9 Hidden Gems to Look for at Thrift Stores

Mason jars are here to stay for the foreseeable future. And those old Ball jars with a blue tint? To collectors, those might go for a good coin.

Vintage canning jars

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The colorful clown face looking back at you from the velvet canvas is something you should try to ignore.

Picture frames

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When bought new, solid wood furniture can be extremely pricey. However, wooden desks, dressers, seats, and benches with classic design and little price tags.

Wooden furniture

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Pots and pans might have price tags that are almost as heavy as their weight when they are brand-new, heavy-duty cast-iron skillets.

Cast-iron cookware

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People frequently get rid of books first while trying to declutter the house, unless they're creating a library.


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Solid silver objects can be polished and brought back to like-new state, even if they have a little tarnish, and depending on the current price of silver


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Thrift shops occasionally offer separate aisles for fake foliage, plastic pumpkins, heart-shaped crockery, and other holiday decorations.

Holiday decor

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While looking through those milk crates of records is a tiresome chore, it can be rewarding in the end.


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Unbelievably, after playing Cards Against Humanity a hundred times, it can start to get a little boring.

Board games

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