5 Costco Items that are Always Worth Buying

Ramhold suggests Kirkland Signature Premium Sliced Bacon in a four-pound box, which retails for $15.29. That comes to $3.82 for every pound.


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When compared to other premium brands of ice cream of the same size, such Blue Bell, which retails for $8.32 at certain Walmart shops.

Premium vanilla ice cream

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This comes out to roughly 23 cents per ounce, which Ramhold claims is "far better" than name-brand stores that charge as much as 50 cents for honey.


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According to petrol Buddy statistics as of Thursday, a gallon of standard petrol at a Costco in New York costs $3.09, while surrounding gas stations charge roughly $3.40.


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The unbelievable bargain of a $1.50 hot dog and 20-ounce drink combo is Costco's most well-known offer.


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