10 Most Popular Functional Programming Languages 

1. Haskell: Known for its strong type system and purity, Haskell is often considered the standard in functional programming languages.

2. Scala: Combines functional and object-oriented programming, making it highly versatile for various applications.

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3. Elixir: Built on the Erlang VM, Elixir is known for its concurrency and fault-tolerance capabilities.

4. Clojure: A Lisp dialect that runs on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and is designed for concurrency.

5. F#: A functional-first language that runs on the .NET platform and is popular for its strong typing and functional programming features.

6.Elm: Designed for front-end web development, Elm is known for its simplicity and strong static typing.

7. PureScript: A strongly-typed functional language that compiles to JavaScript, often used in web development.

8.OCaml: Known for its type inference system, OCaml is widely used in academia and industry.

9. Racket: A Lisp dialect known for its extensibility and used for teaching, scripting, and creating domain-specific languages.

10. Erlang: Although primarily known for its concurrent and fault-tolerant capabilities, Erlang also supports functional programming.

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