10 Items Retirees Should Buy at the Dollar Store to Save Big

Christmas cards are currently in sale at Dollar General, where shoppers can get variety packs of multiple cards (ranging from 4 to 8) for about $1 to $3.

Greeting cards

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It's a good idea to stock up on seasonal decorations at the dollar shop, and your neighborhood store probably has plenty of decorations for every occasion.

Holiday decor

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A 100-foot box of three rolls of themed paper for birthdays and holidays is also available at Dollar General for $5.

Wrapping paper

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Products from Clorox, Windex, Lysol, and other brands are sold at $1 General, although you might have to spend a little more than a $1.

Cleaning products/supplies

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If you enjoy crafting but don't want to spend a lot of money, dollar stores are a fantastic location to stock up.

Crafting supplies

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Glass storage containers used to keep items like sugar, rice, candies, or for canning are sometimes quite affordable at dollar stores. 

Glass jars

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Long-stem wine glasses, straightforward stemless glasses, holiday-themed glasses, smokey-colored glasses, and more are all available at Dollar Tree for $1.25 each.

Wine glasses

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Also fantastic for party decorations are discount retailers. A 20-pack of latex balloons, for example, are available at Dollar General for just $1 apiece.

Disposable tableware

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