands) – “Mixed Results in Customer Views”

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