Julia Enters Top 20 in Tiobe Programming Language Index

1. Performance Excellence: Julia's exceptional speed and efficiency in computation have garnered attention, appealing to developers seeking high-performance languages.

2. Scientific Computing:   Julia's focus on scientific and technical computing applications has attracted researchers.

3. Parallel Processing:   Julia's built-in support for parallel processing and distributed computing caters to modern multi-core systems.

4. Ease of Use:    Its simple and readable syntax makes Julia accessible to both novice and experienced programmers.

5. Open Source Community:   A vibrant open-source community has actively contributed to Julia's growth.

6. Growing Libraries:   The expansion of Julia's libraries for various domains, including statistics, optimization.

7. Interoperability:   Julia's ability to interface seamlessly with other languages like Python, R, etc. 

8. Big Data Handling:   Julia's efficiency in handling large datasets and performing complex calculations has attracted users.

9. Academic Adoption:   Julia's recognition in academia and research circles has led to its integration.

10. Industry Adoption:   Julia's success stories in industries such as finance, healthcare, and aerospace have demonstrated its real-world applicability.