10 of the Best Specialty Items to Get at Aldi this Month

Try one or both for $3 a box.

pretzel bites

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Each pizza is $5.

Mama Cozzi's Pizza

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Barissimo ground coffee in caramel-macchiato or crème-brûlée tastes will be available to consumers starting on February 14 for $4.35 per bag.

Barissimo flavored coffee

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Each 5.3-ounce wheel is $4.

Emporium Selection Irish cheeses

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The 12-piece freezer-friendly box costs under $4.


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Each package contains two cups for $4.

Sundae Shoppe gelato cups

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For $2.20 per bag, February's tastes include hot salsiccia, or Italian sausage, and Parmesan pancetta.

Clancy's wavy potato chips

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Ten small pancakes come in a pack that costs $4.

mini stuffed pancakes

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For just $2.50, each bag contains frozen, already-cooked mussel meat that can be easily added to any cuisine.

Fremont Fish Market mussel meat

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For $4.50, a container holds six cake pops.

Bake Shop cake pops

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