5 Dollar Tree Items That Are Worth Buying Now

In fact, Dollar Tree provides a ton of high-quality items for usage around the house, so you can avoid the more costly big-box and department stores for items you use often


You can't match the pricing because you can obtain just how many you need without having to purchase many sets, and they are only $1.25 apiece.

Drinking Glasses

"Since they are plastic, there is no need to worry about breakage, and they are only $1.25 each, you can mix and match or buy several sets without going broke."

Charger Plates

A single card costs no more than $1, and some are offered at a price of two for $1. Compare that to the $3 or more Hallmark cards you can buy at pharmacies and other places.

Hallmark Cards

Affordable and available in a variety of shapes, including hurricane style, bud vases, flower bowls, and even plastic terrarium globes, creating centerpieces for any event is simple.


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