10 Things You Should Put in Your Turkey That Aren’t Stuffing

A simple turkey tip is to cut an onion or two into quarters and stuff them into the turkey's cavity.

Onions and Shallots

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The key to giving your Thanksgiving turkey more flavor is to season it heavily. This entails seasoning the bird on the outside as well as the inside. 


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Overflow your Thanksgiving turkey with this fragrant stuffing. Smashed cloves can be placed inside the cavity along with other ingredients like onions and herbs. X


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Not only will the taste transport you back to autumn, but apples will give the turkey a bit more moisture while it cooks.


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Seasoning a turkey with your preferred spice mixture is just the first step in mastering the art of turkey cooking.


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This underutilized aromatic is a fantastic choice if you're not sure what to stuff this year's turkey with.


This technique works best with smaller birds that are grilled, but it's still a great way to give your nontraditional Thanksgiving turkey some extra flavor and moisture.


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Garnish your turkey with lemon, orange, lime, or even grapefruit wedges for added flavor.

Citrus Fruits

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Add some extra flavor to your turkey by adding wedges of lemon, orange, lime, or even grapefruit. 


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A little bit of warming spice can be added to your holiday by stuffing a few slices of fresh peeled ginger inside the turkey cavity.


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